March 09, 2012

Girls + Boys + Family = artillery?

Lately, I'm finding it a challenge to come up with stuff to write that will give me less and less commenters.
This should do it.

This morning, while driving to school someone {who shall remain nameless} was digging in her purse for chapstick and pulled out something totally out of the ordinary. Not to mention, unsanitary as heck.

She said: the heck did this get in here?
It was discarded out the window, and then we both busted out laughing.
Can you guess what it was?
I'll not keep you in suspense for too long.


My FIL and his wife had a big party this past weekend. Ya'll should have been music, seafood cooked  every which way, fun people like me....just fabulous.
{home-made hush puppies!}

Linds and Cousin Bryan. {Puddin'}
Anyhoo....Lindsay brought her newest beau to the party. As soon as we got out of the car, my FIL walked to the new beau, stuck out his hand to greet him and said: 
You've got a beard, you are too old for my Grandaughter"

I didn't even have to look at Lindsay...I could hear her eyes rolling already.  Just 40 minutes prior, I was explaining to the new Beau that I know how to shoot a gun. Yeah, we are like that; threatening.
{I refrained form showing him my shank collection. Are you proud of me?}

So later on in the party, my FIL comes out wearing this shirt for all to see:
"Guns don't kill people, Grandpas with pretty Grandaughter's DO"

That is a true story.

Speaking of Beau's, Lolo's B-friend is home again for 2 weeks, we have all missed him. 

  Linds and her 'big Brother'
After this visit he is being shipped off to Jolly old England for two years. He will be home every six months for a visit though.....and we are thankful that he is going to England and NOT the desert! I just hope he likes his tea with crumpets.

Ok, did you almost forget about the disgusting item found in someones purse? {NOT MINE!!!}
It starts with TOE and ends with NAIL.

Gag me. Gag you. Gag everyone!

Have a great weekend doing whatever it is you do when I'm not around. Oh, and give yourself a pedicure...those toes are looking a bit ragged. :)

I'm off to clean out my car and my purse....someone has made me paranoid about what I might find!



  1. I LOVE your FIL's t-shirt!! Where in the world did he get it? I'd love to get one for hubby that says "dads" instead of grandpas. We've already decided Greg will be sitting in the living room cleaning one of his guns when the girls will be picked up by boys. I might have to start collecting shanks... ;-)

  2. Eeeewww! Lol! I LOVE that shirt that Grandpa was wearing though! That would go over perfectly in my family. :)

  3. The question of the day is who did that toenail belong to????

    And I seriously love your FIL!

  4. Love this post! Guns and shanks, gramps with smirky grin, guyfriends and a wayward toe nail! What more could a gal want on a Friday? Onward to the weekend:)

  5. Ha! That picture of your FiL in that shirt could easily be it's own post. I guess crazy funniness runs on both sides of your family :)

  6. Alrighty, I'm just going to ignore the part about the toenail. Lalalalalalala.

    Lovin' Grandpa's shirt, by the way. I'm pretty sure my dad is going to be needing one of those sometime in the future :)

  7. Love the t-shirt! Sounds like there's a lot going on around your place...hope you all enjoy the weekend. Lots of rain here!

  8. Ewww is right!

    I do love your FIL though!

  9. I needed this fun post this morning.

    I was going to guess cat poop, so the toenail is much less disgusting.

  10. Oh my hell, I MUST get that shirt!! Where did he get that?!

    Um....toenail?! I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  11. Oh, do I feel sorry for any young man who wants to marry one of your daughters. He will definitely be a keeper if he can take all the hilarity.

  12. I got a mani once and went back to work. Visited several classrooms and had a conference with the teacher in each room. AFTER I got home, I looked in the mirror and saw a fingernail perfectly placed in my bangs. Have never told anyone else that story.

  13. I was worried about the throwing out the window part....but I don't think a toe nail is litter :)

    Loved the shirt!
    Happy Weekend!!

  14. Bwhahah How does a toenail end up in a purse?

    And where do I get my Dad one of those shirts :)

  15. that is SO gross and funny about the toenail... ewwwww EWWW i am NOT a foot person. AT ALL.

    lo's big bro is very vavavavoom if ya get my drift. god that makes me sound so old.. is 56 THAT freekin old? nah.

    love your FIL's shirt, and he sounds wonderful and funny and coach looks just like him! imagine that...

    love and miss ya, suz... wish you WOULD come visit!

  16. I'm going to be the national president of your FIL's fan club! My kind of guy!

    I gagged at the very odd find in the purse. But I barely threw up at all in the back of my mouth.

  17. It could of been doggie poop, or kitty poop!!! A toe nail is gross but I can think of way grosser things....

    Love that t-shirt and need one for when my 3 grand daughters start dating, not any time soon though!!! Lol one is still in diapers!!! Haha!!

    Glad for the weekend funtivities!!! xxxxx

  18. So proud that you didn't pull out your shank collection! Such self-restraint! I admire that.
    A toenail? That's it? I thought it was going to be something even WORSE. Maybe I'll send the kids to clean out my van, just in case.

  19. I thought she was going to find food in her purse!

    Lindsay's newest beau? Does she cast them asunder as quickly as my daughter did at that age?

  20. You're fun. I'm so glad I took a few moments off from unpacking to come visit you! You always make me laugh Miss Suz!


    I did get a pedicure just last there!

    Hugs and Happy Monday! Enjoy the time change.

  21. sorry, still makin' me laugh!!! and i LOVE grandpa's shirt!!! now we need one for you...

  22. I don't have any grandaughters, but if I did I would certainly want a t-shirt like your FIL has. But to be honest, I almost feel sorry for Lo's and Lind's beaus.

  23. My best friend once took some bones from BBQ ribs home in her purse for her dog. And yes, she forgot about them for MANY days. Somehow, after that, a toenail doesn't seem all that bad. Icky.

  24. Ya gotta love Grandpa's shirt! Too cool!!!

    Farm Boy used to get out a shot gun to clean each time a fella came to pick us Social Butterfly.

    It's a wonder she had any second dates...heeehehehehe!

    Men and their daughters!

    God bless ya and have a sunshiny kinda day!!! :o)

  25. Hi Suz, I'm trying to catch up after two trips in a month... Yipes!!!!

    Your FIL's T-shirt is awesome... My Hubby has a T-shirt which he put on right after his daughter's wedding. His t-shirt says: Bank of DAD is Closed!!!!

    Cannot imagine what you found in your purse ---but I know that I've found many odd and weird things in my purse all through the years!!!!!


  26. So the new beau didn't make the photo call for this post - was he too busy running from you FIL's gun, or is he camera-shy? ;)
    I am going to hold on to the hope that it was a FINGERnail, not a toenail...and at least it was a biodegradable item that you threw out of the window! (I knew it had to be "green." Eeew - not that kind of green.)
    Love your new blog-header design. You are always keeping it fresh - so thoughtful you are!

  27. Ha, ha, your FIL is funny, but I'll bet your daughters' boyfriends are a little disturbed. Sending daughters out on dates is disturbing in itself. I might have hinted that I knew how to shoot, except everyone would have known it was a total lie.

  28. Shut up! that is the best shirt EVER! Your girls are so pretty. They look JUST like their mama!

  29. Oh, my grandpa would have SO worn that t-shirt! Awesome!

    England? I hope she can go visit, how neat! I am also glad he is not going to the desert. Phew!

  30. Ummm, stupid does a toenail get in a purse?

  31. Well, it isn't working - too many people love your posts...even if it does pretty much end with toe nails. UGH

  32. A toenail??? GROSS!!!
    Boy, Lo's boyfriend is really cute!
    Poor Linds! I feel bad for her, but yay for the menfolk (and you!)!!!

  33. No way..a toenail?? My hubby cannot even think of our 16 yr old dating. I told him to get ready, it is GONNA happen!


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