September 25, 2008

The Queen Mum

Recently I caught the tail end of a 48hoursdateline20/20 special on the Royal Family.
Usually I am not very interested in the Royals, but there was nothing else on.

They were focusing on the Queen and her duties; with highlights of her last State Visit.
What a life she has led…..*snooze*….Oh, I know that is not nice, but it just seems so proper and formal. Proper and Formal = Borefest.

The royal family has their own website.
How cool. They have their own blog. (ok, not a blog)

The Queen is the Head Of State in The UK, Her official title in the UK is:

"Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith".

I hope she does not have to answer the phone and give that title….
The official Title in my world is:

"Suzanne the First, By the luck of the draw residing in the Grand ol’ U S of A, presiding over her followers inherent in her humble kingdom of the canine, feline, and reptile.
Head of the Household; Supreme commander of domestic affairs."
I bet ya' didn't know how important I was did you?

One thing that caught my attention is that all the time, this lady is ALWAYS carrying a purse. She is never seen without it.
She is 82 years old. What can she be carrying?
A cell phone? Tampons? Chapstick?

I just found it funny.
As soon as I am rich enough I will have someone else carry all my stuff for me. (kidding)
My kids do it for me when I am old.
Shhh, I have not told them this yet.

What do you think she has in her purse?

Me in front of "Buck House" way back in 2004. This shot was taken just before I started my own private tour, by climbing the fence.
The securtiy offices are really grand.


  1. I love the Queen! She wasn't too nice about Princess Diana, but who knows what was going on there? She has been a ROCK for her people, and she has a great deal of dignity. (You couldn't PAY me to do that job, though; she is never "off"). Hm. Maybe she is starting to look like my Nana, now that I see her in that purple outfit; very cute for her age. What's the saying, "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple...?"

  2. nah, got no time for the royals really.

  3. her cell phone and her iPod of course!

  4. I just don't think royalty should exist anymore. People outwardly touting that they're better than everyone else? I don't like it.

    But I did love diana.

    I love your title by the way. I think I'll make one up for myself.

  5. I like her also. I want to see The Queen (the movie) I heard it was good, and never got around to seeing it.
    I especially loved the Queen Mother...the current queens mother.

    It has to be a very thankless life. Her purse has one embroidered hanky

  6. Absolutely LOVE your title. Beats that old lady's wearing purple carrying that odd purse by leaps and bounds.

    Wouldn't it just blow your mind if she was carrying another purse inside her purse?

    I bet it is really filled with those little airplane bottle of booze, and a deck of cards so she can go let loose with the guys in the fuzzy hats when no one is looking. Yeah...that's probably it.

  7. I think it would be a horrible life. Not only to have to deal with the constant presence of the press but to literally carry the weight of YOUR country. And, unlike celebrities, these people were born into it, given no choice!!

  8. I don't know if I like her that much. She doesn't smile a whole lot. I am partial to smilers : ). She probably carries purses because they are a social statement. Do you know what my FAKE coach purse says about me? It says that I am cheap : ) and I LOVE it!

    Your breakfast comments were so funny : ). I am going to take them both on a tour of the kitchen tonight and request MY breakfast in bed to arrive tomorrow at 9:30 and not a minute before : )

    I'll let you know how it works out...

  9. What a great made me laugh! I hope she has a good book in there so she can read it while sitting in all those ceremonies! I say she also has RED lipstick!
    -Sandy toes

  10. I think it's the age! My mom would've been 85 this year, and that woman refused to ever put her purse down. (She was 78 when she passed away.) It used to drive me nuts! She was so hip, otherwise! LOL

    Have you seen the movie, "The Queen"? You should watch it, if you haven't already.

  11. She has half a pack of Misty Light Menthol 120's and a clear green Bic. You are too funny!

  12. YOU are hilarious! What does she keep in her purse? I like Laurie's thought.... some cigs, and maybe a little flask of something.

    (Although "tampons and chapstick" made me laugh out loud...)


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