September 19, 2008

I have issues.

Yes, I do. I know it is hard to believe.

One of my issues is that I loathe clutter. I also hate to use the word hate. I have said this before.

I don't like clutter in the kitchen. No clutter. The counters must remain clutter free.

Seriously, I won't even start making a meal if stuff is everywhere.

My lady brain can't focus. :0

I also loathe the girls leaving stuff all over their bathroom counter.
they take such poor care of the bathroom.
Seriously, I would pee my pants before using their toilet. It can be that unsanitary at times.
I have told them time and again that Prison bathrooms are cleaner than theirs. (I don't know this for a fact, but I assume it is true)
They think this is funny. Dirty is a serious crime in my book. :)

This past year Jeff made them beautiful wood cabinets, we updated their sinks, gave them GRANITE counter tops, new faucets, mirror and lights.

Do you think they could keep it clear of clutter? for one day? mmmmmmNO.

I have cleaned their bathroom top to bottom many times.

Seriously, it takes 10 minutes if the tub is in good shape.

I sent them in there recently to clean, it took them 45 minutes.
For TWO people. geeeze.

And it still was NOT up to my standards.

I gave them a clue. They took it and finished the task.

A day later, I popped in there and I could not remember what color the counter top was.

really. one day.

I am starting to wonder if other people are living here and using their bathroom too.

I had them clean it up. AGAIN.

I went in to check and it was clean, except, they left their toothbrushes out. AGAIN.

They have a drawer for those little teeth cleaners.

I called them in and spoke oh, so slowly.

"o p e n t h i s d r a w e r a n d p u t

t h e t o o t h b r u s h a n d t h e t o o t h p a s t e b a c k e a c h t i m e y o u u s e it."

They stared at me like I had 3 heads.


The VERY next day, I checked and Lo left her toothbrush out. AGAIN.

What does a normal mom do?

How would I know what a normal Mom would do.
But I know I wanted to get MY point across to them.

What did I do?
Well, I took her toothbrush from the counter and I put it way up on top of the mirror.
She could see it, if she looked.

That night after I told the girls to go brush their teeth, I was waiting. just waiting for my time to shine....Of course I had an evil grin on my face. Because, well, I am evil. ;)

10 minutes later I ask Lo if she has brushed her teeth yet.

L:"No". I can't find my toothbrush."

Me: "Well, didn't you put it in the drawer?"

L: "Yes, but it is gone."

I laughed and told her to search for it, 'cause she did not leave it in her drawer.

She was mildly irritated and this pleases me for some reason. Linds thought it was so funny.

That was a few weeks ago.

The next day I went in and found BOTH of their toothbrushes out and one tube of toothpaste too.

So, what does a normal Mom do?

really, if anyone normal that can tell me, I would love to know.

I did, what I thought was funny.

Surely they didn't find it nearly as hilarious as I did.

Since then, this has happend a couple of times. I find great joy in hiding the toothbrushes all over their bathroom. you have to keep kids on their toes....

They still have not mastered the cleaning up philosophy, but they are getting better.

"Oh, Parenting can be fun if you just apply yourself. "

Anyone else have any fun ways to torture, I mean teach your kids a lesson?


  1. Tell them that everytime you find their toothbrushes out, you will use it to clean the toilet!

    Girl, we could never be roommates! Admittedly, I am the Queen of Clutter. BUT, I do put my toothbrush away every day. I purposesly got pedestal sinks when I remodeled because there isn't ANY room to leave things out.

  2. I love your philosophy... and your evil tips!! Hey- we gotta have some fun!!

  3. Ummmmmmmmm. I don't think you would like me very much. Sadly, clutter follows me everywhere. Like this instant for second, I have 2 books I am currently reading, 1 magazine, 10 work papers, a bottle of nail polish and a stack of Birthday cards sitting on the foot stool in front of the computer. The kitchen counters...they would make you weep. I keep meaning to get up and put everything away, but I can't move. I am too tired : ). Do you still like me even though I am messy (or cluttery : ) and I don't have any torturous things to share?

  4. Chi-oooohhh the toilets? that may work.
    Dawn- yes fun needs to be had.

    Rebeckah-you are giving me the willies. How can you stand the clutter? :) I will still be your friend. If I was closer, I would come organize for You.

  5. my house is full of clutter as well. i don't love it but i can deal with it. i think the best thing for you to do is take a deep breath, shut their bathroom door & NEVER open it agin!! problem solved hehe

  6. This is a great post. I'm tempted to take video of MY children's bathroom and put it up on my blog (yes, it's blog-worthy) but DFACS would be banging down my door the next day, seizing my children and taking them to foster care. Their bathroom is horrifying Suz. Their bathroom qualifies to be called a "public latrine". And I'll just leave it at that. Boys have a different idea of "clean" and they also have "aim" issues. And my daughter..... as much as I hate to say it... she's a complete slob. One day (when they are grown and have families of their own) that bathroom will be clean, simply because no one will use it. :-)

  7. I'm with you on clutter. I hate it. Maybe if you hid the toilet paper? Do you think they would get the message about putting things away?

  8. I have that light fixture AND I loathe clutter.

    I just don't go in their bathroom. I figure I'm enough of an OCD nutcase with the common areas of the house that as long as the door is closed their bedrooms and bathrooms can be their mess. As long as they clean it up once in a while. It's hard, but I just felt I was getting to be SUCH a beyotch.

  9. I have to think about the movie comments for a while so I just came over to read the comments here. I also wanted you to know that I decluttered EVERYTHING last night. My husband was like, "What's going on?" and I said, "My friend Busy Bee HATES clutter." He thinks I am so wierd because I love my blog friends so much. I am not wierd. Am I? : )

  10. Rebeckah-You are so not weird, and I am glad I inspired you to de-clutter. My work here is done. :)

  11. Wow, Suz - you're like the Dr. Phil of the Blogging World now.


  12. well when my youngest was a teenager, not that long ago really, she had a bad habit of stomping off and slamming doors when she was annoyed. so one day after a major stomping/slamming fest her dad went upstairs and calmly removed her bedroom door.
    she was speechless, for quite a while.
    that made my day LOL

  13. This story reminds me of when I was in high school and I used to "forget" to close the shower curtain. My mom was always paranoid it would get moldy if i left it bunched up and wet. One day she made me stand there and open and close it literally 100 times to get her point across.


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