March 23, 2012

This and That.

Is it just me, or is everyone getting on my nerves?

I've not met a geranium that I didn't like. 

I think they like me as well....they have really good taste!


A funny status update I read on Facebook recently:

I sware I hate stupid people!

Yes, it was a teenager...of course, NOT one of my teenagers!

I read that and I said out loud: Oh, you poor deer. 

I mean you poor dear!


I have to take an orange cat to the vet today. {Boo boo paw}
I brought out the carrier yesterday to prepare for the vet event. Every visit to the vet is an event.

 This is NOT the orange cat that is going to the vet today.
 This is also NOT the cat going to the vet today.

What do you think the chances of me getting the ACTUAL orange cat who needs to visit the vet into the carrier today?

Are you staring at my tomatoes?

Wishing you all a fun and relaxing weekend....hopefully with no visits to the vet or interactions with stoopid people.  Tomatoes for everyone!!!!!



  1. I wish you would teach my geraniums to love me. I'm not a good deadheader.

  2. Remember when I had that dream about you working at Rite Aid? Seriously, I'm thinking that all signs are pointing for you to start working a minimum wage job. I mean, you and I can't both be wrong, write. I mean Right? I sware, I'm so dum sumtimes. wink!

  3. Good luck getting the "right" kitty in the carrier~do your cats "howl" all the way to the Vet?? Or maybe, you howl??
    Pretty geraniums and tomatoes! We had rain overnight and my black car is not black and yellow stripe - pollen!

  4. Speaking of cats in carriers, how is Sasha Fierce Kitty doing these days? In our house, I can't bring the cat carrier into the house of all the cats magically disappear.

  5. I noticed that misspelling right away too and laughed. I love how you poke fun at things, yourself included.

    Good luck on your kitty adventures!

  6. my fave facebook comment was a friend's daughter who wrote on her mum's glamorous pic...
    "aren't you georges mum?'
    i so wanted to reply,
    'no! she's not george's mum, she's YOUR mum. AND she's gorgeous.'
    but i am much too polite to do that.

  7. I'm not at all surprised that geraniums like you -- we all do. I hope you were able to eventually get the correct orange cat into the carrier.

    I hope you have a great weekend. By the way, I like your tomatoes as much as I like your geraniums.

  8. Yes, I was staring at your tomatoes while having a little tomato envy. Mine might get some outside time starting this weekend - if the weather cooperates that is.
    Good luck with the kitty and the carrier!

  9. It will be a while before we have local tomatoes. And, yes, I am totally jealous of yours.

  10. I was staring at you melons, if you MUST know.

  11. You are a brave girl to bring out the cat carrier before time for the vet appointment. When I do that, all I get is a cat under the bed and my stressed nerves. So it doesn't surprise me that the proper orange cat didn't go in the box...they never do. : )

  12. I love orange cats and tomatoes :)

  13. I hope the orange cat whose turn it was to go to the vet cooperated with you and got into that crate. Our cats don't mind the carrier as much as they DETEST the car. What is it about that? Dogs LOVE the car, right? Why are cats haters?
    Your 'maters are coming right along. It looks like spring, where you live!

  14. Taking cats to the vet is one of the reason I don't have cats anymore!

  15. Good luck with the cat! Hope all goes well. Maybe you can send the Facebook writer a dictionary?

  16. LOL! Oh, you & your cat drama!

  17. Hi Suz! I'm glad you have all that cat drama to keep you on your toes! Think how bored you'd be otherwise?

  18. My cats even SEE the carrier and they scurry away, so we have to grab the cat first and THEN take the carrier out.

    Also, I never met a geranium I didn't like. :-)

  19. If only people were as nice as sunshiny as flowers:)

  20. Your 'maters look lovely!
    Sware - - - sounds like someone with a southern accent wrote it phonetically!
    The vet visits - - - do yours take up to a couple of hours after you catch the animal? It's like going to a regular doctor sometimes with the wait.
    Yup - - - - hope our days are vet-free visit days, too!

  21. My geraniums like me too, thank heavens. We have a saying around my work, "You can't fix stupid". Love your post!

  22. Staring...and drooling :)

  23. Funny facebook post.
    Your tomatoes are looking good.


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