July 13, 2009

Z is for…A very blonde moment?!?

Really, Z is for Zebras.


Zebras always bring to memory one of my biggest blonde moments ever, at least, according to my Mother. And to some unknown innocent bystanders.

When I was around the age of 19 my Mom and I took a trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida. We were having a great visit this day, when we found ourselves near the Serengeti area and were mesmerized by all the large beasts that were all roaming together.

A large zebra was really close to us at the fence line and before my brain could tell my tongue to shut up I blurted this out:

“OH MY GOSH what is that hanging down by his belly?

472b Zebra in Hwange

I think this is when reality set in for my Mom as she NOW realized she had forgotten one important step in my childhood:


PS. Of course I knew what it was…I was just shocked by the mere size of IT!

Aren’t you???

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  1. You have me laughing so early in the morning Suz!

  2. The look on that zebra's face is like, "What are you staring at!"

  3. Oh my. That's about all I've gotta say about that.

    Have a good Monday! :)

  4. well it's kinda small in proportion to the beast's body... I once saw a pony in a petting zoo whose wiener was dragging on the ground. Now THAT was hung like a horse! LOL

  5. O geeZZZZZZZZZZ! :D
    Happy Monday Suz!

  6. Good thing it wasn't an elephant!! Bwahahaha!!

  7. LOL! Too funny! I was a farm girl so I learned my lessons in the "field", so to speak.

  8. Only you would stoop this low! Although, when I read your comment on my blog, bragging about your Z being X rated, I was expecting some sex.

    That is the strangest looking noodle I've ever seen. And I wish Technodoll had a picture of that one dragging on the ground! Have you ever seen a turtles? Oh wait, sorry, I forgot the subject of this post...this is a bout zebras...

    Now, off subject, and to give you an exact quote from my daughter's facebook page re: a conversation with my grandson Andrew who's 8:

    Andrew: Mom, sometimes does your penis ever get hard, but just half of it.

    Mom: (silence, what do I say????)...

    Andrew: (staring at me, waiting for the answer)

    Mom: Um, that hasnt happened to me lately

    Christine: She doesnt have a penis Andrew, she has a fragina!

    Mom: :0

    You can have your blog back now..:))

  9. and you had to take a picture of it...

    you are a funny girl :) how have you gotten along so far in life without The Talk?!

    if you want to see a PG-rated zebra story, come on over to see me :)

  10. Suz: obviously me and my dear departed ma never had 'the talk' either because when she came to Canada to visit us once when the kids were young we went to a nearby petting farm. whereupon she turned to her grandchildren with a puzzled expression and said, 'oh look THAT donkey has five legs!?"
    p.s. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. hugs to you :-))

  11. That would make one female zebra VERY happy ;)

  12. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Happy Monday!!

  13. "well it's kinda small in proportion to the beast's body..."
    I have heard, I think, that in relation to body size the human willy is proportionally the biggest in the animal world. But maybe that's just what guys like to think.....

  14. Why yes, it is shocking, now that you ask.

    People have said the same in reference to me.

  15. I hope my last comment gets your approval.

  16. For perhaps the first time, I'm speechless. I cannot (quite) match your subject's metrics, if you catch my drift.

  17. I chocked on the pita chips I was eating here at my desk. I cannot stop giggling at that picture!

    Jason's comments made me tear up also. He is a hoot!

    I love this continuously outdo yourself. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. that's what they say, hung like a zebra!!!

  19. I saw your post when you first posted it - I was speechless.... couple hours later - I'm still speechless. Maybe my hubby could use this picture to get me to shut up sometimes ;)

  20. ....and so I run downtairs and make some newds including nekkid dude to go onto a vase and YES I blobbed it....

  21. HA HA HA-----Too Funny Suz.... But--I'd say YES---that is mighty large. (Poor female, or maybe LUCKY female)... ha ha

    Great Z-word, Blondie.

  22. I can't think of anything family-friendly (G-rated) to say about this, but I love this posting! XO

  23. Now Suz, I am still laughing at this post. We had a similar experience at the baboon exhibit at the Phx Zoo. That'll teach us moms to drag our feet on giving "the talk"!! Good post.

  24. HAHA Power to the blondes!

  25. OMG! What was it?
    Kidding. I know what it is, really.

  26. SNORT!!
    oh my goodness!
    i got nothing else...'cept, I LOVE that you put that picture up!!
    (and that jason? HE's the man!!)

  27. Ha-ha, that blurted comment must have been Em-barrassing! It is pretty darn big, though.

  28. I guess "hung like a horse" would apply?

    If you hear hooves...


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