August 21, 2009

TGIF; Did someone misplace their lampshade?

Happy Friday ya’ll!

Ok, for the lampshade, here is your visual:


Our sweet little Ozzie made it through his expensive as heck much needed cornea surgery on Wednesday. Thank you for the well wishes. He is now a conehead. (remember that from SNL?) But each time I see him wandering around the yard, all I can think of is: why is that lampshade wandering around the back 40?


Is he eating? I can’t tell. Where is his bowl???

He has to wear this for a few weeks. His eye is actually stitched closed. (we were hoping for a pirate cute patch) The eye can be pulled open just enough on the corner for me to put in the 3 different eye drops he needs 4 different times daily. Oh, and I have to get a capsule (amox) down his throat 2x daily too. I should not complain, he takes all his abuse easily. The hardest part was paying the vet and RX bills.

It was quite funny watching him run into walls, cabinets, legs etc for the first 2 days. He is getting used to his cone now. I think he may even enjoy his new accessory. Who am I kidding? He is embarrassed as heck by it. still, I am tempted to bedazzle it or at least add flair of some sort. Feathers perhaps?

I am very thankful that we were able to do this for him, if he was still wandering the mean hot streets of Florida alone, eventually the ulcer in his eye would have burst. That would not be pretty. NoSireeBobCatTail.


This is our last weekend before school starts. I know most parents are happy to send their kids back to school, but I like them to be home with me. Less stress. Less running around. When they DO annoy me though, I simply let them know that I can still at any time home school them. That usually sets them straight. They are so HAPPY to go back to school. What is wrong with these kids?

I hope everyone has a nice weekend ahead of them.

Enjoy your loved ones, even if you don’t always like them. (could that be a new bumper sticker?) Hug the people in your life. Love your animals and remember to keep their water bowls full. The animals; not the people. If your people have water bowls, well, that would be weird and they may need more than just hugs.


  1. Poor Ozzie...that probably does get in the way of everyday tasks like eating, walking, sleeping? And you have to put drops in several times a day?? You are a very good mom! Enjoy your weekend with your girls. ~Natalie

  2. you are a mean mama... poor ozzie not only has to wear that lampshade (withoug feathers)but now he has everyone seeing his humuliation! well, maybe with only one eye opened he isn't seeing so good and he'll think it is Bart :)

    i am surely not ready for school either... or the running from here to there. oh well!

  3. When I did a LOT of gardening years ago, I wore a big straw sun hat. I was a lot like Ozzie, I would run into low hanging branches, brick walls etc.!!! I am thankful that he has you to take good care of him. Hope the weekend goes smoothly for all of you. Hope the girls have a great school year.

  4. aww poor ozzie. i feel so bad for him. thank God doctors don't make us wear lampshades on OUR heads when we have eye surgery.

  5. Glad he's doing okay. I love how doggies can get embarrassed by their appearance. Our dog hated the little bow the groomer put around his neck. He'd sulk around the house until we removed it. It's so self-aware!

    Enjoy your last weekend!

  6. Oh dear...he looks so cute. Glad he is doing well. This reminds me of when my dog had surgury a few winters ago and she had to wear one of those lamp shade thingys on her head and when we let her outside she would run into the snow banks and get snow stuck inside...she would bring snow back inside with

    You are too funny...threatening to homeschool your girls if they annoy you too kids were excited to go back to school too. Hope you have a good last weekend!

  7. I'm glad Ozzie is doing well and I have no doubt that you will find a unique way to decorate his cone. Enjoy the weekend with your girls (and Coach).

  8. Oh what a sweetie, Suz. Glad Ozzie did so well with his surgery---even if he has to wear a lampshade for awhile. What does Cocoa think about her brother??? Bet she wonders what that crazy thing is on his head....

    You have a good weekend also..

  9. What a sweet pup :) Too cute! Hope it heals nicely!!!!

  10. Poor baby.. and poor 'mama' for having to do meds and drops for your little conehead for the next forever. ugh!

    But ya know.. I don't like it when school starts either.. too much stress and I miss her. I'm glad I'm not the only one! : )

  11. I love people who treat their animals like a member of their family! We are actually going on our "dog vacation" next week. We take them camping to the mountains every year.

  12. Oh poor Ozzie! The first picture says it all...I am sure he is thinking not only did I have to have surgery and have my eye sewed shut now I have to wear this goofy looking thing. Oh what will people think!"

    Hope he is feeling better soon! You are a great mama to those pooches!

  13. The Cone of Shame!!! You must see "Up"--the Cone of Shame is employed as a social-stigma-type punishment for bad doggies. Like a dunce cap or a scarlet A.

  14. Poor Ozzie!! I want to give him 20 biscuits and rub his belly! And then put some kitty stickers on his cone! HA! Hope he feels better soon!

  15. I do understand about the school thing. My children attending school is exhausting for me.

    And I do remember Coneheads. Unfortunatey, I misspoke once in high school and said, "Cornheads." 30 years have gone by and this week I reconnected with the witness to that misspeak. Yes, you know what she mentioned in that first FB message.

  16. bless that dog! He looks very forlorn

  17. I always feel sorry for the "Conehead" animals, because they seem to feel SO UNDIGNIFIED. It looks as if it hurts their dignity more than the bodily discomfort. But I am glad that he is so loved and well-cared-for, and that he has you to nurse him back to health.
    Enjoy those last few days of summer with your sweet girls & Coach! XO

  18. the pets always look so pitiful in those shades. When my dog lily had one, the look she would give me when she unsuccessfully tried to walk between the sofa and coffee table broke my heart! She got used to it pretty fast though. hope he heals fast. I'm with you on the school thing - going back is in total conflict with my home body lifestyle :)

  19. A few weeks... oh, your poor baby! You all could write "things" on the lampshade like they do with casts???

  20. Glad to hear that Ozzie is now on the road to recovery. I have found that Vienna Sausage makes pill time VERY easy!

  21. Aye! Ozzie! You've graduated into the school of cool dogs with awesome moms!

    Bellyrubs to the good boy, cone and all!


  22. Awww, poor Ozzie. My dog had to wear one of those...and just a little fyi, his ears got a fungus from getting too moist and not enough air.

    Now I want to hug Ozzie.

  23. awwwwww ozzie you poor sweet baby... at least you do have a mommy that loves you SO much she was willing to cut her eye out for you... WHAT? it was your eye that got cut? oh man, i'm SO sorry. i guess she dont love ya that much then... ey ole boy?

    just kiddin....

    speedy recovery to you baby and dont forget to give your mama an extra snuggle for fixing your eye.

    bless your little cone wearing eye sewed shut heart.

    oh BTW, white looks pretty good on ya, it matches your COAT. ;)

    auntie chrissy....

    i know you got it RUFFFF boy.... yes in deedee...

    [who's in dee dee?]

    snort.... snort.... howl.... choke on spit....

  24. Oh, Poor Ozzie! I will keep him in my prayers. Yes. I do, in fact, pray for animals as well as people. Call me crazy : ).

    I feel the same way about Kaish going back to school. I don't want it to happen. Not even a tiny bit! Cause it means he keeps getting older and more grown up and I.just.can', Suz. I really can't. Send help for me immediately with your lottery winnings. Thanks!


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