August 13, 2012

Under the Sea with Me

I promise, I am almost done talking about Costa Rica.
What? Did you just make a face? go on and on about your stuff and I when I want to talk I expect you to listen as well. We have a commitment here to each other. Right?
Oh, wait, never mind....

Every day we were treated to a glorious sunset.
  We spent two different days on two different boats.
I'm not a huge fan of boats ever since I watched Jaws.
You would think Titanic or Gilligan's Island would have had more of an impact on me, but it didn't.
 Did I ever mention I am not a fan of the ocean either? 
I mean, I'm not a fan of swimming in the ocean because I am not a fan of being touched by fish. I'm a good swimmer, not by olympic standards, but I can doggie paddle better than both our dogs. 
{NOT me}
 Sometimes, even when I am swimming in my very own chlorinated pool, I will shriek when my bathing suit ties touch me or are viewed in my peripheral. I swear it is a fish trying to attack me  or an octopus. I never worry it is the Octo-mom though. I'd see her coming with all those kids.
[Not me again}

I purchased an underwater camera and it worked pretty good. {not me.}

We did witness several mating pacific turtles from the boat. For the sake of their privacy, I did not take a photograph. Do you know sometimes the mating process takes a couple THREE days to complete.
Ocean Viagara? Poor girl turtles.
{Not Me}

In case you don't have the discovery channel, I'll let you in on a secret: The ocean is full of critters and fish.  We saw a few Eagle Rays, which are different than the sting rays we have in Florida.
{Not Me}

Do you know they have whales in Costa Rica? We could actually hear them underwater!
I would have been pickled pink if I had been able to spot a whale from the boat.
I would have been all sorts of other colors had I spotted a whale while IN the water.
{Not me}
 Living critters were everywhere. And for the sake of fun again...I sucked it up and joined my peeps. {Not me}
 I'm not good at the snorkel part. I tend to hyperventilate trying to breathe through that hose like apparatus.
I opted for just a mask and a noodle to float on.

I'm all bad-ass when I have a noodle to protect me.

I'm sorry to say, this IS me.
 I look like aqua man gone bad.
Someone had too much salt last night. Me and this guy.
Raise your hand if fish freak you out too.
I mean, not when they are on my dinner plate, just before-hand.



  1. Oh- We are sistahs! I am an ocean scared freak! I almost drowned at Daytona Beach in an undertow when I was young- came up braless- yeah- NOT cute-even though my boobs were MUCH perkier at that point!

    I can't stand breathing through those tubes either AND you DO NOT WANT TO KNOW how many times I have been stranded on a boat...NOT GOOD- I am a boat jinx!!! Seriously, I am- Loved reading your posts! xo Diana

  2. Only a swimming pool for me will do. DO not like critters swirling around me and wondering if I am their dinner or not. Just isn't happening. Great photos though. What camera did you choose to buy for this adventure under the sea? It did a mighty good job for you!

  3. Guess what Suz, I'm finally jealous of you! It's true! I'm totally diggin' that underwater camera of yours and wish I would have taken those fabulous shots myself. I would take one of the kids in our white-trash pool but I'm not getting in that thing. Plus, only God knows what's in it. Certainly not cool starfish I tell ya that!
    Seriously, great photos!
    p.s. My Aunt Pam took me to see Jaws when I was 7 years old. While vacationing at the beach! Talk about child abuse!

  4. Poor me, I've never swam in the ocean and neither have the girls. :-( A fact they keep pointing out over and over and over... Love the underwater camera and the pics!

  5. What super pics! I can't even swim but my brother does all this kind of stuff. I'm afraid of the bath tub!!! I am loving your posts from vacation. Keep em coming!

  6. They freak me out before AND while on the dinner plate. Oh that's right. They're never on MY dinner plate. Blechy! But that was so cool!

  7. How exciting to hear the whales!! What a wonderful trip!

  8. @Mark - you're a liar! You were TOTALLY jealous when Suz got to see me when she was in Chicago!!

    Suz, I love the new header! Those pictures are great. I'm right there with you, though. I do NOT like critters in the water when I'm swimming. (I already shared the jellyfish story from my last trip to Italy.)

    My niece just told me that she and my mother swam so far out, they could barely see the beach. They could, however, still see the bottom of the ocean because the water is so crystal clear. It gave me palpitations just listening to her!!! I don't WANT to see the bottom, or anything else that's in there!!

  9. ha ha! I though I was the only one who freaked when the bathing suit strings touched me! Good for you for sucking up your fears and entering the water. (the Jaws theme song is running through my head as I type)

  10. What great pictures! Wow!


    And WOW!

  11. Great pictures, Suz.... That was neat buying that underwater camera.... Great pictures...

    I used to love swimming in the ocean --but once the jellyfish got near, I declined to go in that water..... ha


  12. The Costa Rica trip sounds day cool. You can talk about it all you want and I will listen. Love the pics, both you and *not you*.

  13. I think you did a great job getting pictures with your underwater camera. The sunset photo was pretty special as well.

  14. Can you see my hand from all the way over here?! I am so skurred that fishies will suck on my toes. No lie. GREAT PICS though, Suz!! It's quite magical (from this side of the monitor!). Keep talking about Costa Rica!! =) It sounds beautiful!

  15. Hand raised!!
    It looks like so much fun touching them and swimming with them. But I know I'd scream like a little girl and get back into the boat. Because you never know where JAWS might be.

  16. Girl, I LOVE these photos!!!! LOVE!!! How fun! {That's a lot of exclamation points}. I'm just freaked out about water in general. Especially now, after the accident. If none of us ever set foot in a boat or in any body of water ever again . . . it will be too soon.

  17. You need to hang out with me and become less squeeeeemish!

    I once looked like that in a bikini...where did time go?

    Love your Costa Rica pics...was there 5 years ago.

  18. can i just say it again?! i love you :) and you know how much we laugh when we are together? well, times that by 2... cuz i have to make up for the fact that i can't hear you from here! love all of those fishy pix... and i'm glad you got brave & got out of the boat!

  19. I am not a water girl. At all. But I love your pics of your brave peeps enjoying all that beauty. Love it. Please post more...I promise I won't get tired of it. : )

  20. I absolutely love all the photos. It wouldn't bother me to be among the fishes (alive I mean)!

  21. Cool! I can't believe you saw all those cool critters snorkeling or noodling. Neat-o!

  22. I could listen to you talk about Costa Rica for 365 days. Have you considered that? A 365 day blog about Costa Rica and your fabulous trip. Hop on it.
    Thank you for clarifying which person you were. I NEVER would have guessed.

  23. I am just catching up with you here and your photos and blog remodel are stunningly beautiful! Well done.
    Your vacation looks as if it was packed full of fun, just as you deserve. I'm so glad that you did all of these cool activities with your peeps. The girls look as if they had the BEST time. Making memories = beyond price, rich kids or no (referring to your surfing post).

  24. very cool trip, VERY cool would have never caught me touching that stuff! Ew. I am a whimp! Don't eat it either.

  25. What great pictures! Not a big fan of things rubbing up against me when I'm in the water.


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