September 23, 2008

Bad Parent of the Year award.

I think I may have just been bestowed this award.....again......

Last fall Lo tried out for the Freshman volleyball team. The second practice she went down for a dig and jammed her pinkie into the unforgiving gym floor.

She complained about pain for a week or so. Dad thought she was being soft. I was hoping the pain would eventually go away.

Finally we decided to take her to the Dr.

It was fractured. And yes, she had been playing with a fractured pinkie.

Bad parents.

She had to wear a pinkie "brace" for about 4 weeks and then she was good to go.

This past June, playing in the FIRST softball tourney of the summer Lo did some acrobatic trick coming into home and somehow twisted her wrist. It has been hurting since then.

She has played numerous softball games (11 weekends in a row, plus 2 weeks straight) I can't even count how many games...a gazillion maybe?

Then she started J.V. Volleyball in August. Many games have been played, many practices too.
Add into this softball practice 2x a week and a few weekend tourneys.
The crazy thing is...she played softball so awesome this summer and her volleyball game has gotten so much better too....We just assumed she played better when hurt. (?)
The pain in her wrist has not stopped. We finally took her for an MRI last week....

The Dr. called and said she has a fracture in her wrist.

She has to get into a orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.


No one can say we ever "overreact" around here though...

I just hope it is not too surgery bad. I will feel just horrible.
I suppose this means Good Housekeeping won't come a' calling when they are profiling Mother of the year nominees.....

I can hear her now..." I told you it hurt !!!"


  1. It is a fine line between keeping calm (and modeling calm behavior for them) and not doing something quite as soon as HINDSIGHT would suggest. I think we are all walking that line with our kids' health.
    You love those girls so much, and I can tell that they know it; that's the best and most important thing. What seems to come into play (maybe it's subconscious) is when/how quickly WE were taken to the doctor when we were kids. I think we model what our parents did, or we model the OPPOSITE, or somewhere in between.
    Keep us posted on how she is doing, please.

  2. I always tell my girls to "shake it off" when they get hurt. Hubby swears it's only a matter of time until I have ignored a broken bone. Give me a few years and I'll be battling you for the worst parent award. :-)
    Keeping my fingers crossed there is no surgery needed for her wrist!

  3. Dept of Family & Children Services is on the way.

    Just kidding.

    Do you remember Christa from HS? Her daughter had a broken ARM and she didn't know it.

    My son had SHINGLES (in kindergarten) and I thought he was FAKING and sent him to school (I thought they were bug bites)... then the doc told me that "shingles are one of the most painful things possible". Made me feel about an inch tall....

    Don't feel bad... a lot of kids have a high pain threshold.

    (This pic is extremely cute by the way.... !!)

  4. Parentthereing is so not an easy job, that's for sure!

    Hope her wrist is okay. Not thinking ya'll are bad parents AT ALL.

    It's just strange how some things turn out!

  5. I learned early that when it might possibly be a broken bone to err on the side of caution. If you wait more than a few days you end up with surgery when a cost would have sufficed.

    I hope she's not out of sports for too long. It's hard to keep the sporty girls down!

  6. You are not alone, my parents thought I had a stomach bug and kept letting me sleep. I had a ruptured appendix, apparantly came close to death- all at the age of 4. They still feel awful. so much so that when I had my gallbladder removed, my father could not come to the hospital because of the trauma. (My mother shared that little morsel after the surgery- apparantly they wheeled me into the or screaming "I want my Daddy").

    It is hard so hard to tell with kids because they are so resilant and keep playing through it all. You are not the first nor will you be the last and you are still an awesome mom :)

  7. My daughter will have aches and pains every once in awhile and I'm like...oh suck it up, you're far so good...nothing major! haha...

  8. Do not feel son broke his arm in line skating on a rink...he fell...kept saying he couldn't move it. I was like "shake it off" are okay. That night went to childrens and he had a very bad break in the elbow!

    I saw your comment about charging your kids b/c your home is like Disney! That is cute!
    -Sandy toes

  9. Don't be so hard on yourself....they are still alive and playing sports.

    from where I'm sitting you are a pretty good mom.

  10. hmmm. have i ever told you about the time i had a fractured elbow and my mom took me down the alpine slides? see? it's not just you :)

  11. It sucks being a parent sometimes!

    Inevitably, the times I react (and, specifically, OVERreact), my kids are fine.

    And the times I try to play it cool for a change?

    That's when they're the most sick/hurt/etc.

    It's Murphy's Law of Parenting.

    I hope your daughter's wrist is okay!


  12. You may not win mother of the year, but you should win citizen of the year! Yesterday we received that box of books that you sent! You are so kind to take time out of your day to pack them up and take them to the post office. Thank you so much, Suz! It was fun getting something in the US mail from you!

  13. My parents did the same thing to me in 5th grade. It was the first time they let me go to the roller rink, and I ended up falling (there was a boy involved, of course, but that's another story) I tried to catch myself, and landed hard on my hand. I knew I heard a pop, and it hurt, but wasn't excruciating. But, it didn't get any better the next day, so my parents finally took me to the hospital Sunday night, and sure enough, I had broken my wrist.

    So, bottom line, don't feel so bad. It happens to the best parents (and mine were FOR SURE!)

  14. I think you are Mother of the Year because you take the girls to all their practices, you watch all their games, AND you hide their toothpaste. That's a good mom in my book for sure : )!


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