July 22, 2009

Embracing is hard work.

I realized lately that I have become a cat-basher. I used to be a cat lover.

I won’t link to all the recent posts that I complained about the 3 felines living in our home..

I am going to start anew; fresh.

I have decided to embrace the cats and see if this would change their attitude and in turn make my outlook about them a bit better too.

So, embrace I did.

I embraced Maisy.


I received a growl and a hiss.

Well, perhaps I am not doing this embracing the proper way, so I tried again…

I now embraced Krispy.


I received a squirm, a low growl and a weird meow type noise, followed by a ‘death stare.’

This embracing is tougher than I imagined. But I forged on, determined now. Maybe I am not embracing hard enough???

One last try, I then embraced Harley.


I received a growl, a hiss, a squirm and a weird gurgling noise, followed immediately by vomit on my foot.

I am done embracing them. Back to the cat bashing.

My arms are sore.


  1. I can lend you my dogs for a day if you want... he he :-D

  2. I think you'll have to admire from a distance from now on! They sure are pretty kitties - perhaps they have read your posts!

  3. I am so not a cat person, but I give you credit for trying :)

  4. I'm something of a cat basher too. Some cats just don't understand the sit on my lap and purr thing.

  5. Cats. ::Shudder::

    After cleaning up the byproducts of multiple felines in our remodeling of our new home, there is no love lost there. I use to even have a cat. Now? Not only will I NEVER own one again, but I think I might just be able to sculpt a new one out of the left over cat hair and sell it on Ebay or something.


  6. ...well, cats are smart enough to know who's a genuine cat person and who's a dog person.

    Amy's boyfriend (a dog lover) stayed in our home this weekend...greeted by hisses and matter how hard he tried to be nice.

    Cats just know when you're being two-faced!

  7. I'm not a cat person so I can't help you out. Could be they sense that the dogs are higher up on your list.

    Funny cats

  8. perhaps you just embraced to hard?
    i'm sorry your arms hurt... and that you have vomit on your foot. gosh, it's been a tough day. why don't you just sit back down on that sofa with your bonbons :)

  9. LOL Cold shoulder from a kitty. That's harsh.

  10. Vol Fan would think those cats were perfect. He cannot stand a cat that is always rubbing up against you!!

  11. I love our kitty, but she hates my guts. I like ro hug her and pet her and all I get is a bite on the hand... unless she's in a good mood, then she just swats her tail and runs off. sigh. I hear ya.

  12. Suz... you gotta give them cat treats after you hug them :)

  13. cats are such snobs aren't they? my cat HATES everybody, unless they happen to be filling up her food dish of course. then it's all cupboard love!
    well suz, you tried. and they could care less.
    maybe they HAVE been reading your blog tho'.

  14. I would love to send Latte your way for a little fieldtrip. He would love you until you had to get up & walk away for a break, & he would cover you with white fur. He would drool on you, sit on your lap (or laptop), beg for massages, try to sit beside you at dinner, and get in your way and under your feet.
    Maybe a little stand-off-ish-ness is not so bad...but I am sorry if your resident felines hurt your feelings.

  15. You don't get that kind of treatment from a dog.

  16. Evidently Maisy, Krispy, and Harley felt your embrace was insincere. Just between you and me, I find it easier to embrace a dog.

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  18. Oh, well I totally understand your cat issues. We adopted these two cats this year from stray cat blues and they STILL hiss and growl at us after many months. It is ridiculous in every way. And when I said I really thought they should go away since they are still hissing and growling and kaish is afraid of them. The people at the place asked me if I wanted in home counseling between the cats, their former foster mother and ourselves. I am not even kidding. I said I had to go and I would call them later. What in the world? What in the WORLD!

  19. Cats. It's all about THEM!!!

    Happy 300th post! Your post made me realize that I just passed #200. I think I'll just let it slide, because I have too much other crap, um, really interesting stuff to say!!!

    I guessed your toes....even before the dog gave it away!!! We have the same flip-flop tan:)

    Am I all caught up now?

  20. Cats do have their own minds. BUT---some of them are loving... I'm not sure about yours though. Maybe they know how much you detest them!!!! Guess you can't win them over with ONE try... It's try and try again!!!! And then---maybe that won't work. Some of them are just NOT people lovers. Hmmmm... Good Luck with that one, Suz.
    Love Jen's post!!!!!

  21. I'm not a cat person or dog for that matter, I wish I could help :) We have fishies, much easier.
    My eight year old desperately wants a dog, but he can't even keep his room clean, maybe in a couple of years.

  22. Not a cat person at all...that is why we just have a guinea pig at our house!

    At least you tried!

  23. as i recall you were tormenting this cat not to long ago with a bird feeder that was under her nose, yes?... i understand her reaction to you bee....

  24. Maisy, Krispy, and's been a while since I've seen your gorgeous mugs 'round here. Last time one of you appeared in a casserole dish or something and nearly made me pee myself laughing so hard.

    You know, for some reason, I've always loved the ornery cats...similar to the Chumleys of the world. Seems to me they're just misunderstood or something. I don't think your three beauties are as neurotic as Chumley, but they still have the required amount of spice I need if I'm ever to be a cat owner.

    For now, I've got to stick to my pups...simply because Milo would eat cat. Or at least make it bleed. And I don't need to be having that going on 'round here!!!

    I love animal pics....keep it up!

  25. and oh my god i'm dizzy after jen's comment. ha ha ha ha!!!

  26. snobby lil shit heads.

    but i love kitties and i kiss them right on the soft nose spots.
    that is, before i became allergic to 'em.
    now, i can only have a doggie.


  27. can't say you didn't try.

  28. Well, it sounds like you have kitties with attitude! LOL!

  29. Maybe you need my Marvin to straighten them out! Anyways - I would start off with scratching them on their cheeks - cats aren't really huggers! LOL!!!!

  30. Hope you are embracing today. XO : )

  31. Somehow from young I have the impression that cat is smarter and more cunning than dog.


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