March 14, 2012

I need to take it down a notch. Or twenty seven.

Place a big star on the calendar, because a momentous occasion has happened.
I've had nothing to blog about for at least 6 days. Of course, I could have made up some stuff like the weather is blah blah blah. But I won't. And I didn't.
Blah blah blah.

This has not happened in like forever.
Don't you dislike it when people say 'like' all the time? I do.
And now, I've like totally written it.
Bad. Bad I tell you.

I can tell you this too.
My job is going great.
I am useful. I am needed.
Of course, you knew the useful and needed part, but I kinda forgot it myself.
Tis' nice to hear it from someone other than those who share my genes. and my bed.
Gosh,  I wish I could share Jeans with Lo and Linds. NOT with the coach though, he can have his own.

You know what cracks me up?
Mom jeans.
Especially Mom jeans on a man.
Or mom shorts on a man. Dad shorts?
Oh lord. That is enough to make someone pee their jeans. {their Mom jeans of course}

BTW: When I googled 'Dad jeans" I found mostly photos of this kinda famous guy:
 Now, I'll never look at the Prez without thinking: Mom Jeans!

Have I told you lately that I have the bestest garden on the planet?
Well, that would be a big fat lie.
I detest liars.
BUT I Do like people who exaggerate. They inspire me.
My garden is so lovely! IT is the best garden. {that I've got}

Do you know that I usually only have ONE cup of coffee in the morning?
Guess how many I've had today?
Two and a half.

Watch out.

Someone is going on a band trip to Nawlins. I prefer to call it 'Old Orleans'.

 She's with the band.
Her instrument? her legs. 

Bourbon street? ....geeze, if that kid comes home with gobs of beads, she is OUT of the BAND!
They are marching in the St. Patty's day parade. I hope she does not come across too many drunk people....but then again, we did take her to Vegas this summer. She's seen it all. almost.

They are traveling by bus. *sigh*
Have I ever told you that I have an unnatural fear of riding in a bus? It might be from all the trips on the greyhound as a child, or perhaps the years of being bussed to school.
I loathe buses. {No offense Rosa Parks.} I have dreams of them flipping over while I'm traveling.
I can't travel with the band.
I'd make everyone miserable.
Plus, I'd get more beads than the freshmen and that's not really fair.

And if I want to visit Nawlins and get all those beads, I'd have to fly. I'd rather not fly if I can avoid it. So, I'm staying home and avoiding a lot of things right now.

I don't think I've ever ingested bourbon. It really sounds gross. NOT like wine. Wine sounds good.
Is it too early for wine?

I'm thinking that I should not take so many blog breaks, it just makes me ramble like a crazy person.
Or maybe that's the coffee talking.


  1. We need you in the blogosphere too! Glad you like the job, and maybe you should switch to decaf :)

  2. OMGosh you are so funny! ;-) I need to come back in here more often. Shame on me for my absence. <3

  3. Get out of the city! Those are definitely mom jeans. #scary
    My dad wears mom jeans that are high waters. Very special. #lovemyDaddy!

  4. Geez, exactly how many people contributed to writing this post? Or are you going all Sybil on us right now?
    Your, "saner than you" Friend, m.

  5. Come visit me and I'll teach you all about bourbon. Well, Tennessee bourbon whisky. Among experts in the field, George Dickel is one of the finest around. And did I mention the distillery is 3 miles from my house. And Jack Daniel distillery is about 12 miles away :)

  6. You're making the right decision. I went on a bus ride with the band from Michigan to Washington DC, and it was the worst trip I have ever been on in my life. Scarred, I tell ya.

  7. I never quite know what to expect when I come here for a visit, but I never leave disappointed or in a grumpy mood.

    I'm not wild about bus trips myself, but I've found bus seats to be somewhat roomier than the seats in coach on airplanes. I'll just continue to do my traveling in our trusty Prius.

  8. Congrats on the job success! Now, about the coffee.....was it double strength??

  9. You're so funny. :) I really like your header, it's new, right? (hope so, otherwise I'm NOT observant). I have gardening on my mind too, although I have no green thumb. I'll have a glass of wine with you!

  10. Hi Suz, That is awesome that the band is going to Nawlins... That is a great trip!!! They will enjoy it. I lived in Nawlins for 4-5 yrs. in the '80's (long before Katrina)...We loved it there.


  11. Whoooo, you and your gobs of beads from Old Orleans! HA! Yay for loving your new job. It is so wonderful to feel appreciated. Not that I really know what that feels like, but it sounds wonderful :)

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  13. I'm pretty sure that if we ever got together, Gary and I could convert you from wine to bourbon pretty quickly.

  14. Too early for wine?? It's five 0'clock somewhere... ;-)

  15. yep! I was beginning to think it was the coffee talking....but then realised,'s just a crazy person rambling!!!

    have fun this weekend.....


    hello gorgeous xxx

  16. Wait, did I miss the post about the new job? Email me with the details!

    I have a feeling the band MOM will be the one collecting the most beads. Just sayin'....

  17. I hope the trip to New O is awesome!! I have never been but hope too some time...and I might even taste some bourbon :)

  18. Jobs, Nawlins, Beads enough to topple you over, Bourbon, Wine and Caffine...etc...what more could you want to blog about? Missed ya xoxox

  19. Did you ever see the episode when Michael (from 'The Office') went shopping at an outlet mall and was so pleased with his bargain? Turns out, it was a woman's pant suit!!!
    Next, I must comment on FIL's T-shirt, below. I had a friend who had a fake grenade by his front door on the entry table. The plaque said, "Want to date my daughter...take a number." Which of course was connected to the pin of the grenade. Hee-hee!
    So glad work is going great.

  20. You on coffee sounds like me after drinking a Coke! Your rambling is fun. I have missed something somewhere - - but I know I am way behind in reading - - - but you have mentioned your job. What is it that you are doing? Or I can read through the blogs and find out? Just curious and glad you like it!
    And what about Screen? I read the one where your friend or you put out the live trap -- but Screen avoided it.

  21. I once went out with a guy wearing elastic waistband, acid washed jeans. And I really liked him! Oh, youth.

    Nawlins? Awesome! Never been but so want to go visit those cemeteries!

  22. Extended blog breaks are not good. Your originality gets sucked out of you and you get the urge to go on Facebook, copy and paste from somebody else, with the message, "Repost this if you love Jesus."

    Gotta keep the creative juices flowing. And since you have a gift, you need to share.

  23. Naturally you'd collect more beads than the freshman...
    Buses...I've seen too many 20/20, 60 minutes of kids flipping through the air on buses. I'm with you.

  24. I love the new header and name--very cool.

    I'm glad nobody has any bus trips coming up . . . I'd be worried after reading this! I'm sure she'll have a great time.

    Somebody said today, "I want the kind of coffee you drink--he was shocked that I am caffeine-free!"

  25. haha, Busy Bee productions indeed! I love bourbon..and it feels very American to enjoy it. They STILL make it in the USA! Have agood weekend suz :)

  26. Sue you crack me up! How was her parade and bus ride...I would be holding my breath during that whole trip!

  27. Laughing at you, silly girl!

    You don't have to have anything to blog about. Just throw my words together and call it a blog casserole.



    That's not the RIGHT way to blog?!?


    Who knew.

  28. like 2 1/2 GREEN BEE cups of coffee????

    did linds tell you eric gave her a hard time at the mall (shocking, i know!) but it sounds like it was a good trip :) no bus flipping, only bus changing! ugh!!! anyway, i hope she had fun. i LOVE new orleans, truly!!! make we can walk there one day, since you don't want to fly OR ride the bus...

  29. Are you sure you only had 2 1/2 cups??? :D


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