March 18, 2020

Unintentionally hoarding

I'm proud to say that I've not lost my marbles. I actually found four the other day.
Yeah, I'm bragging.
I vacillate between everything is hunky dory, then remembering that the sky is falling.

I'm staying at home as much as possible; I'm fortunate to be able to do that.

The Coach has been going to work and our business is going on as normal. Most of our employees are hourly and they need to work to live; if the building industry stops wanting cabinets and countertops, then we will slow down, but right now, that hasn't happened.
The office staff have their own offices or are in cubicles. The peeps doing manual labor in the factory are spread out and not working too closely.

Florida has 195 confirmed cases.
Our county has 7 confirmed cases.
Non-essential stores are closing.
Bars/nightclubs are closed.
You know how much I love a good night club, so this is inconvenient.
(I'm really more of a goodnight, club girl)


I was low on my tube of toothpaste the other night and went into my toothpaste storage drawer (separate from my toothbrush/current toothpaste drawer) and realized I was unintentionally hoarding toothpaste.

I felt bad.
If anyone is low on toothpaste, please let me know and I'll share.


I'm about to have my own epidemic here at home though. I'm experiencing butterfly-palooza and I have more caterpillars than milkweed. It might get ugly.

A huge potted milkweed plant can go from this:
To this in 24 hours. 
{For perspective, the cage is 3ft x 2 ft}

You remember that book The Hungry Caterpillar? It was not a piece of fiction.

Monarch caterpillars don't give two sh*ts about social distancing. 
But, they do leave me a lot of sh*t to clean up.

I feel like a caterpillar hoarder at this point; there must be 70 of these sweet little shi*t making boogers in my biggest cage right now.

I do have milkweed randomly planted and sprouted throughout the property, but they are also covered with caterpillars.

*sigh* Having lots of butterflies flittering around our yard is a fantastical problem to have.

FYI: We never hoarded any TP, but I'm ok with that as we do have several water hoses around the house.
I'm not above and outdoor bidet.

Bee kind
Bee a nature lover.
Don't bee an intentional hoarder

So, do my friends who live in the computer have anything good to share? 



  1. At least you'll have sparkling clean white teeth during the pandemic!

  2. Oh my gosh - that visual of the caterpillars attacking the milkweed is hilarious. It reminds me of my kitchen. My caterpillars are much bigger though and they do not limit what they will ingest. Ed went back out to the store last night for more fresh fruit. And buns. There was some civil unrest over the fact that I fed them Italian Beef sandwiches Monday night. A few guys discovered the buns and ate them at lunch on Monday BEFORE the dinner. Lad was having a fit because Ed corrected him -telling him you can't have a bun, those are for dinner. I assured everyone that there were more than enough buns for lunch-meat at lunch and Italian Beef at dinner, have at it. Last night Reg popped up from the table and toasted the LAST bun and this sent Lad over the edge. 'Ed wouldn't let me eat a second bun last night with my second beef sandwich and now Reg gets to just eat a bun with butter?' Lad was mad at ME. ME! Um, I reminded him that Ed is not an authority figure, so Lad's fault for listening to him. So, yes. We are now stocking up on buns if that will keep people from going to blows. As a family togetherness experiment, this might be an epic fail over here. I have closed the door to the study and I am writing dang it, and no one is allowed to interrupt me -or they will have no buns. Damn it.

    1. I can't imagine trying to keep all your teenagers fed; especially big boys! Who knew there could be a scuffle over buns. Were they hot cross buns? Just kidding...that sing-song just popped in my head.
      I believe closed doors will be the key to your sanity.

    2. Ernie, where is your latest blog post?? I NEED READING MATERIAL. Sorry, that was the stress talking.

    3. Kari- maybe you missed my post from yesterday. You and a bunch of others. Feeling lonely. I never realized how much I look forward to my blog comments till all I got going for me is Food Wars from Hell- not my favorite indoor distraction. Just texted you the link.

  3. I was wondering what was happening with the butterfly kingdom. You may have to start a nursery of nothing but Milkweed. It is a great problem to have. With the lock down I have been cleaning my flower pots. You can eat off the dirt now!

  4. I hoarded pronamel unintentionally I seem to just do that. Then I switched to Sensodyne...luckily one of my sisters took that lot.

  5. Gratitude is what I’ve got to share. I am so grateful for your lovely blog and for you raising butterflies (raising butterflies!). I am still in quiet amazement that is possible. And I really want to try. Maybe this is the year?

    I’m also grateful to you & everyone else who is sacrificing, canceling trips & plans, pulling together by spreading apart as it were... and helping to protect folks who are more at risk to this awful virus. The other day you asked if we were freaking out. I couldn’t answer because I was freaking out lol. I try to avoid the scary news but a lot of my “news” comes from my friends and family who are first responders or work in medicine. And that news is sobering. So thank you to everyone who is doing what they can to help. Ironically, if we are successful we will never know. You will save the life of my parents, you will save the life of someone with cancer, someone who works in law enforcement... and you will never know. So thank you.

    Ok. Gonna go think about raising butterflies. First question to google: do I have to pick up the caterpillars with my hands?

    Also I’m really sorry this is my first comment. I’d have commented before but I never know what to say! A shy person’s perennial problem.

    1. Maddie-You're the sweetest. Thank you for taking the time to drop me a note; it's more appreciated than you can imagine.
      Do you live in a warm climate as I do? If so, then you can raise monarchs all year round and you don't have to do it as a full time job (kidding) as I do. I have a friend who works fulltime and does it when she can on a much smaller scale. If you're in a colder climate, your raising season will be upon you soon and you need milkweed. If you can't find it locally, you can order seeds online and start the plants. Once you plant the milkweed, they will find you. And no, you don't have to pick up the caterpillars; I just love them cute and squishy. :) They don't bite, but they do poop. LOL

      I'm sure if you have first responders in your life that you're getting the nitty gritty news. I think in this time, knowing what to expect and what to avoid is key.

      Praying for your family's health. Please keep me updated on your peeps-in other words, don't be shy. ;)

  6. OMG I have never seen caterpillars like that in my life. Which makes me wonder if I've ever seen a caterpillar. I love how blogs make me learn something new.

    Saying a prayer for you and your family and your state. Illinois probably has quadruple cases, so there is your silver lining. Not MY silver lining but I am here to help.

    All I know is I am glad I have blogs to read and a blog to write. That will keep me sane. Ish.

    Also, my husband is out there working too. He is a manager for a dealership and they are selling cars like they are going away forever. Which led me to my next question to my husband. ARE they going away forever? GM and Ford closed their plants today and it smells like 2008 around here. That isn't a good smell, by the way. Say prayers, chants, etc. and I will do the same for you. :)

  7. Haha at your toothpaste hoarding! Today I was at Kroger and literally saw a woman standing inside of the frozen potato section trying to grab all the hash browns...I told her "make sure you get them all" as I walked by...I'm pretty sure she did...people suck...I need caterpillars and butterflies and dogs!

  8. Hey, we use the same toothpaste! I love your caterpillars. I could use something productive and outdoors to focus on. Well, I could go out and pick up all the dog poop, but it's less whimsical.

  9. Oooh butterflies! I like this post. My husband uses that toothpaste, I'll let him know :)

  10. I'm happy to read that the onky thing you seem to be hoarding is caterpillars. Your yard is going to be magical in the weeks ahead. Stay healthy.

  11. My son informed me the other day that we needed to get a bidet and just that morning I saw someone on Instagram posting about her bidet (that she already had pre-coronavirus) and that she loved it. I don't know though...

    And oh my goodness - those little things are HUNGRY!!!

  12. My dentist actually recommended that toothpaste for sensitivity issues but I haven't tried it yet. I guess you must like it, lol! So many toothpastes out there give me canker sores.


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