March 06, 2015

Willy Nilly Friday~The "lets get back into a positive groove" version.

Joining Tanya and friends to share 5 willy nilly thoughts, photos or whatevers.
I'm a fan of the whatevers. 

The reason we put up with the horrid, humid, melt your face off kind of summers is to enjoy the 2-3 months in the winter where our faces don't melt off.
Ok, we also put up with it because it's where we live, work and play.

*My face is fully intact right now...but I feel as thought it's going downhill quickly.
Summer is 5 minutes away!!*

I have both gardens filled up. 
This one I just finished yesterday.
{aside from the rosemary plant on crack that I butchered so I could walk into the garden}
I mean, grow, please.
I really need to work on my demanding nature. 
I mean, my demanding OF nature.
This one is a bit more mature; I finished it on Sunday. {aside from the eggplant bush on steroids}

We all miss Ozzie; but I didn't realize that Cocoa would miss him SO much. That's not to say she didn't love him; she did. BUT, they didn't really play...because Ozzie was not a player.
He was an eater, a sleeper and a pee-er. But, while doing all those things, he did them with Cocoa. She's been really mopey since he's been gone. 
I requested a play date this week with her friend Maya. 
I lovingly refer to Maya as The Sausage roll.

Sausage Roll who?

Who knew that I'd be worried about my dog's mental health?

Lolo's Walter is doing well. She lets him get some climbing time in my house plant.
I use the word 'climbing' loosley. He's more of a I'm just hanging out kind of chameleon.
Yikes, my corn plant isn't looking so healthy. 
Oh joy...something else that is ailing???

100% relatable
But if you call me moody, I'll put a hurtin' on you and your coffee filters. 

Have a fabulous weekend my people. 
Around Roanoke


  1. Ten below zero and 3 feet of snow on the ground here in Ithaca and you are gardening.... but we don't have snakes like yours :) Maya is a cutie! Have a great weekend yourself!

  2. Great shots, and have an even greater weekend!

  3. number 3 breaks my heart :( haha sausage roll! she does look like a sausage roll, but a cute one! hope they have a fun play day and cocoa enjoys it..your garden looks great. funny, i took ozzy out yesterday and noticed my frozen stick of basil and so did oz at the same time and then he peed on it...ugh...but i was thinking how i can't wait for fresh herbs again! i am rolling over number 5 because the coffee filter thing drives me insane sometimes! p.s....the linky is up now!

  4. I am so jealous of your garden. We've had a gorgeous day on Wednesday with temps near 70 and then overnight the bottom fell out and we dropped down to the high 20's. :-( Everything is covered in ice - which makes it kinda fun to watch the dogs try to go outside. ;-) Hopefully it'll start melting today... Poor Cocoa, hope you get to have that play date for her.

  5. Willy nilly. Hadn't though about that neat word in a long time. Actually it accurately describes my lifestyle during these horrid winters. I get lots of ideas but follow through on very few because I'm curled up under my blankie snoozing and trying to keep warm...:)

  6. Your garden looks good -- it must be providing you with some great therapy. Our flower beds are still under that nasty white stuff, so it will be awhile before I get any therapy.

  7. laughing. :) i like the sausage roll! so cute! :) go, you gardening fool, go!

  8. lol! I had a coffee filter moment this morning!

  9. Beautiful garden areas! I'm more of a "throw some seed here and there" and see what happens. Lol. :)

  10. #1 To each their own.
    32 For sixty some odd years I've enjoyed playing in the dirt and still do!
    #3 I've never been a pet guy.
    #4 A pet chameleon? There are geckos running all over the place here.
    #5 I'm "too blessed to be stressed."
    Aloha Tom The Backroads Traveller

  11. Do you think you would try to get a new doggie playmate? I'm jealous of your weather RIGHT NOW. Our summers aren't as bad as yours but our winters would positively freeze your hiney off. fitness plan? LOL I could not find Walter for a minute. He's good. I'm glad I didn't put in an early winter garden. I think the ice and snow are done now so I may put a few things in next week when it's supposed to be in the SIXTIES. Can't. Wait.

  12. Fun post. Wow you must be warm already if it feels like summer. We're easing into spring here this week with nice 60+ temps. We do have HOT summers here but ours is the dry variety of heat. We'll be a ways off from gardens just yet. You seem to have a good start on yours. Your dog is really cute, sorry he misses his friend. I like lizards but I don't think our cats would.

  13. I imagine Cocoa is wondering what the heck happened. Poor little girl, she feels what you feel. Hopefully things will be getting better and better as time goes on. You are awesome!

  14. So sad for you guys and Cocoa. Your garden is looking great. We woke to a dusting of snow but the weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny!

  15. I've tried to use the "permanent" filter instead of paper. But I swear the coffee is not as good. And despite my best intentions of keeping my sanity, the filters sticking together does indeed drive me over the edge. I hope Cocoa is back to normal soon. It took our Lucy several weeks to manage a tail wag.

    Gardening in early March must be a treat.

  16. HA HA---I understand about the coffee filters... So much fun with those little things!!!!!! ha

    I have always heard about other animals in the house being depressed when one of the 'friends' dies.. I'm sure that Cocoa is grieving just like you are... Bless her heart.

    Love your garden. Can't wait til we can work outside in our flower gardens.

  17. I feel so bad for Cocoa.
    I'll gladly take the winter weather instead of having my face melt off in the summer! How do you people live like that??? :D

  18. You have had a time of it! I am so grateful all your creatures got to spend their time her with you and yours.

    P.S. My first car was a 1970something 1/2 ton pickup WITHOUT power steering. We were a sight!

  19. Oh poor Cocoa. Perhaps another pet to keep Cocoa company? Just suggesting!!

  20. That chameleon is wonderful hanging out on the plant! Loved the pic. Poor sweet pup...hope he/she is doing well. Your garden spaces are wonderful!

  21. LOL....the coffee filters, I totally get it.

  22. Poor Cocoa. I totally get it. Junior is STILL acting out, and Buster has been gone almost two months now. :(

    Just for the record, I'll take nipples-that-can-cut-glass cold over melt-your-face-off heat ANY DAY!!

    But, you already knew that.... ;-)


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