August 20, 2012

Crouching and Crabbing

Remember this lovely photo from last week?
Well, do you have any idea what my sweet girl was messing with?
Only one of her favorite things ever.

I came down to the beach and she said:
Mama! Quick come here!
You've got to see this!
Me: ????
Lo: DON'T STEP ON ANY SHELLS OR ANY HOLES...they are all hermit crabs!
{can you see the video? I can on ONE of my computers, but not the other}
Yes, there were at least a bajillion of them. All cute and special...all lacking free will.

Did you know that if you drop a piece of lettuce on the ground, you can start a hermit crab civil war?
You can.

Then I forced her to stop messing with them so I could get some good silhouette photos.
I'm a mean one~~~~Mr. Grinch.
Lolo starts her 2nd year of college today; surprisingly she is not majoring in Marine Biology OR posing. 



  1. LOL- What a cute post- The video won't play for me-but I think it is the blocks in my computer rather than your link. Love that shadow photo- xo Diana

  2. 2nd year of college already? I'm trying to get over the fact that our oldest started high school today...

  3. I disappear for a week and you change your blog! I like it! Hermit crabs...not so much, photo of the girls - GREAT. I can't believe the second year of college is already here. Geez

  4. Oh... NEAT silhouette shot!

  5. Today must be back-to-school day everywhere! My middle niece is starting her 2nd year of high school, the oldest niece starts her first day of college, and Stud starts his 2nd year of college like Lo. Big day today!!

    Your crabs are cute. (and don't pretend you haven't heard THAT a million times!)

  6. The Costa Rican Hermit Crabs certainly have nice pickings for fancy shell houses! Cool.

  7. Crabbing -that's what the boys say I do in the morning - or is that crabby?
    I love playing with ocean things and am a wee bit jealous that I wasn't there with you - what a great way to spend time on the beach! and now I'll know to take lettuce with me.

  8. Love the silhouettes! Pita claims she is going to major in marine biology :)

  9. Great silhouette shots! I love hermit crabs!

  10. What are hermit crabs doing on the beach? I thought they lived in souvenir shops on the board walk? How strange.

  11. Did you tell them there was enough for the whole class?

    Love the silhouette shot!

  12. Things at the beach --like the crabs--are so much fun to watch. Being at the beach is almost as great as hiking deep in the woods.. So much to see and do!!!!

    Great silhouette photos.. Four beautiful girls!!!
    (I would not want to see a silhouette photo of ME....ha ha)


  13. OH GOSH, can I visit that beach next february when I am sick of snow and want a little sunshine? :)

  14. I could see the hermit crabs on my computer. I like your video, but the sunset photo is fantastic. You have so much fun at the beach.

  15. Great video. Who has free will anyway? Oh, my kids. I forgot. I'm one of those hermit crabs.
    Great silhouette shots.
    Somebody told me just the other day I was the Grinch....

  16. Love the crabs...and the video on this stupid iPad....and I don't go back to school until next wedesday with kids...this Friday without..a..but first a whole lot of fun in store this week.

    Happy Monday!

  17. of that girls makes me smile! JUST LIKE HER MAMA. (those CAPS were by accident, but i decided to keep 'em!) i hope she had a great day. linds, too. laura doesn't start til thurs!

  18. i could watch the video. i would freak being around all those hermit crabs. me no like any kind of creepy crawlies.

  19. I love beach silhouette pics and that one is the bomb!

  20. I love beach silhouette pics and that one is the bomb!

  21. Great photos as usual. Video worked for me. WOW it must be great and exciting for her to go back to school.

  22. Fun video and gorgeous photos. Best wishes to LoLo.

  23. The hermit crabs are cute. Who knew they'd go into overdrive over a bit of lettuce!? Love that silhouette photo.


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