March 16, 2015

Nature is pretty and pretty interesting when it's not trying to devour you.

Thank you all for the well wishes to my mom-she reads my blog AND all the comments.    
She was released from the hospital on Friday night and she rested all weekend; hopefully she'll have some answers soon. 
I secretly hope she's pregnant; I'd love a sibling!

I meant to post this a few weeks ago, but I was distracted by something. Mostly likely by something sparkly or tasty. 
It happens. 

A few weekends ago our good friends from Jupiter spent the weekend with us. On Saturday morning I wanted to share with them Dawn's nature trail. Ok, it isn't just for Dawn, but it's so close to her house; she goes there quite a bit AND her son Camden completed his Eagle scout project there. 
In my book, that makes it hers. 
 Camden made fabulous trail markers for the entire 12 miles of this incredible trail. 
One day, I hope to make it to mile marker one. No, I'm not a slacker Mc'll see why we didn't make it that far in about 3 photos. 
Oh, that guy? That's just a little {sissy} baby. 
We saw a few of those as well as a day care center for raccoons. 
Ok, maybe it was just a few raccoon youngnin's in one spot and I assumed they were in daycare. 

You'd be surprised by how many calories I burn assuming things. 

Looky looky whose trying to block our trail. (including Lolo and Cocoa)
Yes, I sent my child and my dog ahead of me. HA. Actually quite a few people walked next to/past this very large gator without a thought.
I had lots of thoughts and most of them ended with me struggling to free myself from her jaws while shatting my shorts. 

See Dawn's brave son Camden over there in the yellow shorts? Just a few feet to his right was a water, we were to finagle between the gator and the water moc!

I finally did it; thank goodness some really nice teenagers came by and said they would walk between ME and the gator. 
I know...can you imagine if something happened and I had to explain to their parents that I let them sacrifice their lives for me. 
I was not in my right mind. 

Thank goodness there were a lot of pretty views when you looked up. 
Ibis and egrets everywhere...they were so lovely and I don't believe they've ever eaten anyone; although that one was 'eyeballing' me. 

You should know that walking while looking up can be dangerous....because we ran into another one of these unattractive parts of nature. 
Why do snakes just sneak up on you like that? kinda rude. 

To exit the trail, you have to go out the exact way you came in. We HAD to walk past the gator to leave the trail. Can you believe she hadn't moved an inch? Lazy pants.
YES,  of course we'll do it again; this is why we have life insurance. 

Anyone have any close encounters with nature lately?



  1. I love hearing this story from your perspective. Dawn's instagram photo left out a lot of details!! And Camden's trail markers look fabulous.

    I missed the post about your mom. Going back to read it now. Prayers for her and you!

  2. Ok, not a flipping chance I would go there, you are way braver than I am!! I might have made it past the gator, but the water moccasin, would have done me in. Shiver....

  3. Yikes on all the critters! But it looks like you had a great day. I watched a bumble bee enjoying some of the weeds in my yard yesterday. That's the closest I got to wildlife. : )

  4. oh my goodness i needed this laugh AGAIN to wake me up today!!! it was such fun. especially when you had those teens escort you past! truly, i thought you were RIGHT. BEHIND. ME! we walked yesterday afternoon and only saw one tiny baby. oh! wait, then on the way back we did see another snake & small sissy gator. one-eyed-ida was not out sunning herself...

  5. totally laughing at you placing children, dogs and teens between you and danger. :)

  6. I am so with you on walking past a sneaky alligator. I think you were fooled by the "protection" of the teens. They were not in any danger at all. They would have outrun you for sure had that 'gator turned around.

  7. Dang.... I wish all of our assumptions would burn calories.... I'd be skinny!!!!!! ha ha

    Looks like a great trail. Camden did a terrific job on the markers..... Not sure I'd want to have a confrontation with an alligator.


  8. I would just wait for you guys in the car!!! lol

  9. Pretty sure I wouldn't make it to the first marker either! YIKES!

  10. LOL! I am not walking there! Holy cow!

  11. Those mile markers are incredible! What a great job he did!!
    Ewww...I shivered when I saw that picture of the snake.
    And the gator? No thank you; I'll stick with my lovely deer and occasional black bear!

  12. HOLY FLIPPIN' SHIT there is NO WAY I am ever going near Florida, eeek! OK, sure, we have piles of snow but no hungry reptiles!

    1. Gary, when I saw this post, I immediately scrolled down to the comments to find yours!!!!

  13. Although this looks like a wonderful nature trail, I think I'll enjoy it through your photos. I don't particularly like things sneaking up on me when I'm out in nature!

  14. what an awesome walk! water mocs scare me..we had them in missouri and georgia, thank goodness none here...i research snakes in the area before we move really, i do! my husband's grandpa's brother was killed by a nest of water mocs when he was a kid...asshole snakes....i hope your mom is pregnant too, a sibling would be she would have a built in babysitter! really though, hope she is feeling much better!! funny how cocoa doesn't even notice the gator!

  15. Wow, that is a big gator and a huge snake! Looks like a nice walk, as long as you watch your step.
    Hope your mom is ok. Pregnant would be good! :)

  16. The birds I can handle, the gators and snakes, no thanks. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  17. I'm sorry to read your Mom has been laid up! I hope she's pregnant. too. Ha! Not sure about the gator. I would definitely want to see it later!

  18. I'm so glad that your mom is home, rested, and I hope for some GOOD answers for her.

    Now, Suz, seriously - this posting! Here I was, thinking of Florida as a possible retirement destination (or vacation spot), and you have now completely put me off. I already have a REAL AVERSION to snakes - even harmless garter snakes - and you have to go and talk about (and SHOW) poisonous ones here. This blog is no longer "family-friendly," but has earned an "SS" rating - for Scary Snakes! And the alligator - you have GOT to be kidding me! Did Cocoa really walk right past it, not once, but twice, with her animal-kingdom intuition? How can that be? I would NOT have looked up to see the birds at all - I have the shudders up here in the PNW!
    Camden's Eagle Scout project is not only cool and a great gift to the community, it's clearly a feat of courage. Way to go, Eagle Scout!
    And I'm glad that the family is all back at home, safe and sound. xoxo

  19. Oh my. This is so exciting. I'm glad it was you and not me tho'. But I'm glad you're okay. I hope your mom is on the mend too.

  20. I don't think many people could one up you on wildlife. Most I see is dogs, cats, and birds.

  21. Camden did a beautiful job on the mile marker! I take it there is one at each mile, but do understand why you didn't get pictures of the rest! People need to take those gators very seriously! I'm glad to see you kept your respectable distance! Hope your Mom is doing well now.

  22. That is one scary ass walk! LOL And is it wrong that I adore you more that you let your teens walk between you and the creature? :)

  23. EEK! I'm fine with the gators but you can keep that snake. No thanks.


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