July 14, 2009

The birthday Party(s) !!

When your sweet 16 party plans fall through, you move to plan B.

Plan B= a nice dinner party with your family and a few good friends at a Japanese teppan-style restaurant….


…You know, where they cook it SO hot and close, you feel like you might lose your eyelashes!!P1000670 I swear, if I had a cooking surface like this…I could do damage wonders!


P1000681Our chef ‘Kenny’ was amazing, he really entertained us and we all ate well.

Gosh, she is so darn cute!P1000690

After a great dinner, we stopped at the store to pick up some ice cream.

Back home…the girls ate ice cream and opened gifts…ROCK BAND 2!!!!


They played rock band until Dad sent them to Bed at 1:30 am.

They are abruptly woken up (at 10:30am) on Sunday morning by 2 happy boxers and then are dragged taken to breakfast.

What? no one cooking our breakfast food AT OUR TABLE???

geeze what a let down.

This was only Saturday…her real birthday was not until MONDAY.

Poor kid. ;)

On Monday...her actual birthday we had some family and close friends over for dinner, swimming and dessert!!!


Just so you know…it is sooooo exhausting being 16…sometimes you can’t even hold up your own head!



The tired parents and the sweet 16 year old….well, the sweet part will come soon..right????? I kid, I kid, she is sweet….most of the time.

I love you LoLo…you are Da’Bomb!


  1. Happy Birthday Lo! What a great way to celebrate, over and over!!

    Your saving the new car surprise for next week, right?

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    Is she getting a car? I remember my dad driving up to where I lifeguard the day after my 16th birthday in a new toyota with a bow on the steering wheel.

    Of course, I pretty much drove it to work and back b/c I had to pay for the insurance and monthly payment...but it still brings a smile to my face.
    sandy toe

  3. She is BEAUTIFUL...must get that from her mother :)

    Seriously, good luck with all those teenage boys!

  4. What fun! We used to call March 'the birthday month' because it was one special thing after another... grandparents, school party, friend party. It could wear a girl/mom out!

    Those Japanese cook at the table places are great. My daughter looooves to go to those! We ate at one at Disney... our chef guy was the best. So friendly. Looks like you had a fun weekend! : )

  5. Happy Birthday, Lo! She has such a beautiful smile!!

    Not much beats a flaming onion volcano - did the cook do that one??

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LO! Looks like tons of fun :) So when is she getting her car?

  7. What a great birthday!! Happy Sweet all of you!!

    and by the canNOT imagine my total disappointment when I realized that THAT style of "japanese restaurant"? Yeah...not actually IN Japan. I wanted the entertainment, but sadly...not here. Man...I do love Benihana's! when i tell my students about that place...they think I'm pulling their legs. I need to get pictures this year!! I may "borrow" some of yours!!

    otanjyobi omedeto gozaimasu!
    "Happy Birthday"!!

  8. happy birthday lo, this is an awesome 3 day party here. thanks for sharing with the rest of cyber space!!

  9. That looks like fun...maybe even more fun than a big bash with a lot of other 16ers! You two are such loving parents; it's clear that your girls know they are cherished and celebrated every day, but you made this day (week) really special for her. God bless all of you!

  10. What an awesome birthday weekend!! Happy Birthday, Lo!

  11. Dinner looks like a thrill there alright!
    I am not gonna do any math calculations, but a VERY young woman like yourself has a 16 year old ?

  12. But then again you were probably about 13 when you got married.....

  13. She is cute as can be and I love seeing her have a great time with her friends. Brings back a lot of good memories.

  14. Ooohh! Happy 16th!! Looks like it was a blast...what plans fell through? Looks like it was well planned :)

  15. The legal marriage age in Florida must be 12.

    Happy Birthday to your Lo-Lo. She is seriously very cute! You guys rock as parents. What an awesome birthday weekend for her!!! I love the face she made at the chef's work. LOL! What is that plate looking thing with the pink ribbon running through it? I'm trying to figure it out, but not getting it. Looks really cool.

    These restaurants are a hoot. My youngest sister was at one in Chicago where they expertly flip the hot food on to your plate, and if you don't want a particular item you politely wave your hand "no"....well, the chef saw her "no" wave a split second too late and it messed up his flip, so a hot shrimp came flying at forehead and SPLAT. It was so hot that it stuck to her forehead and had to be carefully peeled off. Left a 4th degree burn and a little shrimp shaped burn for a couple of weeks, kind of a like a burn from a curling iron. Man it was hysterical!!!! (Looking back at it now, of course.)

    I'm glad such shenanigans did not go down at LoLo's partay!!! Great pictures!

  16. I would say that Plan B was a huge success. You certainly have a beautiful daughter, and I'll bet she really is sweet. Happy Birthday, Lo!

  17. you are makin' me cry!
    she is sweet... and you worked so hard to make her birthday special! you are such a great mamma... can you believe you've been doing this job for 16 years?!
    love you, my friend!

  18. Happy Birthday to Lo!!!! Sounds like you all celebrated her 16th ALL weekend. The Japanese meal must have been interesting...

    Love that last picture of you and Coach with your gorgeous daughter--who is ALMOST as pretty as her mama.


  19. it looks like lo should remember her 16th b-day forever!!... i am glad it went well... now the celebrating is over tell her to get to work on her ap course that is due soon!!.. he he...

  20. Sounds like she had a great birthday!!

  21. She is very cute. Sounds like a fun party. I'd definitely do some damage cooking at the table!

  22. lucky LoLo. Happy birthday. :-))

  23. I remember my 16th birthday like it was yesterday...Happy Birthday, Lo-Lo!

  24. you are right - she is adorable!! sounds like a lot of fun - good job, mom!

  25. Looks like you guys had fun! Do you have a pool?? If so, you suck! :) I mean that oh so nicely!

  26. Happy Birthday to your sweet 16-er!! Such pretty young ladies you have.

  27. What a beautiful, wonderful day .... for a beautiful wonderful girl!


  28. Happy Birthday to both of you!

    I loooove Teppan-style cooking.


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