November 03, 2018

The one where I can't stop gushing about New Zealand and SHEEP {pt 3}

For the last few weeks, I keep coming to my blog page and I attempt to write/document about our super duper fabulous once in a lifetime trip, but then my brain goes

The burp was from a ginger ale. 

There is so much to write and share it becomes overwhelming. 

We started our trip on the South Island so we could drive north while seeing all the good stuff prior to meeting up with Lindsay in Wellington. 

Our tour people set up some good stuff for us. One was this boat cruise to a working sheep farm with a beautiful dinner. Sadly, this was on our first night....although we really weren't jet-lagged, we did want to go to bed at 9pm {NZ time} 

But, when you get on a boat, you can't just willy-nilly walk back to your hotel when you want to go to bed. 
You'd have to swim, but the water was really cold. 

beeUtiful views for days. 

We watched a sheep get all its hairs cut.
It was awkward. for me and the sheep.

New Zealand is known for it's Merino wool which comes from Merino sheep.
You knew that.
Merino wool is unlike most wool. It's soft and fine. It doesn't make your skin feel like it's going to itch until you insist on one of those white straight jackets.

So, this night was our first encounter with NZ sheep.
During our next 13 days, we encountered eleventy billion sheep.
Around every corner on our drive were fields and fields of sheep.

"Does this wool make my butt look big?" 

Kelly and Suz with some sleepy sheep. 

Something else that was interesting. They sell items everywhere made from Merino wool; sweaters, socks, hats, scarves....all very soft and lovely.
We also noticed lots of these items that were a mixture of Merino wool and possum. 


Possums in NZ are not native and they've become very invasive pests. Mostly because they kill all the flightless birds in NZ. Yeah, the poor Kiwi bird is a dying breed and possums are one of the reasons. 

So the NZ'ers have found that while trying to reduce their numbers, they can use their coat for clothing items.

Pretty darn smart if you ask me. 

Now, I'm off to find another gingerale and gather my thoughts. 



  1. ...I only know about possums as roadkill, they don't seem to be able to get across the road. Ginger Ale straight up?

  2. I didn't realize kiwi birds were being devoured by possums. You certainly saw some beautiful scenery in New Zealand.

  3. And the wine. Oh, the wine. I'm a knitter and do love the wool, but I must repeat, Oh the wine.

  4. I always love seeing that beautiful, smiling face!!! xoxox


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