July 17, 2009

TGIF, Takers Annoy Me.


Every week, I seem to come to the same thought: I am not going to blog anymore.

I am not going to post. I am NOT. I am out of things to say. REALLY.

And here I am.

I wonder what the same 4 people who come here each day would do if I just stopped?

Live a fulfilling normal life without reading my muckity muck? Yes.

I just realized today is my 300th post. Gosh, you would think I would just *shut up* already.

But NO. I keep coming back just a babbling away.



I feel the need to take a load off my chest, a chip off my shoulder, an annoying pebble out of my sock.

Hold on to your Mumu. Run on sentence alert!!

I realize this world is made up of many different types of people…but sometimes people can be summed up as 2 different types:

The givers and The takers.

I am a giver. My husband is a giver.

I have issues with takers always taking and never giving and taking so much that when you scale back your giving to the takers then the takers pout. Catch my drift?

I know being a giver is the best way to be, but I get annoyed sometimes.

Takers should be appreciative of the givers. Takers should realize that THEY are takers.

I will leave it at that.

Ok, now I almost feel better. almost.

But my fingers hurt now.

And you thought I was all rainbows and lemon drops. Fooled ya. :)


ON a happier note, we had some aliens in the pool this week. P1000741

Happy Friday ya’ll!

I wish for you a weekend full of fun times, surrounded by people who don’t suck the life out of you and folks who appreciate you!!

Anything fun and exciting that I will be missing???


  1. Love the Alien picture! You just can't stop blogging - this is where I get to smile every day; that's the only exercise I get all day!!! Happy 300th post.

  2. well if you didn't blog you would be missed that's for sure! I love your take on life and your way of looking at things; always with a positive outlook and something to make me smile.
    (apart fromt this post about the takers.) the way I see it somebody must have really done something, or worn you down, for you to vent.
    but see, that's the good thing about blogging, you can just put it out there and feel better about it can't you?
    having said that, I don't know how you stay so consistent, always with something to say... it's a gift. and as I say, always something cheerful to make me smile.
    but if you need a day or two off, then who I am to begrudge you that?
    just the weekend though.
    Happy 300th post. I've read EVERY one and smiled at every one.

  3. That's right you can't stop make me laugh! Not to mention I really stop by to see 1) the doggies and 2) if you have posted any more pics from the 70's/80's ...your always bring back memories.
    Congrats on the 300 I bet you never thought you had that much to say!!!!
    As for the givers and takers I am very familiar with that scenario and guess what I have dismissed the toxic takers and actually do a little more for me these days. I figure I have done my share from enduring the period, pregnancy, childbirth, ironing hubster work shirts, car pooling, floor nurse, ..and now I am embracing menopause - puberty in reverse, when you hit menopause you will find that the words No, can't, oh well roll of your tongue quickly and smoothly without hessitation, guilt, doubt or second guessing is a thing of the past.
    Have a great weekend !

  4. I would certainly miss you if you quit blogging! You always have something fun and funny to say... even about nothing at all.

    I totally get you with the givers and takers. Completely! I'm a giver and sometimes I just get tired of it being a one way street. sigh. Sometimes it's hard being nice, isn't it?! : )

  5. I look forward to reading your blog every day. Your comments on my blog always brighten my day. I would truly miss you if you stopped blogging. Hugs :)

  6. I, for one, would miss you! Your smiling face and cheery outlook on life brighten my day! Happy 300!!

  7. I tried to post a comment but I'm not sure if it "took".

    But it said, condensed - I love you and I would miss you. Happy 300!

  8. Good for you, to get that "muck" off your chest. I sometimes think those "takers" need to be "given" space to just fade away. I'm sure there are plenty of "givers" who want to be your friend. More room for them, without the "takers." Just a thought.
    Oh, you are one of my fave bloggers; while you may need a break, I hope you don't stop altogether!
    I love your aliens!

  9. I'm so with you on the takers. Sometimes they suck the joy right out of the giving.

    Keep on bloggin'!

  10. seeing that picture makes me want to "take" a dip in your pool.... in the shallow end of course... have a great weekend bee....

  11. Oh no you can't stop! Don't you know blogging is good for the soul? (I'm sure that has been proven somewhere) I would miss you!

  12. I love your blah blah blah!
    Don't you go away!!! You give so much and we take away great laughter. So ain't that worth it?

  13. I hear ya... I've made damn sure not to have any leeches in my life, as they suck more than energy out of a person.

    Hope your "spring cleaning" goes well ;-)

  14. Suzanne, You are definitely one of my favorite bloggers. I LOVE your blog posts---all of them. If you ever quit, I'd be so unhappy!!!!! Your cute personality and the way you describe life is just priceless. You do have a GIFT when it comes to writing. Don't EVER forget that.

    About givers and takers, I think that givers are sometimes too nice for their own good. They do so much for others that those others sometimes 'expect' it and just allow it to get worse and worse. Givers get taken advantage of by those takers.

    The takers are the smart ones sometimes.. They don't have to worry about things getting done themselves since they know that the givers will do it... They convince themselves that the givers really want to do it all (and sometimes they do)---so the takers just sit back and let the givers take over.

    I used to be a giver ---but got burned one too many times. I am not a taker to this day---but I certainly don't allow people to take advantage of me anymore!!!!!


  15. Happy 300th post! You better not quit blogging or I will have to hunt you down...

  16. We won't let you stop. I don't think I could face a day without a post from from Busy Bee Suz! Congratulations on your 300th post (that means you're just getting warmed up) and on the great picture of the aliens. By the way, I completely agree with you on the Takers.

  17. I'll tell you one thing. When you stop being a giver, boy do you find out who your real friends are

  18. oh. look at all that love!
    you deserve it :)
    and i am so glad you got that chip off your shoulder before my party. you wouldn't have been able to run as fast...
    so you made me think... am i a giver? or a taker? stop on over today and i'll GIVE you some leftovers...

    ...and oh yes, i sure knew you had 300 posts worth of something to say. and probably abput 3,000 more!

  19. even though I dont' get here everyday - and OK, sometimes it is only once a week - you bring joy into my life, and provoking thoughts - being a giver myself, takers can be irritating! but then you had me wondering - could I be a taker and think I am a giver??? i certainly hope not...

  20. Your aliens are so cute. Ridiculously cute.

    Since you have eleventy eleventy million comments every day you must have more than 3 readers, eh?

    The first moment I ever read one of your posts I just was in love with your writing style. I was gripped by those first posts.

    Takers make me mad sometimes too. I like givers better. Way, way better.

  21. The aliens are scary. I'm not going in the water.
    Takers usually don't realize they're the takers, so sometimes it's hard to know who's who. Being appreciated, though, is one of the high points of life.

  22. Every blogger worth her beans thinks that! I would miss you terribly. Terribly!
    Sometime I worry that I'm a taker. But I don't think I would be so tired at night if I were.

  23. someone obviously got you upset and I hope it is off your chest..... and please keep blogging... you are a ray of sunshine for lots of people with your great sense of humour and warmth.

  24. It's always so disappointing when someone who blogs a lot suddenly stops and disappears. I always wonder what they're up to, and what's going on with them long after the last posts...

    As for the takers, takers don't know they are takers. Sometimes they just see themselves as someone in need and see that as different than taking. Sometimes they have just gotten so used to taking that they no longer feel appreciative, instead they feel entitled. I hear you loud and clear though, sometimes you just have to stop giving to certain people and hope they'll learn.

  25. Congratulations on your 300th!!! Too bad there is not one taker who recognizes your description. As my dear husband would say, "There are people who would give you the shirt off their back and others who would take it." And they never know who they are.

  26. Congrats on the 300th post..thats fantastic. And love the pool pic. Too cute.

  27. Suz - please don't scare me! I would miss you very much if you stopped blogging! Besides - I think you're the only person I know that has the same sarcasm quotient as me! :-)

    Tell those takers to "BUG OFF!"

    Tell those Aliens they better clean the pool when they're done. :0

  28. You've burst my bubble. I thought you were all rainbows and lemon drops.

    But I agree about the takers. And it is so hard to the givers to not give to the takers. It takes conscious effort.

  29. I love your post pictures. Too cute :)! I hate takers too! I think its good to be in the middle. Where you allow your self to give and take. I think it keeps you balanced!

  30. I am jealous of your pool ;) Don't stop babbling...I think you have more than 4 readers too!


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