February 21, 2014

There might be a shoe shortage and crime interferes with my sleep.

We have been busy bees around here…I've SO much to tell and SO little time to tell it. 
We renovated our master closet…not a small feat; it took 7 days. 
I put all my shoes into a plastic tub and evaluated the situation.

Me: Coach, look at my shoe collection.
Coach: I know, crazy right.
Me: It's obvious that I NEED MORE!
Yeah, we are kinda exhausted in De La Casa Busy Bee right now. 


The physical exhaustion isn't as bad as the mental exhaustion….although the mental part will eventually smack the physical part in the azz. 

SOMETHING I never thought I would have to discuss with my girls is  
the protocol IN case of a home Invasion.

Talk about a reality hitting you in the butt. There was an incident VERY CLOSE TO US and it has scared the beejeesus out of me.
I can't sleep more than an hour or two without seeing it play out in my home.

What would I do? What would the kids do? What would Ozzie do?

{Ok, we know Ozzie wouldn't do anything}

THIS is why I don't watch the news. I can't handle the bad stuff because it STAYS in my brain for eternity. (unlike math and history)

We are working on steps to ensure our safety and for me to get past this….but like most things, it will take time. 
And probably weapons.
But mostly wine. 

Please have a great weekend! We have FunCompany joining us this weekend and I'm stoked. 

Hey, who says stoked anymore?

Just me?

Tell me something good because I need a distraction!!



  1. Something good, huh???? WELL---the severe storm missed us last night. I'm sure you were worried about that..... AND the sun is shining brightly this morning. That is definitely a GOOD THING.

    Want a distraction??? WELL---today, go to the store and buy yourself a new pair of shoes. Looks like you need another pair or two!!!!!!

    I am sorry to hear about the nearby invasion. It is very scary... I'm sure you have a good home security system... Sad that we all have to do this these days, but there are MEAN and CRAZY people out there.

    Have a FUN weekend.

  2. We have FunCompany coming this weekend as well! Hope you have a great time!

  3. I only have about 15 pairs of shoes for summer and winter. It's not because I don't want more; it's because my foot is huge and I can never find pretty comfortable shoes in my size. bummer.

    I hope you can get some sleep. Quit watching the news!

    A thunderstorm has rolled into our area, so I'm outta here!

    1. Hi Renee~
      I don't watch the news….this incident wasn't on the news or in the paper. Can you believe it??? A neighbor who helped in the rescue did his civic duty by letting everyone know.

    2. Try Kohl's online for bigger sized shoes. They don't carry them in the store but online they have larger sizes...that's where I buy my son's size 15's!

  4. i am so sorry. i hope you and yours will remain safe.

    something good? um, just exchanged smiles with our friendly electric co-op meter-reader guy. :)

  5. That is scary. Thank God the neighbor alerted you to the situation.
    A distraction.....let's see.....John in a RED WIG!

  6. I love shoes too and can't part with them...but I rarely wear my shoes out...except the running ones and it is just the bottoms that are gone...the top part looks great.

    As for safety, have you thought of building a mote? All kidding aside, that is plain old scary!

  7. If you don't already have one, get with your neighbors to form a neighborhood watch group. The signs alone can be a deterrent. And the chairman will send out bulletins if there is an invasion or vandalism.

    And don't underestimate Ozzie. I'm sure he will be glad to show the burglars where to find the silver and jewelry. That means they will be in your home a shorter time.

  8. Hmmm distraction ~ Put a sign on your door that say Just posted THIS HOUSE PROTECTED BY MY BLOGGERS ~ that may be distracting if it isn't a strong enough message you could add to that THIS HOUSE PROTECTED BY MY BLOGGERS ~ANY HOME INVADERS WILL BE DELETED ( beware of flying sandals) .

  9. Hopefully you will have such a great time with your FunCompany that you can forget about the home invasion that happened too close to you. Of course, a new pair of shoes wold help as well. Stay safe.

  10. Well that's scary! I'm glad you have fun company for the weekend to help distract and calm your heart and nerves. I don't have any smart alecky remarks today....just be safe and maybe shop Zappos. Shoes coming to my door are a good thing. :)

  11. Funny, I did NOT see a single pair of snow boots amongst your shoes...

  12. I'm sorry you're going through that--sounds very scary, indeed. I know the coach has got you covered. If this doesn't pass, think about getting some DBT-skills counseling--I worry half as much as I used to and it's quite pleasant.

  13. That is very scary! Sorry, we just got back from an unplanned family trip (not the good kind) and we're still a bit out of it...

  14. You need more shoes pronto. And I do mean pronto.
    So, I needed you today.
    This morning I was feeling mean and grumpy like someone peed in my Wheaties.
    I needed you to tell me to snap out of it.
    Do you think it's time you moved to Pennsylvania?
    I could talk to God about having a snowstorm on your arrival.
    Come at once.

    Sending love. Buy a gun.

  15. i'm like you, i freak out! i remember years back when my husband just got out of the marine corps. someone tried to get in the house and the alarm went off. we walked around the house and saw the curtain to the sliding glass door just blowing in the breeze. my husband just locked the door and went back to on the other hand worried all night...and obviously it freaked me out because i still see that stupid curtain blowing from the door being opened...i store stuff for eternity too, except anything that is helpful lol...i know, i was zero help :/ buuuutttt, you'll be fine, i'm sure of it!

  16. i freaked out when eric told me the house it happened in {cuz i don't watch the news} ...i'm glad the people you knew had moved out! anyway, i hope that eric got you matched up with someone to help you! time to teach ozzie + cocoa some new tricks so you can sleep though!

    so are you all moved into your new closet?! i hope that is a yes... and that the temp close has moved on... and that you found that you DO have more room for MORE SHOES ;)

  17. I'm very sorry to hear that your neighbors' home was invaded. We've had some of that in our quiet little place, as well, and it's really sad (& scary). We now have a neighborhood watch group, so we are all Gladys Kravitz-ing (name that TV show from the past!), reporting suspicious activity/vehicles, etc. whenever we see it...which, thankfully, is not often. Don't worry - I know you wield a serious shank, Suz!

  18. Oh I am so sorry you had something nasty happening in your neighbourhood. Does it help if I tell you I am friends with lots of police folk, they all say the very best protection against the bad guys is a dog, and you have two! A little bark scares bad guys a lot! Sleep well my friend.

  19. Uh last comment went away. So sorry about this. I'm obviously late here (catching up on bloggy things) and you've probably already found a solution. We've had a monitored alarm system for years. I started it when I lived alone and we've just continued. There is even an emergency code that you can push if someone is there forcing you to turn off the system. It turns off the system but sends a distress signal to the company who then send the police. Well worth the peace of mind.

  20. Yikes! Glad you are all safe and sound. Alarm system? Be sure if you have one that you get the secret code that you can enter if you are under duress. It turns off the alarm but sends an alert that bad people have forced you to turn off the alarm. Then the police come. Good stuff.


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