June 28, 2017

This, that and the other thing

I had my annual eye appointment this week. Do you recall that I had my laser vision surgery back in 2015? It was almost two years ago and I'm proud to say that my vision is just awesome. I know it's not polite to boast, but I am. My right eye (distance) is 20/25 and my left eye (near) is 20/20.
I almost feel like an overachiever.
Ok, If I'm being honest, I actually DO feel like an overachiever.

I do have really dry eyes though and that was the case before the surgery. The Dr. said I can have tubes put in my ducts to help combat that.
When she suggested this, I immediately thought about pool noodles.
No. Thanks.
I'll just keep the 27 bottles of eye drops I have scattered about in my house/car/purse.

Back in April my girlfriend and I went out for lunch and a margarita to celebrate my Mom's birthday. What? It's a thing.
We both had cucumber Margaritas and we declared that they were the best thing ever.
A few weeks later she and I were texting about getting together because the Coach was out of town and we love any excuse to catch up. So, I was thinking it would be great if I tried to make cuke margs for us. Well, I'd just call it serendipity because I didn't even need to go to the store; I had 3 large cukes in my garden, a full bottle of good tequila, mint and limes. DESTINY.
So, I marinated the mint and cuke in tequila and voila; we had cuke margs and they.were.amazing.
If you care for the recipe, it's this article here.

The other thing
I almost broke the bank and purchased myself a macro/wide lens for my cellphone.

Actually, it's gone up $2 since I purchased mine. Supply and demand is alive and well.
I'm amazed at how great the photos/videos are. Who doesn't want to record caterpillars eating or frolicking on a milkweed flower? Sadly, I can't figure out how to properly share the videos on blogger. (arrggghhhh)

Happy Humpday!


  1. I've been battling dry eyes more lately. It seems to make my vision blurry in one eye in particular at times. I plan to ask my doctor about it when I go next winter. But I am not getting any tubes put in either!

  2. Love your this n that post. Wow! You spent so much on a lens? :)

  3. I think you have more bottles of eye drops scattered around than I have. My doctor said the dry eyes were a result of getting old, but that couldn't possibly be the case for you. Your new lens for your cell phone camera gets marvelous photos.

  4. Yes, just use the drops. Love your close-ups; congrats on the new lens!

  5. Great post... Love the title (This, That and the Other).... I may have to steal that sometime....

    So far one problem I haven't had is dry eyes... In fact, my problem is the opposite--too many tears/moisture... Want some of mine????? ha ha

    Never had Cucumber Margaritas --but want to try them sometime.... YUM.

    Congrats on the new lens. Great photos.


  6. you have a recipe for the margaritas?! let me know and i'll come sample one. or two. plus i still need to book my butterfly release tour!

    i/m so thankful your eyes are in tip top shape! you sure deserve it after all of the issues you had getting those laser beams put in! but... are you SURE you don't need pool noodles put in??

  7. You are so innovative. I love your cucumbers. I am glad you are NOT getting pool noodles in your eye. That might be a little too overboard. I see a lot of girls in Philly with fake lashes. Really fake and long and crazy. Not as bad as pool noodles, but almost.

    I miss you. Please move to Pennsylvania at once. My sister Betsy is spending the summer in Bradenton. Are you near there? She loves Florida and wants to move there as soon as possible. We are trying to keep her here because we like her kids. : )

  8. i love that you celebrate your mom's birthday! that's what i want my kids to do after i'm gone, a long time from now...the cuke margs sound so good...i really really wish i lived nearby! the photos are amazing!

  9. What are you doing about photos on blogger? I'm scared to move.


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