June 29, 2009

Y is for….


This has to be one of the biggest time suckers for my kids…and it can be for me also, if I let it.

Does anyone remember what we did before youtube?

I find myself looking up old songs from the 80’s like Duran Duran and my favorite Ant, Adam.

Or when I want a perfectly good giggle, I will look at this one here:

*sigh* I heart Chick Fil A.

Sometimes, I just have to look as far as my own video productions for a smile!

I occasionally put videos up of our kids for family members to look at…..

Lindsay’s first time trying the rope swing. Summer 2008. Success!!

Or Lo getting a nice hit off of one of the best pitchers in the state:

Success again.

YouTube comes in handy for the Grandma’s and Great Aunts that live too far to share all the good stuff with in person.

ahhh, I love you tube. But it must be used only for good and not evil.

Just like the rest of the internet!!!

See what some clever folks came up with for Y this week at:A-Z Mondays.


  1. That Sat nite live skit was hilarious - I remember seeing it! (I wasn't able to play it on your blog for some reason.) And I think family you tube videos are fun - your daughter got a great hit! (I miss my softball days!!)

  2. I love looking up old songs I used to love but am too cheap to buy on iTunes. I only wish they had auto-play so I could cue them up! Okay, now I'm off to find Debbie Gibson's "Lost In Your Eyes"...again. I love it ironically, of course.

    China blocks youtube, it's one of the reasons I HAD to get a VPN. Not having youtube was like not having a pinky finger! Good job, YouTube creators.

  3. clever idea suz! i have never posted to youtube... and you know how i am about videos. but i'll watch the ones of your kids!!

  4. What a great post Suz. Youtube is a great way for you to share your girls with those who don't live closeby. This was a fun post this a.m.

  5. Happy Monday Suz!
    Good Y!
    So many youtubes on blogs I rarely go there.

  6. That's great that you use it for family sharing. Never thought of that.
    My Pug Bell likes to watch pug videos on Youtube. She was not as thrilled with the exploding whale video.

  7. Blogs are already eating up all my free time, I can't heat over to Youtube!!

  8. That Y post is so perfect, that a put a YouTube on my site too...except mine Y word isn't YouTube.

    I love your own personal youtubes...I have to get a video camera and start making little videos.

    Your girls are so cute....and Adam Ant?

  9. This is a wonderful 'Y' post. Although the first video was good, I think the last two were much better!

  10. I love you tube!!! When I want a good laugh I just search japanese game shows. They crack me up!

  11. YouTube is great, Suz... And yes, I do wonder what we did before we had it so easily available!!

    Love the video of Lo getting that big HIT.....

    Have a great day.

  12. so lo's a slap hitter huh. we have our scouting report on her now... he he... i "heart" chic fil a... ah last i checked that was fast food bee.. i thought me no likey that "cheap" stuff... he he.. and how about the new video cameras. lets you load video right to you tube or send an easy email...

  13. Another thing that I love and will suck my time away if I let it:)

  14. ..... trying really hard to NOT get hooked on YouTube! Great "Y" choice! Sue.... did you notice that you've had 19,979 visitors to your blog so far - WOW

  15. ever notice wherever there is a chik-fil-a store, there are no neighborhood cats around. no strays, nothing. things that make you go hhmmm.

  16. Right?!?? I'm totally with you on the handiness of You Tube. It's awesome! Old music videos or for a good laugh, all good, never evil. Of course. Its power is mind boggling, especially in light of the recent events in Iran and Iraq. I also love to use to catch clips of news or TV that I might have missed.

    Great topic for the letter Y!!!

  17. gotta LOVE youtube!! good one!

  18. These videos are super!! I'm rolling from the Chick Fil A song. My son, Kyle loves Chick Fil A.

  19. Great Y word. You tube can easily become an addiction. Good idea to use it for sending videos to distant family members. I love that Chick Fil A clip!

  20. I LOVE Youtube!! I've been watching old MJ videos the past few days....he was amazing in his time:(

  21. Happy Monday Suz! Good one! YouTube is quite an invention for sure. Just read in the Sunday paper that BYU had a ban on YouTube since 2003, but just recently lifted it. I guess they figure those "kids" might be able to think for themselves?? he he.

    Speaking of censorship: I'm at the library using their computor and I can't even see ANY videos. They have all videos blocked. boooooooo.

  22. I have spent a few long sessions on Youtube, listening to old rock groups from the 60s, old TV show clips, and other such things. Seems like the whole world is on there!

  23. Youtube was one of the first words my youngest son learned to spell. It made me think we spend too much time on the computer, but then I got over that fear.

  24. Loved the swing/drop, loved the homerun.

    Can I tell you a secret? I don't know how to post things on Youtube. I'm sure I could learn.

    And I would never use the internet for evil.

  25. What a great Y! Are you going to think I am an absolute idiot because I don't know how to post a thing anywhere. Not a thing. I don't even know how to make a movie. Although I do think my phone has that capability. Please come give me lessons Suz!

  26. Aaah...YouTube...kind of like those potato know...can't watch just one! I just keep clicking...and clicking...and clicking..will go back and click away at that Chik-filA guy...THAT was funny!! mmmmmmWaffle fries. Sweet Tea!! now that makes me homesick!!

    YouTube is a great way to let everyone see what's been going on...and easier to download than using the blogging device...THAT takes waaay too long!!

    Your girls are just too fun!!!
    Have a great day, dear!!

  27. I'm back. and I just wanna say "thank you so much"...I have been over at YouTube and have spend the better part of the last 2 hours watching every single Tim Hawkins video...some of them I watched twice!!!!!
    The dishes are still sitting in the sink.
    I'm hoping the boys are in bed.
    I really need to go and take a bath...but, first...I think I'll go and watch 'Cletus, Take the Wheel' one more time, 'cause that's some fuuuuuny stuff!!
    I may not go to bed tonite. just saying.

  28. LOVE Tim Hawkins! (He's performed live at 12Stone a couple of times - he's "wet-your-pants" funny!) AND, of course, I practically live at Chick-Fil-A!

    And I love the 2 other videos too! Thank God for videos! :)


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