March 07, 2012

And it only took me 24 days~

Can you stand anymore gardening photos/posts?
Well, then move on...scatter!

Oh, I see some of you do love me and my garden.
I feel the same way.
about me. and my garden. 

Just kidding.

February 11, 2012 {such an immature garden!}

a few days ago! {A semi-mature garden. ON the brink of giving birth!}

"I've asked you to lettuce alone"

Baby tomatoes coming out the ying yang. Yes, that is MIGHTY uncomfortable. 
But just as in worth it. 
Of course, with childbirth, you don't realize how worth it is until the drugs wear off..... 
in 9 years.  

Isn't fresh grown food romain-tic?

 If I find out she likes salad fixings....she will have a large boot print on her derriere. 

I'm off to find some large boots.

Seriously, what can YOU do in 24 days? 

Typically, in 24 days I can grow out of 2 pairs of pants, lose 4 socks in the laundry, fill the change jar with 47 cents and clean the lower half of the glass doors 6 times!

My life is to be admired.
Go ahead, admire on.



  1. In 24 days I can wipe greasy fingerprints off the refrigerator about 2 bazillion times...
    Your garden looks great! I'm suffering from some serious gardening envy over here.

  2. I know that we're on opposite ends of the country, but it still amazes me that you can GROW things in the SUNSHINE in FEBRUARY. Truly. Your photos look like the height of summer here - just lovely! And I like seeing green things growing in your garden - are you a juicer? If so, you can save "a lotta moolah" with that garden - planting kale, for example.

    As for that kitty in the garden, I'm sure you'll beware. I don't think it's after food - I think it's looking for the potty.

  3. oh gosh you are hysterical....and don't boot little Puss in Boots there! We may get up to record warmth in the 60s today, snow melthing fast...and there is you with a summer veg garden, WOW. Do we livein the same universe, let alone country? As far as 24 days go...what might I accomplish..... AH! I know! I will have washed the dinner dishes 24 times :) AND cleaned the cat box ALSO 24 times...

  4. Holy moly, I can't believe your garden looks like that already. Makes me just a tiny bit jealous, but not at ALL enough to want to move down to sunny FL. Sorry. :( It was 70 here yesterday (oh yes it was!) and I've already had my summer fix for the year!

  5. Bring on the garden pictures! That lettuce looks amazing. And I may have to show up at your door once the tomatoes ripen since I haven't had a good tomato since moving to Florida. Nicely done!

  6. I am so impressed! I can't really stand it! I want a salad with all of those specialties! : )

  7. I am jealous it's warm enough to even HAVE a garden!

  8. I think it's time that you started adding text to some of those photos. Let people know who's taking those fabulous shots.

  9. We are hoping to get the 'cold weather' things planted in the garden this weekend:)

  10. ok, whats your address, i'm comin down for lunch! let's see.... what shalst we have..? oh i know, how bouts some salad? with fried green tomatoes on the side, BLT's galore, and erm... i'll bring dessert. k? k.

  11. I am so envious! I just returned from the grocery with old lettuce and tasteless tomatoes for our salad!!!!! If Harriet were in your garden , rest assured she would eat it all!

  12. Your life is to be admired. Yes, yes it is! It took you 9 years to realize it was worth having kids? What's wrong with me? I'm still not sure and it's been 16 years. Oh, I know--I forgot to get the drugs!!

  13. What time does the salad bar open? I LOVE fresh produce! In 24 days, I can be close to 1/12 of a year older . . . greet over 500 people at work - - - probably lots more - - - I don't know - - - can't think about it!

  14. I'll be out when the tomatoes are ripe :) Awesome garden!

    Plant some cat nip for the kitty...I did and the cats loved it until the deer ate it to the bone :(

  15. I will definitely admire you and your garden. On second thought, I'm green with envy about your garden.

  16. Isn't it amazing how quickly your garden has grown? You must have some super soil and fertilizer. Looks wonderful Suz!! I'm itching to get back up north to get my hanging gardens going. I'm jelly! xx

  17. In 24 days I can let the dogs out, let the dogs in, feed the dogs, let the dogs out, let the dogs in, vacuum up dog hair, let the dogs out, let the dogs in,clean up dog puke, let the dogs out, let the dogs in, pooper scoop the yard, let the dogs out, let the dogs in.......multiplied by 24. It's that crazy new math!

  18. Yep, looking for the outside litter box...Perhaps you could use Nelson as a scarecrow:)

  19. Beautiful! We are starting our own garden. And as per usual, putting our cart before the horse. I have everything ready but the garden bed. In our soil - oops, I meant clay - we decided on a raised garden bed. Wish us luck! ;) Cute cat.

  20. In 24 days I can generate at least two piles of stuff I don't want to deal with, also lose 4 socks in the laundry, find something in the fridge I intended to cook and never did....

  21. i do enjoy LOOKING at your garden :) just don't offer me any more plants. i'm afraid what you'll do to me if i kill them!

  22. I'm admiring. Your garden looks great. Your puns are kind of fun, too.


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