August 26, 2009

I learned some stuff this week...

Not real important stuff, but stuff all the same.

We have all heard the saying “you are never too old to learn.” How true it is. I learn new things all the time. The unfortunate part of all my learning is, I usually forget what I have learned soon after I learned it. Pretty much the reason I stink at math…and then add in the fact that I loathe numbers, well this makes me the opposite of a mathematician. I am a naicitamehtam.

I am going to start documenting the stuff I am learning. Adding it to my 'list', so to say….

I learned this week:

Betsy samples the grapes in the produce dept and her husband George acts like he does not know her. I find this to be very comical.

P1020297My kids are two of my favorite(est) people on this planet. I already knew this…but sometimes I just sit back and take them in with my eyes, ears and heart. Sometimes, I just want to nibble on their faces. Ok, really I want to gobble them up. But then people would call me a cannibal and all sorts of rumors would get started. I don’t need that extra stress in my life right now.

Ozzie may be the most well tempered dog I have ever seen in my life. I could put P102058329 drops of burning liquid in his eyes and shove a few horse size pills down his throat daily and all I tell him is: “It’s ok Boy, Mama is almost done and I will get you a cookie” and the little boy, just wags his nub and stands still for me.

Dogs wearing lampshades have neither peripheral vision or decent hearing. Like having a really old person follow you around all day banging his lampshade into your thighs.

I bruise easily. (see above)

FYI: You should never, under any circumstances put lampshades on old people!

I have learned that everyone who thinks they are great drivers, really aren’t. However, I am an excellent driver .

Did you learn anything new or exiting this week?

If you did, I am pretty sure you did not learn it reading my thoughts here…just a wild guess!


  1. hey, surprisingly (to you) i DO learn a lot when i read your blog. so there.
    i learn that you are one cute, funny lady.
    and that reading your blog makes my day.

  2. I just loving that little wagging nub:)

  3. Your sweet pup is so cute. So funny to think of him 'wagging his nub'.. awwww! Be glad when it's all over and he doesn't have to live in the tube anymore! : )

  4. Awe, poor Ozzie. Oh Suz, I learn a lot reading your I love how much you love your girls and how they are your favoritest people just like my kids are to me. How blessed we are!
    I have learned that there are way too many infomercials on during the night and that it's a good thing that I am not a spender because over the past weeks I have "almost" bought 3 different exercise video'!

  5. What? Everyone that thinks they are a good driver isn't? I don't think I am that good! Especially since the accident last year. Now I am scared all the time. Sometimes I shake. I keep asking Gary to hire me a car to take me to the city when I have to work and then Gary laughs and says, the driver would earn more than you do. Oh well. I guess I will have to keep on driving!

    Your girls are fantastic! I am glad you love them so much. Please be careful with the nibbling.

  6. Look at you with all this new-found knowledge and it's only Wednesday morning. Imagine what you'll know by Saturday night!!!

  7. Poor little pup!
    I love that you sit and just take in your kids. I do the same thing with my babies, they are truly my biggest gift.

  8. when i saw your title i just knew i was in for a good laugh from you! i saw a lady sampling grapes at the store just the other day and i have to admit, i was a little shocked! they were in a box container and she opened it and sampled them. gosh... imagine if people were sampling strawberries!

    i hope you are going to learn some more stuf this week. please... i don't really care to learn much, so send anything interesting my way!

  9. this week i learned that i do not like having my youngest in college. i repeat i do not like having my youngest in college! but i do love your dog!

  10. Suz, have I told you how much I LOVE the way you write. If I live in FLA, we'd certainly be coffee buddies.

    I wished I read this post yesterday. I wouldn't have put that lamp shade on old Mrs. Peterson who lives in the apartment downstairs... lol

    Sorry to hear you're not fond of math -- hs math teacher, here. If you ever need a helping hand or calculator (I don't add either), I available.

    Hugs, friend :) Sue

  11. Something I learned this week (but I have learned this before)... In-laws is another name for Out-laws :)

  12. i learned you can't leave your house with the keys inside!!
    i learned that tomatoes cannot stand alone, they need help.
    i also learned that you cannot put orange juice in a tippy cup, pulp gets stuck in the lid!!

  13. You'd be surprised at all I've learned from your posts. For example, a day without Busy Bee Suz is not nearly as much fun as a day with her.

  14. Gosh Darn---I had no idea I could teach you so much, Suz.... Here's another one to add to your list. One morning when we were in Kroger's, I wanted George to stand at our cart and watch my purse --while I looked for something at the other end of the isle. SO--I quickly and obviously loudly said, "STAY"..... A man was walking by, and he hollered out "HEEL".... I thought George was going to fall over laughing... I was embarrassed. BUT--everytime we passed that man in the store, he'd holler "HEEL" really loudly...

    Do I boss poor little George around????? I guess so! ha ha ha ....

  15. I learned that my doctor would probably leave me on a treadmill until I dropped dead, but I jumped off just in time.

  16. What a cute post Suzanne. Speaking of bruising easily...when I was out in the middle of the night coaxing the kitten into the garage, I lost my balance and banged my nose on the door! Up at the bridge of my nose, it has turned every shade of green and purple. Nalley said if anyone asked to tell them he did it!!!

  17. You are too funny :) (I think I say that every time I comment!)

    I learned that I love the naughtiest kids in my class the most-they remind me of me! Not the mean ones, but the crazy-talking-hyper want to do EVERYTHING kids. The ones that kind of get annoying.. ya that was prob. me! Go ask my mom!!!!

  18. Just so you know, I was nothing before I started to read your blog. I may still be nothing, but I do feel better about it now.

  19. I enJOYed your thoughts very much! You're the best!

  20. Oh, I'm sure I learned lots of stuff this week. Unfortunately, I've already forgotten it!

  21. Dogs are just the most amazing creatures with the biggest hearts, aren't they?

    I loves them :-)

    This week I've learned that I can memorize a bread recipe by heart if it's THAT good, and that not all lemonade is created equal.

  22. god bless your lil ozzies lamp shade wearing heart. he is so beautiful, as is cocoa too.
    i know just what you mean when you say you just take in your girls with every sense you have. i do that too, always have, and always will. we are just passionate about our kids, is all. there is no one i can love more in this world than i do them. well, i must include my grandson because he ranks right up there, too. just wait till you have a grandchild, you will see. i always learn something new coming here. you are one little bucket of knowledge, you are.... thanks for being you, suz. no one else would do it as well.
    and i mean that.



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