December 31, 2015

A party, a holiday and a national Holiday.

We hosted our Company party a few weeks ago and it was a great success! We had over 90 people attend this year; it was lovely to see so many people enjoying themselves.
Of course, a couple of the people are my favorites.

Wearing my wedding pearls; Mom would be proud!

Christmas was fun. Different, but it was fun. We celebrated on Christmas Eve with all our regular people (12), but not in our regular family room/kitchen since that might not be done until 2022!
This year? We were in the Craft room. (which is also the laundry room, the office, the dogs room, my makeup/vanity room, my workout room, our kitchen and our dining room)
We're not just multitasking people, we've not got a multitasking house!!!
We did a potluck and it was fabulous!

When you run out of chairs for dinner.....

Guess who turned 20 two days after Santa's arrival?
No, not me, but thanks for even letting that thought cross your (apparently senile) mind.
Our little Lindsay is no longer a teen.
She's always been one of my favorite children. She's doing great in school, stays busy with her sorority and hasn't been arrested ONE time.  (See why her day is a national holiday?)
She and her sister are actually moving in together late January. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? 

I hope ALL Of you sweet people have had a nice Christmas. Wishing you a beautiful, healthy and joyful 2016.



  1. Hi, I love your Party photo! You all look beautiful. Wishing each of you a blessed new year!

  2. Good times! BIG Congratulations for Lyndsey making it to 20 without getting arrested! (ha, ha!) Atta girl!
    Happy New Year, Suz!

  3. Hi, I love reading about you and your wonderful family... Glad you had a great Christmas --even with the renovations going on around you!!!!! Your daughters get more and more gorgeous --like their Mama.

    Happy Birthday to Linds also. Hope you and that terrific family have an awesome 2016.

    I did a "Year in Review" on my blog yesterday. Check it out when you have time.


  4. It looks as if all the holiday celebrations were a great success. I hope you and your family have a very happy and healthy 2016!

  5. Oh my word. She is 20. How can that be? Seriously!
    I LOVE your fancy chair for Christmas dinner. Splendid.
    You are so pretty in your dress.

  6. Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year, blogger buddy! Best wishes for the whole family.

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating the holidays. 20? How can it be that our babies are growing up so fast?? Have a fantastic start into the new year!

  8. Love the photo with you and your gorgeous girls. The three of you look fabulous! SO happy to finally meet you in person!!!!!! Happy 2016 and hope to see you again soon! xo

  9. awww. your girls are grown up! :)

  10. what a great photo of the 3 of you! i love that she is exercising and eating dinner ;) happy birthday to lindsay and doesn't that make your heart happy knowing that they will be living together?!! happy new year!!

  11. Happy Birthday to your baby! How sweet that they will be moving in together? Kind of a Mama's dream, they can look after each other :)


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