March 26, 2020

I've always been crazy, but it's kept me from going insane.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting loads of stuff done while in prison home.

*looks around at the pigsty we've been living in*

Tuesday had me all: WHAT  CAN  I  CLEAN  NOW?
I cleaned my makeup vanity and all my makeup brushes.

*wonders if or when I'll wear makeup again*

I cleaned our glass front doors.

Then I started cleaning the glass doors out towards the lanai and then I wondered why we have SO many glass doors in the first place.
But you know what they say about people who live in glass houses...
Ummm, they go through a lot of Windex.

Cleaning glass/windows is my least favorite chore. Ever.

Then I tackled the refrigerator.

Me, proud of my accomplishment to Coach when he came home:
Notice anything different about the fridge?
Him, oblivious to the filth that it was: You gave all our food away?
It really wasn't filthy, it was just regular dirty.

Now, you can literally eat out of our fridge. 

*patting myself on the back, cause that right there was pure gold*

I'm getting low on pineapple, creamer, and crackers. I might have to venture OUT THERE in a few days.

Unless I can get my sweet husband to go for me.
Or, I can act like it's the year 2020 and do online order and delivery.

I'd like to see just how long I can go without leaving the confines of our property.
Let's call this a practice test for in-house arrest, just in case, you know, in the future, I might need to do it for real.

I'm not stir crazy yet.
However, I’ve always been crazy.

Waylon Jennings was also pure gold.

My desk, craft table, and entire laundry room are spic and span; it looks like no one lives here and that's how I like it.
{Not kidding}

{Y'all realize I know this is a serious virus and I'm not making light of any of it. I pray for those affected by this and those who are vulnerable to it.}  *Please let this pass sooner than later*

What's the weirdest thing you've cleaned this week? 


  1. I started off coronavirus confinement with a big bang, doing little jobs and chores around the house, but now I just lie on the couch like a big lump with the remote control in my hand.

    1. You are funny. I might do the couch thing later today; right now I'm on a roll!

  2. Thank God for humor or we'd all be dead.
    I haven't been much motivated to do anything other than laundry, regular cleaning, spraying Lysol everywhere and on everyone.
    I feel like I need to space things out so I don't get bored during week four.

    1. Humor is my favorite thing.
      Yeah, ask me in week four what I'm doing......Lord please don't let this go on that long!

  3. People in glass houses, go through lots of windex. . . bah ha ha! You have SO many windows. Yikes. I JUST wondered a similar thing: when will I wear makeup again? I must admit that I have not cleaned much, um . . . isn't that what all these kids are for? I had them each do one toilet or two sinks in order to eat dinner the other night. My fridge IS filthy. Need to remember to tackle that when food runs low. Went to store yesterday, so probably will be empty by tomorrow. Wish I was kidding. My main task is referree plus took Mini out to practice driving yesterday. If Corona doesn't kill me . . . ;)

    1. I remember teaching my girls to drive; it wasn't fun for any of us.
      No makeup days are a bonus for our skin, right?

  4. I decided to be productive today & turned off the TV. BTW, Santana music is good for productivity. When I took garbage can outside to wash, found 23 Monarch caterpillows! They have eaten all the milkweed, so husband is at Garden Center right now. "Life renewing itself," as Melanie Wilkes said.

    1. I love Santana!! I've been listening to either country or DMB lately.
      The caterpillars don't understand what rations are; I'm almost out too and it's scaring me more than the thought of running out of TP.

  5. Your lanai looks beautiful! Would you believe I love cleaning windows? They always look so nice when you're done! OK the weirdest thing I cleaned this week was all the goop off the top of the A-1 steak sauce bottle and I also washed the maple syrup bottle in hot soapy water! And I'm still working! I hate to see what happens when I'm home and bored!

    1. Will you come over and do my windows? Pretty Please??
      Cleaning goopy jars/bottles? yeah, I think you beat me. LOL

  6. Cleaning's a good thing, ugh.

  7. I have become a real lazybones during the virus. I haven't cleaned a thing but then I live in a single person house with no one coming and going so I'm relatively virus free. Never say never though and I have supplies ready if anyone/thing comes to my door.

  8. Now you've got me eyeballing my windows...


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