August 10, 2012

{Almost} Everybody's Gone Surfin'

Growing up on the East Coast of Florida, I knew several kids that surfed. I called them the "rich kids". Because they were. Therefore I never surfed. 
I bet you've never heard that woe is me tale: "I was too poor to surf." I can spin anything to my needs.

My sweet girls have grown up on the west coast of Florida and there ain't no waves to surf here....but there are plenty of "rich kids." They must do something play virtual surfing games in their glass houses. 

Another item on our "Must Do" list for Costa Rica was to take surf lessons. Well, that was NOT my list, but it was on some other people's lists. 
We drove an hour and a half to a famous surfing area; Tamarindo Beach

Can I just tell you that all five four girls started drooling as soon as they saw the surf instructor Jonathon? 
He was young....I could have been his Mother!
Although, he is way tanner than I could ever be, so he really could not be my son. 
Unless I adopted him....but he said no way Chica! 

 You grab your own board and carry it a few blocks down and then one block over to the beach area...while Mom {the paparazzi} rides in an air conditioned van to the beach area. 
This was the only day I brought my "BIG" camera....but I did not have my zoom lens....the water shots would have been so much better. I think we'll go back next week for a do-over. 
 Surf instructions on dry land first. Makes sense...less of a drowning hazard that way. 
 The girls were all EYES at the instructor. The Coach could drown him with his pinky toe...but he paid attention too. 


I'm proud to say that everyone 'got up' and surfed. The waves on this day were not huge. Some were minuscule and some were large...but you work with what you've got. 

The Coach~If you are super talented, you only need ONE foot to surf with. 
Linds~I was so proud of all the new things she tried on this trip. She inherited a bit of the sissiness in me....but it was not evident last week. 
 Lolo was a pro. On large waves and on the littles...she made it to the shore almost every time. 
 Like a boss....Of course, it is not the size of the wave, but how well you can maneuver it. Right?
 Two of our peeps were hit in the head by their own boards half way through this little expedition and discussed important topics on the beach. The important topic today was Johnathon's abs.
 Here he poses with the girls. He was actually taller....but bent down for the photo. Must be a Costa Rican custom of some sort. 
Another day of making memories with my peeps...and making memories never gets old with me.

So tell me: 
Have you surfed? 
Would you love to try it?
Would you only love to try and surf if Johnathon was your personal instructor?
If you answered yes to the third question, you are a perv. And my friend. 


  1. The only surfing I do is surfin' the web.

    However, if Johnathan was involved...

  2. Although I'm a Perv, Johnathon is not only young enough to be my kid too, he looks like my kid! So I'm not even going there. That's just sick!
    And if I ever visit you, I'm keeping my boys away from your Gidget like girls! I've seen the movies and I never trusted Sally Field either!
    Now go buy a zoom lens!

  3. Never considered surfing, but then again I didn't know how cute the instructors were. ;-) No wonder your girls were happy to surf...

  4. Being from So Cal, you would think I had a board and all. But I did do body surfing and was at the beach a lot during the summer.

    Looks like all your peeps did great! And the surfing instructor is a cutie! But yeah, I'm old enough to be his mom too!

  5. I don't surf, will never surf, and have never surfed. Diving under a wave is enough for me, and I grew up in sunny southern California where all the surfers are. I just like to look and admire (if you get my gist)

  6. Not a water person, so surfing is out. Will stick to surfing the interweb right here in my chair, thankyouverymuch. But looks like you all had a great day and the "scenery" (ahem) was enjoyed by all. All the girls anyway. ; )

  7. I would totally do it but for the costuming. Not so much a fan of the swimsuit which makes my answer turn to a big no.

    But I'm so glad the kids and the hubs did it!

  8. Now I KNOW we are friends! Loved this post from ab to abc. xo Diana

  9. I will never surf but do you know if Jonathon is available to help little old ladies cross the street??????

  10. I grew up in the Midwest, where there are almost no surfing opportunities. I'm sorry you didn't get to try your hand (or feet) at surfing, but then someone had to get the pictures.

  11. well, i guess if we can zip we can surf!!! what the heck!!! i really don't like ocean water, prefer the pool, something about the salt, it makes my skin itch. and dries it out pretty bad. the pool, i just lotion up after that. anyhoo....looks like you had a great time. i busted my camera here in FL somehow when it was in my computer bag. i should of NEVER took it out of its camera case to travel. i could kick myself. it cracked on the inside of the screen where you view the pictures. i am soooo mad. the camera is only 2 months old!! when i get home i will try to call the store.

  12. i think i would have definitely been the official photographer on this outing... did the job come with a frilly umbrella drink? that would have been perfection! i love all the shots... especially coach surfing on ONE foot!

  13. I'm not a good enough swimmer to surf so wont try it. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  14. I want to learn to surf in a women's only setting.

    What wonderful memories you captured with your camera--I can picture how fun it was for you.

  15. Tell you girls if they want to spend a lot of time around hot guys with ripped abs they should hang out with water polo players. That's what my daughter does :)

  16. I've never surfed but I don't crave it. Hey, the "posers" sure look good, and they all look pro on the waves, too. Looks like great fun!

  17. Oh we don't get many surfing style waves up here in the suburbs but after reading this post you have me itching to jump on a plane down to Costa Rica and give it a try. Maybe just one wave!

  18. He is so cute. I bet you would have been an awesome boy mom. I have only one thing to say about that.....It's not too late.
    Can you imagine all the new blog feeder the baby would give you? Get right on it. Seriously. And when you have the baby, please name it Bee.


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