September 12, 2008

Quote(s) of the day.

"Women complain about premenstrual syndrome, but I think of it as the only time of the month that I can be myself."


Do you know why they call it PMS?

Because Mad Cow Disease was already taken.



  1. I love those!


  2. Boy isn't THAT the truth! My friend Anne and I were JUST talking at the ballfield last night about how "mentally unstable" we are 3 days every month.

    And it gets worse every year!

  3. I thought it was called PMS for Putting up with Men's Shit. Hmmm...

  4. Here are some other alternates...

    PMS = Pass My Shotgun

    PMS = Puttin on My Sweatpants


  5. I like all the PMS meanings.
    Pms really does not bother me too much. That is, until someone speaks to me, or looks my way.
    If I can stay all alone with no one bothering me, then everyone lives. :)

  6. So freakin' funny : )! Just made me laugh! I never thought I was any different, but my husband tells me I am very mean.... oh well, at least it is just for a short while, right : )!

  7. These are so funny. Hey, Happy Belated Birthday! I just read about it from HWHL and wanted to pass along my belated best to you!

    (it's Laura from Live Happy, using Tom's computer as mine will no longer turn on.)

  8. How terrible to trivialize the trials and tribulations of PMS.

    I kid, I kid. Funny stuff!


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