March 29, 2012

It's about her. But mostly it's about me.

Kids these  fancy; grandiose.
Dress pants, shoes and a tie....donning red roses no less. 

I was opposed to her to attending prom in the 10th grade, and she knew this.
Do you think this sign was really aimed at the Mama???
Of course it is....those boys are always after me under the guise that they love my daughters.

Lo went to two proms and every homecoming during her four years. Linds has been to two homecoming dances and now a prom in her future.

Enough about her.

Did I ever mention that I never attended one dance in high school? Not even a football game. I know you are so shocked, because it seems that I am a social butterfly!

I ALMOST made it to my senior prom, but the boy I was dating turned into a big jerk minutes after I ordered my prom dress out of the Sear's catalog. {Thank you Grandma!}
I ended up returning the dress and getting 2 bikinis and some cash.

Obviously, I spent all my cash on eyeshadow. Luckily, my vision wasn't impaired by the weight of the powder. yet. 

Enough about me.

Since the invention of the Disney channel tween shows, it is not enough to just 'ask' someone to prom. You have to make a big statement. OR you are lame. {Why can't she date a lame guy who I could tell no to?}

Back to me.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it here before, but The Coach never actually asked me to marry him.
I know what you are thinking.... yes, we are really married. You see, we dated 6 years and talked about getting married, we KNEW we would get married...and the day {Christmas Eve} he was trying to hide my ring from me, I saw it and called him out.
{Ok, I snatched the box from his hand, I used to be grabby}

There was never an actual proposal.

The first and last time I ever fed him. He's a grown man...he can feed himself.

I mentioned this non-proposal out loud to the kids one day, and he quickly denied it. But, really, wouldn't I remember that? I still remember what he was wearing on our first date {blind}, along with other important things like how he forgot to put the toilet seat down on March 14th, 1992 @ 8:58pm.

Since we are about to celebrate 21 years of legally annoying each other, it's obvious that the non-proposal thing didn't really mean a thing.

Back to her.

How can she go to prom? It was just 2 weeks ago that she was sleeping in a laundry basket. 

So, did you have a big proposal for prom or any other slightly significant event in your life? Please share.
I hope you have something soooo wonderful and over the top to share, that I'll want to hunt you down and shank you.

Have a beautiful weekend!!


  1. What? He seriously did all that to ask her to the prom. That's too cute.
    Don't let her go though. Make her stay home and sleep in that laundry basket. That'll teach her.
    Back in the olden days when I was a youngun we never had no dances nor proms. We went to the youth club wearing (thick) black, black eyeliner and a tube of mascara on each eye, and very (very) short skirts. We danced to Tamla Motown 45's on the record player and cried when the Isley Bros sang This Old Heart of Mine. Before we went in to the 'dance' we hung around outside in dark corners and drank the cheapest alcohol we could afford and then behaved atrociously in public.
    Unfortunately because a lot of today's youth are as bad as I was
    that's why your daughter needs to sleep in the laundry basket for a while longer. They can NEVER be trusted.

  2. Congrats, Linds! Sadly, I was never invited to prom in high school...Mr. Maple just grew up in the wrong state and was too old!!!
    Love seeing your photos - you are and always have been a beauty, just like your Mom!
    Have a great weekend. We will be celebrating Mr. Maple's 59th bday on Monday - the celebration includes a dr. appt. for me!!! I know, you envy us old folks!!!

  3. Oh how sweet!!
    I went to dances and football games in high school and wanted to go to my senior prom so badly...but the jerk I had been dating dumped me (oh the pain- but what a good thing in retrospect,) anyways, back tehn no one went to the prom the kids do here....everyone has a good time adn dances whether or not they have a date. I sure wish I could have done that. And as for getting married....going on 30 years here soon!

  4. Oh my hell, I can't believe you posted this today. JUST last night, we were talking about how CSJ never actually proposed to me! He just went and bought a ring 3 months after we met, and it was just always an assumed thing. Like you guys, we dated almost 6 years before our wedding, which was 21 years ago this past January. It's really scary how parallel our lives are, huh?

    I told him that the next time, I expected him to do it right!!

  5. You are so funny : ) I really can't stand it! I actually started crying when I saw the last picture. I can't believe the kids are so grown up. That is sort of crazy.

    No one ever asked me to anything. Boys never liked me. Ever.

  6. The boy obviously knew you couldn't say 'no' after he asked Lindsay to the prom in such fine style.

    I asked my late wife's father for her hand in marriage. She and her parents came to the U. S. from Hungary, and Joe's (her father) English wasn't very good. After asking his permission to marry his daughter he looked at me and said, "George, we like you but ..." My heart started beating again when I realized he meant to say 'and' instead of 'but'.

  7. My God, she has grown huge in just two weeks!
    You know I totally dig that photo of you from 1985. Am I right, is it 1985? I apologize if it was taken last night. And are those stars behind you? See, now I'm laughing. Seriously, you look like you have a walk-on spot in Star Trek Wrath of Khan. But at least you were sporting some fashion forward earrings. Susie Orman wears the same pair!
    How cool is it that that boy went all out with a banner and such. I didn't go to my prom either. But, I did go to my Sister's prom. He boyfriend dumped her last minute and I stepped in to save the day. Upon my white horse of course!
    Good Morning!

  8. that wedding picture, OH YAAAAAY! No, no big proposals or anything like that in my life...I think me and the wife were waiting for the subway and just sorta talked about it "hey, let's get married on Christmas! and elope!"

  9. Wow, I can't believe he went through all that just to ask her. How in the world could you say to to that?
    Growing up in Germany we didn't have prom or homecoming. Guess I'll have to live vicariously through the girls when it's time. (Kind of dreading it a bit though.)
    At least Greg did ask me to marry him, he even asked my mom. :-)

  10. OK, that is just so sweet that you have to let her go. Just make sure your Father-in-law wears the shirt when he comes to pick her up :)

    Oh, and since we're still in that laundry basket stage with our daughter...I'm going to enjoy every boy-free moment in her world!

  11. I love that this boy made her a giant sign and had roses. Nice girls deserve that, in my opinion. I went to prom my freshman year (horrors) with a date who did not disclose that he did NOT dance. I went again my senior year with a more appropriate dance partner.

    No big proposal for me either. My husband and I moved in together which involved me selling my house and moving to another state so we had all the serious marriage discussions long before that happened. About a year later we were standing in the kitchen looking at the calendar for the upcoming summer and decided that if we were going to get married, we had only one good weekend open. 9 years later, it all seems to have worked out pretty well although he also has some rogue memory of proposing that just didn't happen. Pretty funny.

  12. Well, my story is slightly different. He proposed but I didn't answer. I quickly grabbed the ring, said "I need to call my mom!" and ran inside. He had to ask again when I finished my phone call. Poor guy :)

  13. I've never had anyone go over the top to ask me anything. I feel really lame now.

    BTW - Vol Fan never actually 'asked' me to marry him either. But something must have worked since we are heading toward #22 this year:)

  14. OMG! The picture from '85! Are those stars behind you? At first sight it looks like dust...maybe fallout from the eyeshadow? Make sure Coach is on the porch doing his "father with a shotgun stare" when her date pulls up. That should eliminate any fancy ideas.

  15. Hi Suz, Love the pictures --especially of those of YOU.... Awesome!!!!

    I had a 'steady' boyfriend all through high school --but when I went to college, we broke up... I did go to the prom back then. We could only go to the Jr and/or Sr Proms... I did both... No funny stories, but back then, most of my friends had 'steady' boyfriends...

    Have a great weekend.

  16. LOL!! I wish I could change the FONT SIZE on my LOLs... You would win at LEAST 350 sized font.

    He went all out, didn't he. Linds' friend. Wait, behind you?!?! Is that Coach headed towards the gun-safe?!

    Love the pic of you... and that eye shadow. You certainly kept some company in business! ;D

    I did not go to either of my proms.
    It don't know why re: my JR, but I was already a few months pregnant (and MARRIED even longer! thankyouverymuch) by the time my SR prom came around. I can't wait until my kids go... =) Oh the torture. I mean fun.

    Please ask Linds if you can post pics!!

  17. I love a good romance...but I hear you on wanting to keep her from growing up too fast! She is a sweet girl, though, and she deserves the grand gesture.
    We'll have to talk proposal stories later - I have to catch a ferry now - but I love your story and your pics. You and Coach have your priorities right, even if he was a little "economical with words." Gregg is like that, too. Happy Weekend to y'all! xoxox

  18. Wow - - that sure is some big way to ask a question! Who took the picture? A friend? Or you?
    I should dig out my prom picture - - - it was sooooo geeky. I went with a total brainiac. It's obvious when you see what he looks like. We were both non-social so the evening was so we could both say we had been to the prom.
    Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

  19. oh i love it!!! especially that someone she knew was smart enough to take the picture with her in it!!!

    and i love all of these comments :) but the one from jamie? ASK linds? doesn't she know that the girl has no rights?!?! and you can post anything you want? oh. you did. of her cute little self all tired from doing your chores. just like cinderella. ooooo! and now she's going to the ball!!


  20. Your girls look sooooo much like you, minus the eye shadow. :-) Genetics is a scary thing!

    Proms and proposals are blog posts, so I have no juicy comment in that regard...but, yikes! Prom in 10th grade for a beauty like your daughter? I would need to shoot heroin just to weather the stress!

  21. No wonder you said yes! You'd look like a jerk if you didn't after that grand display! He must really like her which means she has the upper hand in the relationship. Amen to that. ;)

    I'm not entirely sure I got a formal proposal either. I think it was more of let's do this type arrangement. Grrrr..

  22. How sweet! Hope she has a blast at prom. I never went to any social functions in high school either. And my husband proposed to me in a men's bathroom at a Mexican restaurant in ya go. :)

  23. Oh my goodness! I loooooooved this Post. All the pics tugged at my heart strings. Thanks for sharing them here. : )
    Man, I have two daughters too and talk about pressure to "answer" in a magnificent way. No "lame" allowed with this generation. Back in my day, the invitation involved one phone call!
    Thanks for stopping by today.

  24. Hey Lindsay! Nice to meet you! And thanks for 'stopping by' my blog. If Mark likes you, then I guess I will too! lol
    My prom, I went to mine with the 'love' of my life who eventually dumped me!! Guess she knew something I din't at the time!

  25. Oopps!I'll get it straight, Suz!! lol Give me time and I'll figure out who's who! lol

  26. Awwwww.....I can't believe the ;engths these boys have to go through now to ask a girl to prom. I think it is fitting! I'll be there in 2.5 seconds with my girlies as well. Except that they will be in a convent and won't be allowed to date until they are 45.

  27. Not too worried about being shanked....

    On my first date with the fellow I went to the senior prom with, he fell asleep. We saw Driving Miss Daisy. Hey, it was the only thing my momma would let me go see.
    I married him. He still falls asleep during movies. Only now he snores loudly!!

  28. My husband WAS my prom date!

    That is an adorable invite--and, yes, big is in here, too.

  29. I don't have good stories about me...But I watch the boys swoon over my neighbor. Last year for homecoming one chalked her driveway with all kinds of cool sayings and clues, then hung himself in a life size home made pinata from her front yard tree (he wore a helmet in there) and she had to break it open with a stick - when she did he was inside holding a rose...

  30. I LOVE these pictures? Adorable, even the blue eyeshadow. So cute!

    I kinda love these traditions--very cute!


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