March 20, 2020

The one where the dogs are living their best life, Debbie Downer shows up, Suz learns and most likely we're all gonna live.

The coach and I might run out of TP, but our dogs will be eating well for the next few weeks.
Their food batch is usually bigger than this, but I could not get my hands on any ground turkey (or any poultry) for the last week; so ground beef, eggs, rice and loads of veggies will suffice.

They congregate in the kitchen ( nor more than four of us, I swear!) for the entire prep, cooking and jarring, just waiting to lick the pans.

She's finally satisfied, after licking all five pans and then re-licking them just in case.
Lindsay's juice bar officially closed yesterday; she understands, but she's bummed because working is a great distraction.
Did you know that my girls read my blog? {Hi Linds!}
Sometimes they'll call me and talk about something I shared on the blog, but not in real life. Such as the recent crazy azz neighbor.

I'm sure you haven't slept a wink wondering what I've been up to; get ready to nap.

*Listening to music.
*Cleaning out some random drawers (did I have to keep every collar of every dog we've ever had?)
*Watching more TV than usual; I'm on a run of Property Brothers right now; they have about 79 different shows and I like them all.
*Judging people on the Facebook.
*Trying to keep all my monarch caterpillars alive and fed.
*Pulling weeds in the garden of weeden.
*Exercising. But not enough to put a dent in the bad eating.
*Laundry (how many people live here?)

*Eating==some of that means drinking wine. You're not new here, you knew that.

I was having a conversation with Lolo recently making a comment about human behavior and she suggested that I go into observational humor. {Hi, Lolo!}
I believe she meant as a means to make $.
Then she remembered that is what I have already been doing for my family and I'll never get paid for it.
In the words of Debbie Downer: whaaa whaaa whaaaa 

Would you like to know something that I learned this week that I probably should have learned or known about 40 years ago? 
Do you?
It's kind of silly.....
It's gonna make me look like the facebook people...

The Coach purchased corned beef this past weekend and said he was going to make pastrami.
Me: Wait, how do you make corned beef into pastrami?
Him: You put it in the smoker and voila!

I always kind of wondered what the difference was between pastrami and corned beef; now I know. It only took 52 1/2 years.
FYI: It was good.
But it's not good for you.
But also, I would pair it with a white.
Or a red.
Who really cares at this point.

They officially closed our beaches yesterday. They most likely wouldn't have had to do that if there weren't a bajillion spring breakers congregating IN close PROXIMITY on the beaches.
Ummmm, hello, does anyone understand what social distancing means? 
I do wonder about people, but I don't want to wonder too much because I'm not getting paid for it.

So, distract me from any impending doom.
What are you up to? Are you vacillating between doom and sunshine? 
I still have a lot of faith in our country. I honestly never thought we'd be in this position right now, but I feel we will be on the other side of this in a few weeks. {Praying on bended knee!}

Share your thoughts.
Maybe I'm a bubblehead. Maybe I'm too optimistic.
Hell, maybe I'm on the wine again.
Sharing is caring.
You too Maddie

Bee a sharer.
Bee a carer.
Don't be a downer if you can spar-er. (hey, it rhymed!)



  1. Well, I'll join you in the corner wearing the funny pointed hat because I too did not know that pastrami is simply smoked corned beef. I love corned beef, but pastrami not so much. Isn't that odd?

    1. It's not always horrible being in the corner.
      Don't ask me if you're odd. We both know the answer and the answer is ODD is great.

  2. Thanks for the explanation of how pastrami is made. I think I'll stick to corned beef. We don't have any beaches to close down in this part of Tennessee but almost all restaurants (except for drive-through or take-out) bars, and public places are now closed. I'm confident we'll get through this if people will just not panic.

    1. Thinking of you and Betsy. Love you guys!! XOXOXO

  3. I had NO idea about the corned beef/pastrami correlation but have always (maybe not not obsessed) wondered about it! Love that the girls read your blog...hi Linds...hi Lolo!
    I'm trying to keep positive but hate when people like to share all the bad news with me...stop!! I prefer looking at dogs 😉

    1. We've all learned something today.
      Also, people who only share bad stuff are bad. XO

  4. OK I did not know the difference between pastrami and corned beef so you're not alone! I just know they taste good!

  5. Thanks for bringing up pastrami. Now I'm dying for a good pastrami and rye sandwich. I'll even take the sauerkraut on the side. By the way I watched a program your girls might like. The Most Dangerous Animal of All. I am watching it on Hulu through FX channel. I haven't finished it yet but it explains the docu-story of a guy who thinks his father was the Zodiac Killer.

    1. HA. Sorry about the 'now craving'.
      Oh, I'll have to ask them about that show. But, maybe they will read this coment and let me know?? maybe? It sounds interesting, But also really scary.

  6. I join the majority here in the uninformed about the pastrami thing. I will add to that- I have never eaten pastrami. I have eaten corned beef. Yum.

    I am enroute to NY. Just entered Indiana. Not happy about it. I usually need to get my head around a long road trip. I am mentally ill prepared and frstrated with Lad. Beyond words. I vented in a ridiculously long post this morning. Maybe it will go good with a glass of wine. Red or white. I do not think it matters. I do not drink enough. How often do you here that? Ha.

    A friend used to tell me when my kids were starting high school and I still had a preschooler and we were REALLY busy "You are either the most calm well organized person I ever met, or a very good alcoholic." Or something like that. Not feeling calm. Or organized. Maybe time to try wine. By the bucket. ;)

    1. I hope your trip goes as smooth as possible. I know you're stressed.
      Pick up some wine; It'll be a long quarantine.

  7. My first thought is that you all are gonna have to break into the dog food at some point. I AM KIDDING.
    Also, I need to find out your personal Facebook because BECAUSE I have THE perfect group for you to join. It's my private blog page and there are only like, 50 people in there, but all the best kinds of people. We are currently talking about overeacting, overeating, should we be getting the mail anymore, memes galore about inappropriate content...I mean it goes on and on in the best possible way. IT IS SAVING ME.

    Email me on the blog because I need you in this group.

    ALSO, observational humor is GOLD. That is such a great suggestion for a lot of bloggers but for you? It is perfect.

    1. We could easily eat the dog food, it's all good stuff, but sadly no seasoning. *blah*

  8. I never knew that about pastrami either thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm so happy that I'm not alone on this one.

  9. I've been away for a long, long time and you still crack me up:

  10. Also meant to say, dang your dogs eat well. The good news is you should now feel totally prepared to feed my fam if we ever come a knocking. Tank will lick the pans. No doubt. This is what it kooks like when I make baked mosticoli but I DID use ground turkey this last time and it did not get a thumbs up. Sad for them because I froze a bunch of it to eat while I was in my class- also now known as my premonition that Armageddon was about to happen.

  11. Awwwww! Maddie? That’s me! *blushes*
    I’m still here. Not able to read every day so I sort of binge read posts. Binge reading! It’s the old Netflix! Speaking of old, I have a book on butterfly gardening! An actual book! I am so excited. Gonna fill this world with beautiful butterflies one way or another. We aren’t in FL but we’re in southeast and we have butterfly weed growing on the edge of our property. Last year I convinced husband to let that corner go wild (we live in the country so no neighbors minded the wild corner). So many butterflies last year! So many wildflowers in that corner! Who knew?

    So now I’m spending my social distancing time dreaming of better days, butterflies and hungry (but well fed?) caterpillars. So relieved I don’t need to hand carrry the lil guys. I’m not exactly squeamish but wasn’t sure I had your courage to hold caterpillars. Feed them, talk to them, admire them, plant for them. Totally up for that!

    And thank you for the prayers! Doing a lot of that myself lately. Keeping you & your family (pups too!) in my prayers too. Stay safe and omg your pups eat so well! That looks delicious! (Sorry about all the exclamation points lol)

  12. Sad but true...your dogs are eating better than my family!!!! :)

  13. We make our pups food too! So fun in the pressure cooker.


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