August 28, 2012

Windlessness and a blog-o-versary

Thank you all for thinking about us concerning rain + slight wind hurricane Isaac.
More prep work than was necessary.
The girls and I could have spent a few hours watching netflix baking for the homeless.
Oh well. The girl scout in me kicked it into high gear and we were prepared.

For your kindness, I am going to put all of you in my diary will.

I lifted that from Facebook. You know I don't have plastic furniture.

Ok, I do have some plastic furniture....and this is what WE did to it to keep it from becoming a projectile.
Turns out, this is a great way to clean them too!

Jim Cantore didn't even need to leave the comfort of his home. Funny though, Sam Champion from Good Morning America was on one of our beaches on Monday morning.
I didn't venture out to see him.
I don't trust men who highlight their hair. Ever.

 I almost forgot, we actually DID have some damage.
A palm frond fell. 
The brown one way back there is from our neighbors tree. If we hadn't had our palms trimmed a few weeks ago, it would have taken us a day to clean up brown fronds.
Dodged that bullet.

Our peeps on the East Coast did get a lot of rain and flooding...which is bizarre since Isaac was over on this side. Oh well, I'm NOT a meteorologist.
I'm a mixologist. 

I DO pray that those who will be visited by Isaac are as lucky as me....the good people in his path deserve to be spared!

In case you didn't know it, today is my blog-o-versary. 
Four years.
842 posts.
{4 of those posts were actually about something}

I expect shiny objects to be showing up at my door any minute.
*peeking out front door*
Um, you guys must be wrapping them up right now.

You know that YOUR comments are a gift to me. No wrapping required. 
I mean really, could YOU crack me up any more than you do?

A little bone I need to pick though, some people actually read my blog but don't bother to leave a comment. 
I don't accept that type of behavior. 

Some of the bloggers that started out with me have gotten so lazy that they just quit.
Do you know how many times I've thought of doing that? About 240 times. This year.
 Quitting is for quitters.

Does that last line look like Quilting is for Quilters?
Well, that is a true statement as well. 

And If I don't write at least a few times a week, then my Mom will actually CALL.ME.ON.THE.Phone. 

C'mon now. DON'T BEE lazy!



  1. Congrats Suz. I'm not quitting, was just resting....
    Glad you survived the storm. (!)

  2. Happy BLOGGYversary my dear. Glad you have stuck it out and gosh... so sorry about my plastic furniture having blown into your pool. I'll be right over to get it!

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary and on having such little damage from Isaac!

  4. I'm glad Isaac took it easy in your area and you didn't have any damages. Hey, at least it made you realize how easy it is to clean your plastic furniture. ;-)
    Happy blog-o-versary! :-)

  5. We are still waiting to see how many of the rain bands actually hit us here in North Florida. Mosquitoes could carry us away they are so big this year and full of venom. So glad your damage was, uh well, zero. I bet your chairs are clean. I have been very slazy lately...that's slow and lazy if you didn't know. Congrats on your anniversary...looking forward to reading and possibly commenting here some more, :)

  6. What is with those lazy lazyheads! Happy Blogaversary!!!

  7. You are a star!
    I miss Grandma J!
    LOVE your chair cleaning method.
    Dear sweet baby Jesus will you please let me be as smart as Suz one day? Amen.
    Off to find some perfect wrapping paper for your gift!

  8. I'm thankful that you came thru Issac just fine.
    Happy Blogaversary. I am truly blessed to know you and your family through blogging. Wishing you a great day!

  9. Congratulations on your blog-a-versary. I'm fortunate enough to enjoy all 842 posts. Congratulations, too, on the limited damage from Issac. I only hope that some of that rain makes it up here.

  10. Congratulations on all those blog posts! I sent rum. Well I was going to send rum and then I thought someone should test it to be sure it hadn't gone bad. So I did, and it hadn't, and then I thought don't send anything glass because glass is dangerous in a hurricane so I bought some in a plastic bottle. Then I thought gee, I hope it hasn't taken on a plastic taste and after a few tests I found that it hadn't. By the time I had thoroughly tested everything the winds had died down and the rum was finished - so stop checking to see if a parcel from me was delivered.
    I will be sure to mention your name at Rehab.

  11. Happy Blog-o-versary, Suz! You are one of the bright spots in my blogosphere, and I appreciate you and your "take" on life so much. XOXOs from me to you!

  12. Happy bloggyversary...which autocorrect wants to change to boggy restart. Um...really? 4 years!!!whooohooo!

    We just got rain up here and Jim Cantore packed up his tight t-shirts and manly biceps and hoofed it over to New Orleans. Oh well...

    Glad we're bloggy friends. Have a great day celebrating!

  13. oh that time travelling sam :) i am still wondering about those magical highlites. and how i might get some. he's in new orleans now. and probbaly still hanging with kelly.

    happy blgo-o-versary. i was goingto take your picture on the rocks yesterday, but well, you didn' show up. or... were you there? under the waves? if you gave up blogging i might cry. and bang on your door so you could make me laugh.


  14. Happy Blog-o-versary! I have quit a few times and returned! Wait! No I didn't quit...I just took a long break! So glad Issac missed you and prayers for the ones in his path!
    ps...gonna go throw my chairs in the pool now!

  15. Oh no. I'm thinking my Blogoversary gift must have been delayed.

    From falling palm fronds.


    I'll have to check my shipping receipt and get back to you.



    Stay safe!

  16. You do have some smart alec comments that come your way! You just bring out the best in people! Glad you just tipped by the wind, and I would never have though of putting my plastic furniture (not that I have any) in my pool. Great idea, I'll have to remember that (ah, when I get a pool and plastic furniture!)
    Happy Blog-a-versary!!!!

  17. guilty as charged!
    happy blogiversary!
    glad isaac blew past you! wish it would land further west - we need the rain in the worst way!
    i do need to update my blog - been on vacation.
    stay cool! :)

  18. I love that the pressure from your mom keeps you going, but you're so right. There are a TON of people who have quit blogging. I guess the average is 6 months. You blew that outta the water.

    That's pretty brilliant to throw your furniture in the water, and it had to be fun too. :)

    Glad you're safe. Stay that way!

  19. I am so glad the brunt of the storm missed you. Now I can concentrate on those poor people in Louisiana. Love the touch of plastic in the pool...throw in a pitcher of margaritas and you got yourself a party- xo Diana

  20. I feel so bad --since I have been one of those people this past week who hasn't had time to do much blogging (comments)... Sorry I haven't been around much. Just too darn busy right now...

    Glad Isaac didn't come your direction. Sorry though that it went to New Orleans... Gads!!!


  21. Happy Blog-a-versary!

    Loved the plastic furniture :)

    Glad Isaac wasn't a bully.

    Off to bed...first day of first grade for me tomorrow!

  22. Dragging me out of my nice little break for this?
    Listen, congratulations on four years!!! That is really something to be proud of. Don't you love looking back at the beginning now and seeing how young your girls were.
    And yes, quitting. I have half a mind to do it myself. Here's the deal. I've been on break(minus here) since Monday. Do you know how much "real" work I actually got done because I wasn't blogging? Well, lots!!!
    Anyway, back to you. I know, you were getting bored hearing about me. Anyway, I am glad that you survived to see the fourth anniversary of your blog.
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. When did we first find each other?

  23. ha! I am a lazy ass at the moment... but you still make me chuckle all the same...altho' my lazy ass moment is actually down to my mental state and not actually my lazy ass!

    Glad you "survived" Issac and with clean furniture too! Bonus!

    I wanna chat/comment more....are you a FB fiend?? I am :o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  24. This post cracked me up! As usual. : ) I love the overturned lawn chair. LOL I'm glad you blog. You make me smile every day when you post. Hope you keep at it for many years. Hugs!

  25. Happy Anniversary! Did you feel like Samantha from 16 Candles?! Did we all forget?! Oh no.

    =) Love the furniture in the pool, you are smart like that. Glad that Isaac only knocked down a palm - what did you call it?! Leaf? Fan?

    Don't quit. I'd miss you tooo tooo tooo much. Honest.

    Hey - at least you get comments. ;D

  26. You should frame the downed palm frond, and maybe the drowned furniture, in memory of Isaac.
    Glad you didn't have significant problems where you were. Congrats on your many blog posts. The ones I've read have all been fun.

  27. Seriously love the furniture in the pool! Brilliant! and I get scolded when I don't write too

  28. Happy Blog-o-versary! Glad you were spared bad side effects of the storm. I have enjoyed every post!


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