March 19, 2012

H*ll on wheels.

I am positive that this has crossed your mind at least 46 times since Wednesday: "I wonder what that sweet little Suzanne is up to?"
And I really appreciate that you refer to me as sweet. And little. Cause I don't feel little...although I am as sweet as a king sized Reese's cup!
Really though, you guys should start paying attention to those who are residing with you instead of me. But then again, I am in dire need of attention and your people are fine.
Did I ever tell you that as a child I never got any attention? Ok, I got attention ONE time...climbing up on the roof top will do that. Of course, my Brother got in trouble for it...that's how it goes.

Why did I title this H*ll on Wheels?

I am writing this post as the Coach is driving us home from a weekend away. IF you've ever been in a car while he was driving you would understand. I pretty much just close my eyes and pray. I am praying that everyone gets out of our way. :) Of course, the Coach will tell you he has not had an accident in 25 years...and that is true. My theory is this: ALL the accidents happen behind know after we have passed you and you and you and you and you.

We traveled over this bridge 3 times this weekend.
It is way taller than it looks in this photo. I don't like tall. I don't like doing TALL and fast at the same time!
I imagined we were flying off here....just like in a Mission Impossible scene. And I don't even like Mission Impossible.  {My mac is not waterproof}

While Lindsay was away for her band trip, {She had a great time in Nawlins!} We were empty nesters. So, what did we do with our empty nest time?

We loaded up the car and headed to watch Lo's softball team play! I know, so romantic!

Run Lolo Run.

For so many years, I watched Lo play well as watched Coach 'coach' from behind the fence. We are not separated by the fence any longer..the Coach is right beside me. And I like it.  Don't fence me in. Or out. 

Oversized Osprey lodge. The osprey was out getting some dinner. 

Of course, Lo, being the low man on the totem poll, she does not get much play time. She knew that coming in. In theory it sounds ok, but in reality, she has moments of total boredom. Life is a learning experience.

I love green parks!!!
 Recycling makes me giddy.

In High school she was the BIG fish in a little pond and now, she is the little minnow in a sea of big athletes. You've heard that comparison right?

Not my softball girl...but a cute softball girl just the same.

Well, she is hanging in there. Doing what she needs to do and trying to enjoy herself.
She makes me so proud...she really is a great young lady. And I use the term lady loosely...only because she IS my child! Of course, I could not be happier spending my time with her or her sister. I tend to enjoy the people that I make.
I do wish I had made more people, cause they are my favorites.
You can quote me on that one.

Don't let the sun go down on this game. Oh, actually, DO let the sun go down, it's melting my retinas!

I'm still getting used to my new 55mm lens....sometimes I love it, and sometimes I wonder what I was thinking.  {Thanks for making me wonder Mark!} I dropped it on Friday night... It bounced 2 times and I held my breath for 2 minutes. It survived. And then I wondered where the heck I left my brain.

DaNaNaNaNa......Bat girl. 

All in was a great weekend for us all. Ok, perhaps Lo didn't have the best weekend...but she did get to spend some time with her life givers.
The Coach and I had fun....I enjoyed my time away from the house. (the washing machine did miss me!)

I slept in a bed that I did not make. I showered in a tub that I did not wash. I ate food that I did not cook.
Life is good.  Go me!

How was your weekend? Did you really think about me as much as I hoped you did?

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  1. did coach talk on the phone while he was speeding over that bridge?! someone else i know does that just to make me crazy- wether i am in the car or at home. seriously. (oh, you are surprised?!?!)

    yay for a weekend away!!!!! and double yay for lol PLAYING!

    you were on my mind while i was at the beach! xoxo

  2. No other blogger reliably makes me laugh out loud like you do, Suz! There is no predicting what will come out of that brain of yours. Johnny Carson would've lovvvvved you!

    May I say, I adore Busy Bee Productions...and your motto! Hilarious!

  3. How fun, a weekend away from home - even if it was to visit one of your babies. It looks and sounds as if you had a blast.

  4. I have to admit it, you do make pretty good people. And Dummy, you could have made a lot of money, back in the day, popping them out of BusyBeeProductions. Oh well, you live and learn, right?
    I know that girl is not "your people" but it is a great photo.
    Oh, and speaking of, you're freaking me out talking about dropping that lens! Who told you to remove it from your camera? It wasn't me. "sometimes" you love it? What gives? I can tell you that I just wrote to my Friend, Lauren, on Friday, saying that I'm a little bothered by it because it only allows me to get a small area in the shot.
    Okay, that's enough of my rambling for this morning. Sorry for hogging up all your space and not leaving room for others to comment.

  5. Her injury is better, or even gone? how awesome is THAT :) Our weekend was a little slice of Florida...or simply summer 2 months early...nearly 80 up here near Canada!

  6. Great softball shots. You have some talented girls. :)

  7. I have no one residing with me, so I need to pay attention to/stalk you and yours:)

  8. I really did think of you this weekend. A friend said I needed to start composting and immediately I thought of you. I admit...composting kinda grosses me out.

  9. I loved all of your photos. That bridge looks like a design marvel - so pretty from the side view! I can imagine those of you who "don't like tall" being a little skittish when crossing that bridge. We have a hugh tall one here called Galloping Gertie (really called the Tacoma Narrows Bridge). If you google it, you'll see how it got its nickname, and that will put you off of tall bridges for a while.
    It was great to see your pics of your girl and her team. What a wonderful trip, to be able to stalk her - I mean WATCH her - playing softball as a grown-up college woman! Isn't it fantastic how these people who you grew, continue to grow?
    Hugs to you and your tribe.

  10. Glad you and coach survived the bridge and had some time away from home! I know Lo enjoyed your visit. We are taking it easy after a 2 day yard sale Thurs/Fri.

  11. I'm glad you and Coach had a great weekend together. I suspect that you somewhat exaggerated Coach's driving, but then I have to say that because I drive while Betsy works on her Mac in the car. I have to admit that I like the photos (and people) created by Busy Bee Productions. You do great work.

  12. I'm glad his accident-free record still stands! But I thought Lolo was on an injury break from softball!

  13. I meant Lo. I have another friend named Lolo. :)

  14. Actually I DID think of you over the weekend. Saturday morning I drank three large cups of coffee and thought to myself, "I'm as antsy as Suz."

  15. Coach and my hubby must have gone to the same driving school! I went over a very similar, if not the same bridge this week myself. But I was driving by myself, death grip on the wheel.
    About the making more people thing....I wouldn't be too sure about that. I'm just saying! ;)

  16. Did you drink a lot of coffee before you posted? You are funny!! I love to get away from my routine and let other people cook and clean for me! Come to think of it...I need that soon!

  17. That sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  18. Some day those big fishies have to gadge-e-ate. And then Lo will once again be a big fishie. Although, how does one throw with those small, iridescent fins? Hmmm?!

  19. Oh I love short road trips...but have to tell you the driving 21 hours straight to Florida is now OFF my bucket list!
    Love that you are getting away on "romantic" empty nester weekends:) Baseball games are a good place to start!

  20. that bridge SCARED me. I would not be able to be a passenger in a car driving over it. I would only be able to drive myself because I MUST be in control of my fate at all times.
    Glad you had a nice weekend of sleeping in other peopele's beds. That's a lot of fun.

  21. Just when you got a chance to be empty-nesters, you went to your elder daughter's ball game? Wrong choice. You should have gone to 'Nawlins, supposedly to hang with younger daughter, but really, just to have fun!

  22. actually, i DO think about you all the time!!! when i see tomatoes at the grocery store, i wanna buy some but then i think i'd rather have suz's, so i put them back. when i see some one littering, i think of you and how pissed that would make you.. i quickly think of picking it up meself to discard it properly and then i think of you saying, ewwww, germs... so i just keep on walkin. when i check the weather channel for my area, i always have a looksee to where you live, too. then i hate you momentarily cuz you are where i wanna be. but it quickly passes cuz then i just think of those dogs i will have one day, and my hatred flies out the winder... how can i hate a future doggie mama-in-law? truth is, i can't.
    so then i fall in love with you all over again and your great smile and cutest posts and nicest famamalama ... who could hate that? not me. and just to prove my loyalty, imma gonna go have me a deliciously juicy, sweet orange, in your honor. cheers, suz...

  23. That bridge is really pretty, but I would've had to have closed my eyes going over it!
    Hope Lo is having a good time!

  24. Oh, that bridge is breathtaking! I love it. I'm so jealous right now!

    Beautiful pics-- you are such a professional now with your lenses-- love all your pictures.


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