July 09, 2009

I have moved to California…

But just for today.

I am guest posting for Jenn at her blog ‘Juggling life’ today.

She is off enjoying her family on a much needed vacation.

Juggling life is hard work, as we all know.

If it does not exhaust you too much, just click HERE and see what wisdom nonsense I was sharing with Jenn and the rest of you today.

Go ahead. It won’t hurt, pinkie promise.

Happy Thursday!!!


  1. I read your guest post and loved it! What a lesson those kids learned from those drunkards! It's funny - I was just talking to my stepson today(who's 10) about a wedding he attended with his mom and he told me about his 20 year old cousins getting drunk and throwing up. I told him about how dangerous that was and how it could've ended up more seriously. And his comment was "yeah and they looked stupid too!"
    Whatever works....

    P.S. I really need you to move to Michigan and become my neighbor.

  2. blogsitting! what a great idea bee....

  3. Great guest post, Suzanne. I don't know Jenn--so I didn't comment on her blog.

    Dog bone, huh????? I can just imagine the expression on your girls' faces... ha ha ha

    Yes---alcohol doesn't make someone look SMART....


  4. What a great lesson for your kids!

  5. What? Leaving the west coast of the east coast for the real west coast? My head is spinning.

    Now, pack your bag, and drive that hotel on wheels up to the blogfest next week. Seriously, you can do it.

  6. That is hilarious! Drunk people are something else. I just haven't quite figured out what! I have a pretty low tolerance for drunks, which makes it pretty funny that we own a bar!

  7. Great lesson for the young people - sad that it was the adult who was so stupid!

  8. oh, i am oh-so-impresssed that you are guest blogging!!! can't wit to go and read! love ya!

  9. I'm off to check out your guest post! Happy Thursday to you!

  10. so did she get a dog bone tan line? that is too funny, your poor kids i hate drunks!!


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