October 02, 2008

Bathroom remodel

We have been discussing a major remodel of our master bath for a few years.

It was dated almost immediately. (in MY opinion)

Wonderful husband is just fine with it.

me? not so much.

We really got serious in discussing this a few months ago.

Floor plan changes, cabinet choices, flooring, sinks, faucets, tub many things to take into consideration.

We never seem to do anything fast around here...just a lot of talk.

Finally some choices have been made. And I can hardly contain myself.

Flooring for the.... floors (duh) the shower walls and shower floor.

I am so excited. Ivory Travertine. gorgeous.

The bathtub.

Sweet Right?
With that actual faucet, it is mounted on the cool.

Jeff has designed furniture type cabinets.

The drawing he made for me is outstanding...the dual sink cabinet will look something like this:

Plus, a separate sit down vanity for little ol' me.

And some furniture type storage pieces with drawers and open shelves.

I will take before and after pics when we get there....

First I have to figure out how to take down that


I am hoping to have it all done before the holidays roll around and we have a houseful of family.

I am so ready for a new bathroom...I don't want to clean the old one anymore....


  1. I heart that double sink!!

  2. I'm soooo jealous of that tub!!! I can't wait to see the before and after pics!

  3. That sounds gorgeous! Just one queston: will that bathtub be comfortable for leaning back and soaking? The sides look pretty vertical, and that would be a big deal to me. Our first house had the most uncomfortable (vertical-walled) tubs, and that was the one I was pregnant in, of course! You have probably thought about this, because you're a smart cookie. Sounds as if you've done tons of homework already. Have fun!

  4. Too beautiful for words....but that's it! I'm coming to visit and never leaving. Make sure the entry gates is working.

  5. Karen, I did think of this when considering the tub. The one I have now is SO big, that I can never sit well in it with my short legs. I just sink. This one has a much smaller floor space, so my legs will reach across to hold me up. I have a spa pillow to rest my head on. I think I will be good.
    I hope so, cause the tub is coming tomorrow via fed ex. and I don't know how I would get that baby to the post office to mail it back! :)

    Grandma J. Just let me know first so I can get the livestock out of the guest room.

  6. Ooooh, it's going to be beautiful. I can't wait to see the pictures!

  7. ooh la la. it's going to be fancy!

  8. WOW, this is beautiful! You might never want to leave your bathroom. Never ever : )


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