October 01, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand.....


My Cuz Chris.
He is in the vacation spot called Afghanistan, looking for some bad guys.
Add his well being and safety to your prayers please,
As well as all our service men and women.
I hope they can all get home soon!


  1. awww i hope he is doing well! im off to south carolina tonight for my boyfriend's boot camp graduation, im ecstatic!!! haven't seen him in over 2 months!!

  2. Will definitely keep your cousin in my prayers.

  3. I am praying right this second! Thank goodness he has a PSP to help him during the down time! Thanks for sharing this! And, thanks for praying for the Baurnschmitt family. I don't know how they can get thru this either. I know God is great and sovereign, but when things like this happen, it is hard to remember that. My heart breaks for them.

  4. There's just something about a man in uniform.....

    He'll be in my prayers!

  5. Prayers for Chris and all our service men and women. My SIL is heading out for his third deployment in Iraq. He said his second one (last year) was nothing like the first. May God keep them all safe.

  6. 3rd time for him Grandma J?
    wow, what a hero.
    I so hope this is over sooner than "they" think.
    take care

  7. Couldn't figure out what that feedburner thing was!! But I was finally able to get the linking to work - be sure to put http:// in front of the address otherwise it just goes to feedburner!?!

  8. MUCH LOVE to our military!

  9. I'll definitely be sending prayers for his safe return, as well as the safe return of ALL our troops.

    He's a handsome devil. Is he in to cougars, by any chance? puurrrrrr.....

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  11. Consider it done Suz!

    What a nice looking guy!

  12. I'll keep praying for his handsome little self. He'll be home before you know it. :-)


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