July 10, 2009

TGIF; babies are blooming, parties are happening??

I mean, my crape myrtle babies that I planted back HERE are blooming.

5-27-09 7-7-09

crape myrtle 5-28 P1000632

About 8 of them are covered in flowers. Imagine my high pitched squealing delight when I saw all the color in the back 40.


I am sure in a matter of months years they will look like their older siblings in the yard.


You can also imagine my high pitched squeal when I saw what I think Carlos and his weed eater did to one of the babies…ughhh.


There will be a shanking next week when I see him!!! Poor baby myrtle.

P1000423It could not have been one of these THREE boxers…who did the damage….could it??? I don’t know…that Bartholomew looks pretty guilty with that green coat of his…

We will be celebrating Lo’s 16th birthday this weekend. The plans for a big party have fallen through…too many people out of town and busy this weekend. She was a little disappointed, I was a LOT disappointed.

Time for Plan B.

Plan B came to me in the middle of a restless night’s sleep (worrying over big stuff like curing cancer, world peace and my girl’s party) and the family is on board with me. Gotta think fast sometimes and come up with something equally as memorable, plus now I don’t have to lock up the liquor cabinet or hide the jewels.

Kidding. I don’t have a liquor cabinet or jewels.

Gotcha again, I don’t have jewels.

Pictures to come next week!! Maybe. Probably. Most likely.

I wish for everyone a great weekend full of friends who are available to you, a family that loves you and cake, ice cream and possibly some Japanese food!!!


  1. Yea for blooms :) Happy Birthday to Lo! I can't wait to hear and see Plan B. Have a great weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday to Lo!! Too bad the big plans fell through. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  3. Your blooms look very nice! And I don't think poor Bartholomew did that damage. Did you check w/ your cats?
    Have a great weekend - I bet you'll have something very fun planned for your daughter's birthday!!

  4. A very happy birthday wish to Lo!
    Boy, those babies bloomed in a hurry. Sometimes when a plant gets broken, it actually grows faster and better than the others. Something or someone broke one of my lantanas earlier and now it is outshining all the others.

  5. Your crepe myrtles are looking good! Love those! We had some when we moved into our house but they were a mess and we whacked them down. Now I wonder 'what was I thinking'. Oh well. I'll just look at yours. :)

  6. happy sweet sixteen lo!! is there a new driver in the bee house today too?... i have a great way to celebrate the b'day! how about we toilet paper all your newly blossoming trees!!...

  7. That Carlos! I love the way your trees are blooming, and the tres perros are adorable.

    I can't wait to here about the birthday party and the new car you bought for Lo. :)

  8. Happy B'day to Lo, I hope she has a great 16th!

  9. Happy Sweet 16th, Lo!! How exciting! I'm sure Plan B is going to be amazing, and I can't wait to see the pictures! :)

  10. I hope her birthday is spectacular! That is the one downer to having a summer Birthday. Everyone is on vacation!

  11. The topiary dog did it! Not Carlos!
    Congrats on the crepe myrtles. They're looking good.
    Hope the birthday plans go well.

  12. Happy Sweet 16 Birthday to Lo -hope plan B turns out even better than plan A

  13. did someone say ICE CREAM?!

  14. Happy Birthday to both of you! Sixteen is a real milestone. How about a party when school starts?

  15. HA! Now I have met you :)
    Thanks for the visit, I am doing a petite post on you RIGHT NOW...

  16. Hi There, We're home after a wonderful weekend in the gorgeous North Carolina mountains. I'll post in the morning.

    Happy Birthday to Lo. No matter what kind of 'party' she had--I'm sure it was SUPER.

    Sorry about the Crape Myrtle.. It will come back though I'll bet...


  17. ok, you're killing me here. What is Plan B?

  18. I'm sure your Plan B will be a huge success. Your crepe myrtles look great, with the exception of the poor one that met with an accident. Hopefully that will just spur it to bigger growth.

  19. I second the Japanese food!

  20. Looking forward to hearing all about this. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LO!

  21. A very Happy Birthday to your Baby!


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