March 27, 2020

butterfly lessons and denial

When I was vlogging about my obsession, need, want of the Giant Swallowtails, I assumed everyone knew what they were. Here is what they look like, and they really are large compared to other butterflies.
You know size doesn't matter, big, small, tall, thin, they're all beautiful. That was me remembering that butterflies might read this and have body issues. 

Underside of the Giant.

And when they want to hide from the butterfly po-po.

Topside of the Giant

It's like they are two different critters when sitting as opposed to flying.
Giant swallowtail butterfly images borrowed from here.  They love citrus trees/plants.

Aren't they gorgeous?

I've had some luck with the Eastern black swallowtail; they love parsley, dill, and fennel, which I have growing in the garden.

This boy was released a few weeks ago:

I have to be more diligent in collecting the baby larvae of these because if not, the birds eat them before I can save them.

The birds act like I don't have food for them; the feeder is always full and still, they want to eat caterpillars. Pretty freaking rude if you ask me.

I've released about 25 monarchs this week and I'm going to be forced to slow down because my milkweed can't grow fast enough with the last batch or four of caterpillars.

I've got the whole world in my hand

The world might be falling apart, but here is Suz running around the yard playing with butterflies.
Denial is my favorite place to be. Oh, and Home...home and denial are my favorite places.

Any plans for the weekend? A concert? Shopping at the mall? Moving from the bed to the couch? 


  1. Thanks for the pictures of the Giant Swallowtails. I'm happy to hear that your having such good success with the Monarchs. It feels as if Spring has arrived up here, so hopefully we can move from the couch to the deck and get some sun.

  2. Is there anything more beautiful than butterflies? I think not.

  3. That is a beautiful butterfly! My plan for this weekend is to try not to eat everything in the refrigerator!

    1. I hope you did well because I DID not. :(

  4. I really like that Easter Black Swallowtail - sooo pretty. You are the butterfly whisper-er, aren't you? And shame on those birds.

    This weekend? Hmm. Well if we don't get to it today then this weekend the girls are going to get a lesson on my sewing machine and we are going to make masks. Picked up supplies at Joanns the other day. I am also thinking about ordering SEVERAL years worth of photos on snapfish in case this goes much longer and I can get my photos albums sort of caught up. I was so good at one time. I always worked hard to get albums done before I went to the hospital to have a baby. Um, last time I checked I have not gone into labor in 12 years . . . that leads to some serious updating (I have done a few albums since Curly was born, but I am in arrears over here). Plus still writing for my class. If only I had a pool and some sun . . . sigh. I will also try to survive the weekend without strangling any offspring. Getting dicey.

    1. Printing pics and scrapbooking is a great idea!! I should do that as well....

  5. I was one of the clueless ones who had no idea what they were in the last post. Thank you for educating us!
    Also, BUTTERFLIES. We need butterflies so much right now.

  6. Butterflies make me happy too. We have a large (live) butterfly room at the science museum. I used to go there often and take pictures. It made me so happy.

  7. Kudos to you for helping these marvelous creatures. We all need to provide a haven for them.

    1. Thank you. I hope YOU are doing well; I think of you often.


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