November 08, 2019

Our future neighbor from hell

We built our home in 1997; we're on 2 1/2 acres in a sub-rural area. Mostly rural, but with a lot of family homes on acre+ lots. You can have horse, cows, chickens, goats, etc....
We just have our cow dog. 
The peeps to the North of our property have been there before us and are very pleasant, friendly; never an issue. The people across the street from us are pleasant; we wave and say Hi. The man behind us built after us, and are fine. It's an older man and the past 5 or so years, his kids use the back of his property for storage of stuff; mostly dirt, and RV and some misc stuff.  We built a fence to block most of it.
There is a vacant lot to the south of us.

{picture of neighbors property to the south of us ON our street side, not the busy street side-you can see a bit of our white fence ahead.}

It's also 2 1/2 acres and it borders a fairly busy thoroughfare; a 2 lane road, 45 mph speed limit. We always knew that one day it would go for sale. And when it did, we tried to purchase it; not to build, but to preserve it and keep it wooded. We would have cleaned it up somewhat and fenced it in to match our property. It's a great buffer to noise traffic and the vision of traffic.
They were asking a crazy price-$170K more than we paid for our lot. I know some time has passed, but really? We made a reasonable offer a few years ago and it was refused. Whatevs.

We knew that we wanted to plant a buffer of trees on that side before someone built; for them to build, they would need to clear almost all the property since it was THICK with trees/shrubs. That was one of the main reasons why we started the big tree project back in August.

You can see from the pic above, that people use their swale as parking or turning around. County vehicles, work trucks, peeps waiting on school buses, etc....Why do people do that? Because the property looks vacant and not cared for.
Our lawn guys (same ones for at least 15 years) used to park their truck/trailer there while doing our lawn instead of pulling into our driveway because his truck leaked oil. Emphasis on USED TO. 

Here is a pic (from my car) of our property, just a few 100 feet from the pic of neighbors swail)

Do the two even resemble the same type of care? 
And just from looking at this kind of shoddy phone pic of our yard, would it lead you to believe that we were the kind of people who would throw garbage in someone else's yard? Even if you didn't know us, I don't think anyone would have thought that.

Another view from our yard; looking from our driveway across our front yard towards the over-grown property to the south of us.

Garbage throwers? 

To quote the beloved Pepe le pew: "Au contraire, mon frère".

To be continued.....


  1. Oh dear, what an unfortunate situation!

  2. Your title for this post makes me think that something not good is about to happen.

  3. We built in aa gated mountain community. no because we are elitist but because the county otherwisw has no zoning laws. We bought three lots and built in the middle. I Hope things work out better than you fear.

    1. Very smart to purchase the buffer around you.

  4. This sounds ominous...

  5. Anxiously waiting for more...

  6. That's just crazy about your yard and I love how you retaliated. We do not have an HOA, and that is one of the perks of living here. We can have huge parties and livestock. :)
    We've never been anything other than respectful to our neighbors, even when having big parties; have never had our friends park in their swails or disturbed their yard. This is the first time I've had the popo to our house other than when attending a party here.

  7. I hate it when there are neighbor problems like that. I hope you find a solution. Wish you could have bought that property then you could have had a little Southfork Ranch (as in Dallas).

  8. Looks like well built area, but its unfortunate for the problems.

    Following your wonderful blog now. Invite you to visit mine, and good if you follow too :)


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