September 30, 2008

Something funny...

If you have not read Katie's Blog , you have to read her post today about lurkers.

You know...the lurkers that visit your blog each day, but never leave a comment.

She cracks me up.

I tend to feel the same way...I'm just sayin'

I wonder if people are going to her site because

(A)she has great music

(B)adorable boys

(C)she is a cutie AND very funny

(D)is it her attractive husband?? Ladies??


(E) Miles the adorable boxer.


Maybe it is a combo.

I love people who can speak their mind without being offensive.

That is an art.


  1. That's so funny cuz when I read my "regular" blogs every day, I often feel guilty if I DON'T leave a comment, even though I usually feel like I'm being an annoying pain in the butt when I comment on every post. I can't decide which side of the fence to be on, so I just hang out in the middle! :)

  2. Thanks for your comment -- it seems Katie has caused both of us to post about lurkers :) She is too funny and yes she had the art of saying what is on her mind without being offensive.

    Oh and I love the comment below this post!! SO true :P

  3. ur awesome, but... hey?! why u sending people over to look at my attractive husband?!

    I'm just a "cutie" but he's attractive?


  4. great... now I'm getting readers clicking in from your blog... STILL not leaving comments!

    sigh... they just don't get what this does to us.

  5. How funny is that?! I feel the same way. My main stalker, um lurker is in Texas. Which is why I haven't outted them, it may be someone I actually know.

  6. Katie, I thought about that after I posted....sending more people.
    You are GORGEOUS.
    Now I sound like a girl who wears comfortable shoes. :)

  7. I don't know if I have ever gone to her site before, but I am going to go right this second and leave a comment. I love comments too! It makes me feel loved : ). You are a great and CONSTANT commenter.

  8. Okay, sorry for being a lurker! I am just a regular mom with 3 kids and a part time job and your blog (and a few others that I enjoy daily but don't leave comments:)) is kind of like an escape. I don't have time to read books so I read a couple of blogs (kind of like reading a book) and I also feel like I can relate to you. Thanks for letting me "lurk".

  9. Mary, never apoloigize for reading...just like I never apologize for my spelling errors:)
    You don't have a blog? well, you is pretty fun to get stuff off you chest and to be just silly.
    Just so you know...none of us are "regular" Moms...we are all very special.
    I love reading other blogs too, most likely why I don't read too many books anymore!
    Take care,

  10. I don't have a blog, but i like to read these. They make me smile(: You guys are really funny.
    <3 Kimberly(:


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