October 15, 2018

The one where we fell in love with New Zealand {pt 2}

When Kelly and I started talking about a trip to NZ, we really didn't know where to start. For a minute, we thought we'd fly into Austrailia and spend a few days there....but upon further research, we found out that wasn't such a great idea. 
You really need a few weeks in EITHER country and not a few weeks in BOTH countries.

Did I mention that Linds (my youngest) was already going to be in Wellington, NZ? Well, that was the main reason for our trip and Linds already had her flight home booked, so we planned OUR trip to end where she was and to fly home together. 

We went back and forth about where to fly into NZ, what parts to focus on, etc....
After much reading, we figured the south island really had more of what we enjoyed. 
Nature and wine. 

We found a great travel site that would put together a 'self-drive' tour customized to our dates, budget, and interests. I didn't want to just go it alone....nor could you pay me to be a part of a group tour. 

I can't recommend them enough. They booked our rental car, all the hotels and some of our excursions too. Everything went smoothly; no hiccups. (aside from a weather issue-hello surprise snowstorm and one hotel that we didn't love, but because of the weather issue, we were only there for 10 hours)

We had 13 days to visit and see as much as we could and end with 3 of those days with Lindsay in Wellington. So we flew into Queenstown and spent the beginning of our trip there. 

Queenstown is a super cute small has a really nice vibe to it. Lot's of outdoor restaurants, water activities, skiing in the winter and very safe for two women to be out and about. 
We walked everywhere for the most part.

Did you know that they drive on the left side of the road?
On the right side of the car? 
And they have different driving rules. Our tour package included a little book...thank goodness I read this. (after the first time I drove!) It was very helpful. 

They have mostly roundabouts there, not like our four-way intersections with traffic signals. 
They have a lot of one lane bridges. 
Both of those have specific rules and I'm proud to say I knew them by reading that little book. 

So, yes, I'm a professional NZ driver. 


  1. are brave, I don't think that I could drive on he left without killing myself and others.

  2. I am impressed. Driving in another country is stressful. We were in Ireland this summer and rented a car. Quite an adventure!

  3. My husband isn't typically phased by driving in foreign countries but even the thought of it terrifies me! Good for you for doing it!! This sounds like such a lovely trip!

  4. I'm glad to hear that you are now a professional New Zealand driver. I never got completely comfortable with driving on the 'wrong' side when I was in England and Ireland.

  5. I watch a lot of Australian television programs so I did know about the driving. Glad you enjoyed the trip so much.


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