September 16, 2008

Blonde Moment #12

Early on in the summer when we had just begun our softball weekend marathon, I noticed a really bad smell in the car.

I figured it was from the smelly girls we were toting all around the state.

But when the girls were out of the car, the smell lingered.

It was seriously bad.
I was looking under seats, in cracks, pockets everwhere thinking I was going to come across an old hamburger or a dead animal.

I went to the car wash and had them deep clean the carpets. ahhhhh, relief.

The smell was gone. I figured it must have been just the back of the yukon where the dirty socks and cleats sat for hours during our trips home.

I did not want to have to deal with the smell again, and seeing that we had several more weeks left, I was going to be pro-active.

I got one of these:

It clips right onto the a/c vent. I got it in the "neutralizer" scent because someone (myfabuloushusband) is super sensitive to smells.

The car seemed to really smell good.
I figured between the carpet cleaning and my new smelly gizmo I was good to go.

Fast forward to this week.

Linds and I are in the car and I look at the smelly gizmo.

I notice that the liquid in the bottom really has not gone down much since I purchased it.

hmmmmm. That is weird. I think to myself.

I take it off the vent and pull the top off.

Wow. Imagine that. There is a cap underneath. (DUH)

I pull off the cap and voila. I smell good stuff.

All these months I had the thing in there and it was doing NOTHING.

Linds and I both cracked up at this.

yeah, just another day being me.


  1. Hey Suz, I finally found your new blog. I was sad when I tried the old link and you were gone. I love the new look!

    I have one of those car deoderizers too. The liquid dries up fast, but I refill the little bottle myself with stuff. I think last time I used something from Bath and Body Works.

  2. I'm not blonde and I totally would've done this too. I'll never forget my oldest walking past me in the kitchen as I was having trouble opening a package, she took it and turned it over for me, saying "Easy Open, duh!".

  3. Cute.
    Hey, do you remember that Seinfelt episode about the BO that stayed with the car? That was hilarious.... I remember Jerry saying "But normally the O stays with the B!" in his typical flabbergasted way... :-)

  4. I hate the unidentified bad smell in the carpets. I've found sprinkling a suspect area with baking soda works well.

  5. Ooo, Grandma J, what a great idea!! I, too, have that same freshener and LOVE it, but you're right, it evaporates quickly. Probably because my car sits in the sun all day. But it does smell great!

  6. Such a funny story : )! I have the HARDEST time keeping my car clean. It is almost impossible. Gary doesn't understand at all. I think the kids are a big part of the problem, what do you think? : ). I also bought a bottle of yummy liquid stuff to fill my things up with. I got a BIG bottle of liquid potpurri from AC Moore craft store on clearance for $2. It has lasted for over a year. So, even though my car is messy, it smells nice : )!

  7. I can SO RELATE!!! I do things like that all the time. When my boss does something idiotic these days, instead of saying he's having a blonde moment, he says he's having a Susan Moment.

  8. You crack me up, Suz!! As for car air freshners, I am partial to the cinnamon broom from Publix!! :) Of course, I discovered how great this works after I forgot to bring it into the house.... all fall.

  9. umm, yeah... we are earily similar.


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