March 20, 2009

Not Cool, Cat

As if I needed another reason to be annoyed with the felines running living in my house....

She was shocked, appalled and completely annoyed when I shooed her out of my plant!!!

The NERVE!!!

I wish for everyone a nice weekend...with good food, good friends, health and a nice comfy place to SIT.

And hopefully not sitting in dirt.


  1. What a stinker! Cute too but I'm sure it gets annoying.

  2. At least she was just lying in it and not using it as a litter box!!

  3. The nerve of some people!!

    Have a good weekend yourself!

  4. Never a dull minute, right?

    Hope you and your family have a great weekend.

  5. Awww, how cute is that. Consider yourself fortunate that she hasn't knocked it over getting in or out of it. Oh what a mess that would be! Between our 2 neighbors, we have about 12 cats that decided to use our flower box as a litter box. I was not a happy camper cleaning all that out. Won't be using that this summer.

  6. hahahaah! Our cat sleeps in any open drawer... you leave it open he's gettin' in it. This was cute :)

  7. Speaking of Cats.....Our cat meowed and meowed and woke Tom up; the cellar door was closed and she needed to use the box......good for her but poor Tom couldn't fall back to sleep; he finally did overslept; was so shaken by the time that he jumped out of bed so quickly he fell....!

    Speaking of plants my have all out grown there pots and have to be repotted so this weekend I will be out buying bigger pots and potting soil.

    Happy 1st day of Spring and you also have a great weekend.

  8. OMG Suzanne... I've thought of birds in the hanging baskets but never cats. Guess she felt safe and comfy in that plant. How CUTE.

    Have a nice weekend. What's on your agenda???


  9. Yet another reason I'm a dog person!

  10. ahahahha soo funny! this is exactly something one of my kooky cats would do! they love to finagle themselves into all sorts of strange places

  11. So cute!!! Have a great weekend. Today is the first day of Spring and it was snowing here. I see the light at the end of the tunnel so I'm holding on tight til it gets warmer.

    Much love from NJ,

  12. My dear departed cat Jasmine (may she rest in peace) killed an expensive ficus tree by repeatedly PEEING in the soil.

    And just the other day, Diva shredded an innocent philodendron which was minding its own business.

    And then there's my brown thumb.

    Plants really don't stand much of a chance when they enter my house.

    "Dead Plant Walking..."

  13. I just have to say...that is ADORABLE!!

    Oh yeah, and you seem to have a little "weeds growing out of your cat" issue there. Just thought I would give you a heads-up.

  14. Aren't you glad your life is never dull? The cat looks very comfortable in your plant.

  15. This is the sign of a very good cat.
    Have a great weekend!


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