October 21, 2014

Just like me, Austin Rocks.

Just a few pics from our trip….
I need to document them somewhere since *someone* hasn't found the gumption to scrapbook anything in years. 
The Coach and I did a tour of the Capital building; it was gorgeous. It was all Texas; big, bold and big hair. Ok. I was kidding about the hair part. Not really.
Wait. While I'm at it, let me update my 'Capital Buildings toured' list:

1) Atlanta, GA
2) Austin, TX
Whew, glad I didn't forget that.

We saw the backside of the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue; one of Coach's favorite musicians. 
There were more food trucks than you can shake a stick at.
Take note; they don't like it when you shake sticks at them.

Speaking of sticks, look at these large ones. You know I love a good tree.
 We saw several like this around town. I believe they are in the oak family? I might be wrong. Anyhoo…these are some good climbing trees…if only I had on my climbing shoes. 
Yeah, that was what stopped me from climbing…

Oh, inside the capital building. I'm not kidding when I say you can't go an inch in Texas without coming across a Texas star. NOT.AN.INCH.

Even the chandeliers in the house of representatives chamber.
  Do you know that they meet once every few years? Sign me up
Stars in the bannisters.
 Stars in the glass.
 Stars in the fence. Not.An.Inch!
At night, I even saw stars in the SKY! Texas rules. 

 I'm going to work on a patent and start producing suns for all my Florida people; Suns on glass, suns on car tags, suns in the sky.  
I'm going to be a thousand-aire. 


  1. Well, you have me beat. My list of capital buildings toured is 0. Looks like the one in Austin was an interesting one for sure. A star among capital buildings. ;-) That tree is awesome!!

  2. ha, that is a long list of capital buildings :D i love that tree, i love trees! haha! :)

  3. Yep, not an inch, and proud of it! I love my state and her unique (six flags) and weird (Austin) history. Texas rules. And I love our capital too. I think it's a pretty amazing building. Love the tour. Glad you got stars in your eyes in our great state. Hope you visited the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum. It's very cool.

  4. Did you try Torchy's Damn Good Tacos? They are damn good. :)

  5. Oh so pretty! I never went in the capital building. I mostly just went to the Halloween party, to eat the food, and to watch the bats under the bridge. Oh....and I got my belly button pierced there. LOL. I was in college...

  6. Wow. They are serious about their stars, aren't they? I can't wait until you become a thousand-aire. You might even get a reality TV show. It would be fun to watch it.

  7. yup, lone stars are anything but here... :) you're gonna have to link in to good fences with this on thursday. :)

  8. The stars at night are big and bright...(to quote David Guion) :-) Loved your Austin capital post. We didn't take the tour but we have been there.

  9. I want to visit the country of Texas one day...

  10. austin is at the top of my "I need a long weekend STAT!" list. Did you hear any music while you were there?

  11. I like the star icons, but I like the stars in the sky even better. Only 2 capitol buildings? You need to travel more!

  12. Texans are proud of Texas. No doubt about that.

  13. That looks like a fun trip. I've heard that Austin is a very happening town, with all kinds of good food, music and so on. No one told me about the STARS, until you, Suz!

  14. Love your photos. I've never visited TX. Now I am seeing STARS everywhere!!!!!


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