May 09, 2019

If my mouth doesn't get me into trouble, my high cholesterol will.

The Coach and I were discussing a large purchase the other night and he said: "let's just do it, we don't know how much time we have left."
Me: "Oh, I know exactly how much time YOU have left."
Coach: "wow, that sounds menacing."

I was kidding because I know for sure he'll outlive me. Unless he continues to drive as he does, then we'll most likely die together with him at the wheel.

Did I tell you I just lowered my cholesterol by 27 points?
Did I tell you I had high cholesterol? 
I don't think I did. I used to be so good at sharing important things, but lately, I'm so involved in myself.
I'm proud to say that my good cholesterol is really good. But my bad one was really bad.
I really was always a bit miffed about having high numbers, to begin with. I eat well. No processed foods and limited fast food. (I'm weak for Chic fil A)

Back in October my sweet and very thin Dr. told me to lower my numbers and my weight.
I was a bit offended. People, truthful words DO hurt.
She did agree with my thought that if I were 3 inches taller, my weight would be great.

Even though I strength train 3x a week and do cardio at least 2, my weight (waist size) has been slowly been going UP. I blame peri-menopause. I even blame it for the thinning ozone layer.

I wish I knew how exactly I lowered my numbers. (my weight was down only a few pounds, but it fluctuates 3-4 lbs depending on the day)
For my cholesterol, though I did a few things.  I avoided the daily piece of bacon that the Coach makes. He's a bacon connoisseur; even making his very own cured bacon. He would still offer it to me after I said I needed to lower my numbers and I'd say:


I suppose if you talk to someone like that, the answer might be YES.

A vegan burger and NOT a bacon burger
Anyhoo....less bacon in my life and I was taking two Plant Sterol gel caps daily. I get them at the Vitamin Shoppe.  I had read about them somewhere and figured I didn't have anything to lose aside from bad numbers. I have one in the morning and one at night along with my daily joint pills.
You'd never know I was such a pill popper by looking at me, but I have an innocent face and a horrible mouth.
For a while there I limited my cheese intake too, but that didn't last long. Rats love cheese.
I'm still a work in progress, hoping that my numbers go down more before my next appointment in six months.
Also I hope Dr. Thin gains a few of my pounds....that's what you get when you hurt my feelings. :)

Have a great day.


  1. Hooray for lowering your cholesterol. The drugs sound like they have a lot of side effects, so if you can get it down with supplements and leaving out bacon, you will likely be much happier!

  2. Congratulations on lowering your cholesterol as much as you have. I've been fighting high cholesterol for years -- sometimes I win and sometimes it wins. The fight goes on. I just keep reminding myself that my Dad's cholesterol was even higher than mine ever got and he lived to be 101.

  3. Another large purchase? Didn't you just buy a BOAT? You are right to lower your cholesterol without statin drugs if at all possible. Of course, the minute you get your bad cholesterol down, they will change the numbers and it will once again be "high". You can't win.

  4. This reminds me that i need to schedule my physical so I can get my numbers checked!


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