November 22, 2019

The little things and the little nothings that keep Suz sane and happy.

Sometimes it's the littlest things that make me happy.
Like finding one of my favorite NZ wines at Total Wine this week.

I had a flashback to our trip to New Zealand and how much Kelly and I loved visiting this (unknown to us at the time) winery. 'Twas a great day and a great trip.

A majority of the big trips that I've had, I say, "I don't need to go again, let's see something new", but I don't feel that way about New Zealand.


Sometimes it's the fact that I can put my head in the sand, and not know what is happening outside my little world that brings me happiness.

I know that a lot of people like to watch the news, read the papers, be in the "know" about what is happening all around the world.
Me? I honestly do better just tending to my home, garden, my people, my community, keep the dirty clothes hamper empty, etc....
I get overwhelmed with the worries of the world, the sadness, the despair of it all.
And guess what, sometimes it's pretty damn depressing. So, if something really important happens and I need to know, the Coach will inform me. He's very much 'up to date' with the world outside our area code.

Also, doing laundry pays around here.
I found $150 in the dryer this week.

Don't tell Uncle Sam.

We've been so very busy lately. Lots of house projects finishing up before Turkey day and the Coach is inundated with work-work. But that is something we never complain about; work-work brings in the laundry cash.

Have a great weekend!


  1. 150 bucks in the dryer?!?! Can I come over to YOUR house to do my laundry?

  2. my sister kept the cash she found in the laundry, it was in her son's pants pockets. Think he must've become more careful since!

  3. You have exactly the right attitude...look to the small things which affect your life moe than the "big picture." I've totally given up watching any "news." It's better to check reliable Online resources in smaller doses and at my leisure.. Life in the slow lane is way under-appreciated. Stick with home, garden, family and fun. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Love the nickels. Wish I knew less about what is going on. I'm not addicted to news but read it way to often.

  5. 150 smackers in the laundry! Wow. Wow.
    Loved your cartoon thingy.
    I've never been to NZ but I can see wanting to go back!

  6. Your life-style is not only giving you less stress, the laundry money is a nice bonus. That find should enable you to get some of that Framingham wine to enjoy.

  7. I do find cash in the laundry, but it is usually a 5 dollar bill! lol

  8. Oh New Zealand looks so amazing! Our son spent the better part of 2 1/2 months there last year he left in November and came back around February. The weather was in the 70's. After hearing and seeing pictures about his trip, It's now on my bucket list. I love finding laundry money. I even keep a jar where I put coins and bills in, but if I found what you found it would go straight in my wallet haha . Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  9. Love the quote about the nickles! I would be rich...

    I put on a coat last week that I hadn't worn since last winter and pulled out a $5! I felt like I wont he lottery! :)

  10. Jealous - I never find money in the dryer! If I do, it was mine to begin with!!


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