October 10, 2008

Can I get a HELLO???

When did the Greeters at walmart stop Greeting?
We have 2 different super walmarts in town. I don't shop there regularly, perhaps one time a month.
The greeters generally don't say anything to me. Not even a smile.

Now, granted the greeters are from a different country. I won't name names, but it is way south of me and it starts with a H and ends with and I.

Even a few years ago, it was retirees greeting and they actually greeted me.

They smiled. It was nice.

Sam Walton must be turning over in his grave with all the problems WalMart has had lately....such a shame.

Is this "anti-greeting" all across the country???

A funny joke my Mom told me a few years ago...
I am terrible at repeating jokes, lets see how I do typing them.
I will leave out the cuss words.

A Mother walks into walmart. She has 2 fussy kids ages 2 and 6. She is talking really bad in a disrespectful tone to her kids.
Generally not being a nice person.
As she passes the walmart greeter, the greeter says hello and smiles.
The Mother barely notices her and keeps on with her filthy mouth.
The walmart greeter asks the Mother: "How old are your Twins?"
The Mother makes an angry face and says: "
Crazy, they are not twins. Clearly they are different ages"
The greeter says: "Oh, I just didn't think you could get someone to sleep with you twice."

Thanks Mom. I think of this every time I walk into walmart.

Gotta go to walmart and see who will ignore me this time. :)
Oh, you know I have my shopping bags already in the trunk....


  1. The joke is funny : ). Guess what I bought at Giant grocery store today? That's right, a bag : ). In your honor!

  2. I try to avoid Wal-Mart, but every once in a while you just can't help it. Happy Shopping!

  3. work here is done. I am so proud.
    Jenn....I don't love the store, but when I need to stock up on certain household items, it does save some cash.

  4. You know, now that you mention it, my WalMart no longer has greeters, either. Hmmm...they used to hand you a cart as they were greeting you, which is what I really miss. Maybe I shouldn't admit this here, but I LOVE WalMart!!

  5. Great joke ... I've heard it and I'm on to you and where the f word gets inserted. LOL. Ok ... I was just at our Super Walmart and the Greeter was so full of Greetfullness that I couldn't get away from him. He had to give me a sticker for my lamp shade return and I'll be damned if he didn't just talk talk talk my ear off. He was cute though, and this is the Mid West. xoxo.

  6. Walmart is taking over the world. ha ha. I try to shop Canadian when I can, for obvious reasons, instead of Walmart. But EVERYTHING is made in China wherever you go. Try buying something made in USA or Canada as the case may be ...........

  7. walmart treats it's employess terribly , my wife was basically given the choice of family or her job so she quit. she calls walmart the ebbs ( the evil big box store) they have been in trouble off and on for years by how they treat employees .

  8. I once worked at Wal*Mart, but now that they have become Walmart*, they have completed the transition from the folksy store that I'm sure Sam Walton once envisioned to the ten ton gorilla that wants to squash all the smaller mom and pop stores in the community.

    I don't mind the less competition, but what I do mind is the less friendly employees who treat you as a piece on the customer assembly line.

    As a former retail associate, I try to let cashiers know how to treat customers. When the transaction is over, I get my receipt, and I look at the cashier and then say, "have a super day and thank you for working at Wal*Mart!" That usually brings a smile to their faces.

  9. Oh Walmart... There is one nice greeter left- at the one by 75. She thought my purse had a face :) She was right!! I think she is now scared of me. I think we just need that nice-as-pie attitude and make them feel bad for not being nice... and just maybe we can turn them around!!

  10. Luckily, "my" Wal Mart still has nice elderly greeters. I've gotten to know one very well. Her name is Frances and her husband is disabled. She's in her late 70's and just as sweet as can be. She's one of the few reasons I go into Wal Mart - she makes my day and (in some small way) I think she enjoys seeing me too. I call her "Miss Frances" and always make it a point to spend a few minutes talking to her....

    btw - tell Bev I LOVED the joke.
    Very, very funny! :-)

  11. Silly, Hawaii is a state not a country and it's West, not South....

    I know, I'm not funny..
    anyway, that's what my wife says.


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