December 04, 2009

TGIF; getting on with things…

A few days last week we had to actually get out a blanket for sleeping. YIPPEE. But sadly, last night, we had to put the a/c back on. ***shaking fists at Mother Nature!!**  Gosh, darn…why is it so hot?


Yesterday morning: 6:35am.

We have held a Christmas cocktail party at our house for the last 10 years. I love it. It is always a fun, fun night. I usually go all out…. 

I made my own invitations this year. Well, I made them myself each year, but I usually start with a pre-designed card…with some sort of whimsy…cocktails or an intoxicated Santa. Nothing says Christmas like  Santa falling down!

It was comical for me to make these invitations with the one element in this world that I loathe: Glitter. I have a thing for glitter. A distaste for it. A loathing for it. Ok, I do hate it. Glitter is usually banned from our property. And I am talking about all 2.5 acres. But for Christmas…I gave it a chance. and really, it failed me again.


I had glitter everywhere. The cats thought it was a glitter field day, as they rolled in it. I woke up this morning…and it looked like I was the head mascot in the Gay Pride Parade marching down Main Street in San Fran.

But…in keeping with our theme of doing less, I mean spending  less, I found some good stuff in my craft cabinet to make some decent invitations.

Christmas party invite 2009

I sure do hope our guests don’t mind that I cook a bag of beans and a pot of rice this year?!?

Ok, so I will crack open a few bottles of Vino and vodka…actually, I think apple martinis will be our main cocktail this year. Who wants to come?   Do you have an apple tree…how about a vodka tree???

If you have time on your hands…this is a Recap from last year’s party!!! It involved Vodka, wine and ‘turtle’ necks. For anyone who wants to photograph with a ‘thin neck’. :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

We have a weekend full of softball and dancing. If only we could incorporate the two at the same time.  Enjoy yourself. Do something nice for someone you know…or someone you don’t know.

See the Salvation Army Bell Ringers???….give them some cents.. a few dollars. It really can make a difference.

Happy Weekend!!!!


  1. We don't have the apple or vodka trees, but I'm thinking of getting a Mike's Hard Lemonade tree for Christmas. (I actually typed bush, but didn't think that sounded appropriate.)

    P.S. I'll be stopping by your party - repeatedly.

  2. Good Morning! It is hot there? We could trade places for the weekend. It is 7 degrees here...

    The party sounds fun. What should I bring?
    Happy Weekend. ~Natalie

  3. glitter gets EVERYWHERE. in fact it's all over me just reading this post.
    i can't read the address no matter how much i enlarge that pic so how am i going to find you suz?
    i was going to get my funky xmas sweater out and wear it to the party. :-))

  4. i don't drink, but be careful mixing soft balls and vodka, you'll knock your eye out!!! have a great time!!

  5. Oh, I am so with you on the glitter thing. My children were quite deprived since I refused to let them use it in the house. I think we still have glitter in the corners of the garage of our old house. That stuff never goes away.

  6. Have a great party... I'd be the one asking if you had decaf sweet tea on hand. Don't drink either, but it never stops me from having a good time. AC? Really?! Wow. We do NOT have our AC running. We've gotten a bit of a cold snap and it was 28 when I rolled out of bed this morning. Makes me just want to roll right back in! So see, you can enjoy your party and not have the worry of freezing to death! : )

  7. In spite of your glitter hatred, the invitations turned out really cute!

    I can't believe you're using the A/C! We have snow on the ground!

  8. You had me at 'IT IS SO HOT', holy cats that is sooooooooooooooooooo unfair!

  9. I will enjoy party-throwing vicariously through you. I am just too tired this year. This working full-time thing is exhausting!

  10. If I get within even 10 feet of glitter - it immediately sticks to my body and won't leave for several months! LOL~! I love your invites - I'm booking my plane trip right now....Can Scout come? Tee hee!

  11. Oh, I love this. I loved your party last year and I know this one will be ducky too! I have never been to a gay pride parade but I imagine the glitter is outrageous!

  12. Are we all invited, Suz?????? If so--we'll be there for sure!!!! AND--while we are in sunny, hot Florida ----I will buy some Farm Stores Eggnog... I've heard that it is the BEST in the WORLD... Do you all drink it????? I have never had any--but might as well buy some since I hope to be coming to your party???

    What do we wear to the party???? Thought I might dress up---and put some glitter on my overalls for the party... Okay????

  13. Well since your Live Traffic Feed says I'm from CHAMPAIGN Illinois, maybe I should go there. HA!
    I need to fix that-AGAIN.??

  14. I want a picture of you with glitter on - love your Gay Pride in SF imagery. Your party sounds as if it will be a blast.

    Have a wonderful weekend! If you're too hot, come on up - it's in the 30s and sunny! But do come soon, as it won't last more than a week or so. It's supposed to snow after that! XO

  15. So cute! I have a cookie exchange every year, and I usually go all out. But this year, I have two baby showers to throw back to back, so it's low key this year!

  16. Oh I remember your party from last I would love to come to your party. Have fun watching the balls games and dancing. Suz, you are so darn thoughtful. Thanks for the encouragement to do something nice for someone and you are so right that giving our cents or a few dollars does make a difference. Happy glittering....happy weekend! :)

  17. i don't think i ever knew you had such hatred for glitter... but now that i am thinking abck, we never did incorporate glitter in a g.s. craft! i have not received my glitter invite yet... but i sure hope it is coming! and i'd be happy to bring a treat! i gotta go relive last year's party... i was just doing the "turtle neck" the other day!

  18. I really want to come. I want to meet you and your lovely family, drink cocktails and soak in some of that lovely heat.
    The fact I live thousands of miles away shouldn't get in the way of us arriving. Expect us. We are pale stressed Brits - you'll recognise us

  19. I like your invitations and I'll check the mail each day to make sure ours doesn't get lost. In the meantime enjoy your weekend. I hope both the softball and the dancing are big successes.

  20. I have six apple trees....but none bear fruit in that why I wasn't invited?!

  21. How are you handling the kids this year?

  22. Denial sounds like a pretty good theme for a party this year!
    I have some apple trees, but we've fed most of them to the horses.
    Hope you get some cooler weather for the softball and dancing.

  23. I've used glitter glue. It dries clear and all you see is the mess.

    Now I have to call the post office and ask them to put out a tracer to find my invitation.

  24. I want a night of denial! Wait, that would be just like any other night...nevermind

  25. I used to throw a Christmas Cocktail party every year. It was so fun! I think yours sounds awesome.

    I am somewhat obsessed with paper and stationery. If I had my way, we'd still all be using calling cards and engraved invitations. None of this evite crap. I'm old school.

  26. That all sounds like the way holiday spirit should be about: friends, family, a bit of merry cheer to go around with lots of laughs. Of course the more people drink the merrier it gets, but it's a celebration!

    ps: i hate glitter too. Nasty stuff.


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