December 12, 2014

Willy Nilly Friday-I'm back, but I'm not nearly all here.

Joining Tanya and friends for 5 willy nilly thoughts, pics or whatevers.

1) Ozzie made it though his surgery on Wednesday; thank you all for the well wishes. 
The Dr. has sent out the tumor for inspection to see how 'aggressive' it is. He's doing fine now....aside from that darn cone of shame. He takes his meds and all the flipping' drops/gels we have to deposit into his eye like a champ; I'd not be as gracious! He goes back for a check up December 24th; hopefully the cone can be removed before Santa arrives and fun can be had. 

2) Our cocktail party last weekend was a great success, even though I wasn't feeling 100%.
Everyone said it was the best party yet. Apparently everyone thought that water coming from the ceiling during the party was a bonus? {Don't people pay extra for the waterfall effect?}
Our a/c was working so hard to keep up with the open doors that it froze up and started leaking through the ceiling!
 I was just happy that our septic didn't back up as we had 40 people here!

3) Our fancy smancy tree

4) Our Janky tree. Ok, the kids call it janky-it's actually quaint!

Doesn't everyone have a scuba diving bee on their janky tree?

5) We're hosting a large holiday party tomorrow night for our company employees. {not at our home!} We're ecstatic to be doing this since we've not been able to since 2008! {gosh darn economy!} Luckily things are on the up and up and we can finally reward our hard working peeps!

Anyone else hosting or attending any parties this week?


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  1. Checking in on Ozzie this a.m. I love your trees and the bee is too funny! Have a fun time at the company party!

  2. 40 people?!? I don't have it in me to pull off something like that. But I'd LOVE to attend one of yours! ;-)

  3. Poor Ozzie. :-( I do hope he gets the cone of shame removed soon and all will turn out well. Glad you had a fun party, even thought you had an unplanned waterfall in your house. Then again, when is a waterfall in the house ever planned? ;-) I hope your party for your employees is fun filled and not water filled...

  4. You were missed.
    #1 Angel doggie.
    #2 When it rains, it pours.
    #3 A two tree family.
    #4 What does janky mean?
    #5 Ah, yes the gosh darn economy.
    Merry Christmas Y'All. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. Poor doggie. I'm glad he's doing well. You're a party animal, aren't you? Well, a hostessing animal would be more appropriate. Give me lessons, please?

  6. Your fancy smancy tree is beautiful, as is your janky one. I'm sure your company party will be as big a success as the one in your home (minus the waterfall, of course!).

  7. Glad to hear Ozzie is doing well. Have a great weekend.

  8. Poor puppy! Hew looks like he's hanging in there. Hope your party goes awful you had water dripping from the ceiling for your house party!

  9. oh i'm so glad to hear oz's surgery went well...what a sweetheart...give him a hug for me...funny story here: the first time i saw a dog wearing a cone, i seriously thought the poor thing got his head stuck in a was the people that lived next door to my husband's grandmother and yes, i'll admit i was in my younger 20' this was the first time i saw that i don't know...maybe cones had just been invented, i don't know...but the dog was running around the yard in his cone and i told my husband "look, he has his head stuck in a lampshade" and i was cracking up... :D good luck with your party, wish i could attend! my husband's employer is lame and doesn't throw one. he's worked for many dealerships over the years and this is the worst employer ever as far as treating his employees well...luckily my husband is pretty much left on his own and makes his own money there, doesn't have to rely on anyone but his own....oh wow, you reminded me of the leak...we had that happen in our georgia house...we had been out of town and came back to a leak because of the a/c...what a mess! well, thanks for linking and hope you are having a super duper weekend...and give oz another hug from me :D

  10. No parties or party going for me this weekend as I am not only not 100%, but may be in negative territory. Hoping this day of rest will do it--as I have ZERO trees, janky or otherwise up!

  11. Haha, good point, if your party is NOT at your house no cleanup, no prep, no ANYTHING but fun :) Oh geez, a leaky roof...Murphy's law, right? But wait....AC on in December? Goodness, I think we live on different planets, with all the snow we have....

  12. So glad your puppy's surgery went well....those cones are a bi&*h. The waterfall effect must have been awesome, lol, Oh man.....glad to see your sense of humor is still intact.

  13. Poor Ozzie!
    Your a/c is freezing toes are freezing here!
    Love both trees. I think my kids would say our tree might be janky. Or just jank. Mostly they say, "Why did we let Mom pick the tree? It's so weird." I just lovingly explain to them that weird is what we do. It is who we are. Embrace it.
    Hope the party was a great success.

  14. Oh your poor baby! Hope he feels better soon!

  15. I like that you do kind thing for others.
    The janky tree is my favorite.


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