November 17, 2014

The college girl, phamily and my phair

"You never blog about me anymore"
Lindsay stated this while she was home for a night last week. 

Me: Well, I don't see you enough to gather blogging material.
Linds: Last weekend we were together for Sorority Family weekend.
Me: I'd already forgotten about that. 
Linds: Pffft. 

Soooooo,  a few weekends ago we went to Lindsay's campus for Phi Mu family weekend. 

 As we were walking towards the family picnic I declared: 
We need to do a super selfie.
I don't even know what that means, but I think we pulled it off. 
She is absolutely in love with her sorority and her extended family. 
I'm starting to not understand her lately though; she said: We need to do a photo in front of the quat.
Me: Is the quad that big pink thing?
It's a quat Mom; short for quatrefoil. 
If you ad PH to anything it makes it more fun. At least thats the gist I'm getting from Linds. 
I was conveying to some friends the other day how much Linds loves school and sorority life...she was born to be in a sorority.
They asked me if I was in a sorority in college.

Me: I didn't go to college, I went to beauty school....that's why my hair always looks good.
And then I proceeded to laugh so hard at my joke; knowing full well it was 100% true. 

The next day I was thinking about my beauty school time and decided in my next life I'm going to
a real college....but it won't be as phfun since my hair will be a disaster. 


  1. You and Linds look "phantastic"!! Glad to hear she enjoys college so much. I am still nervous thinking Hannah only has one year of high school left...

  2. I'm glad Linds is enjoying her college experience so much. I'm sure, in your next life, that you'll enjoy it just as much, although I find it hard to believe that your hair will be a disaster.

  3. You are so funny... Whether or not you went to Beauty School, your hair ALWAYS looks great. So glad that Linds loves her school and sorority so much. My oldest granddaughter is really 'into' her sorority at Texas State also... She lived in the sorority house one year --but now is in a condo with about 3 other sorority members... I was in a sorority (Kappa Delta) in college and loved it.


  4. My hair could definitely use some of your hair's education. It is so phrizzy.

  5. you're too cute. :) your daughters will be lucky if they grow up to be just like you. :)

  6. You have me laughing! Fun pictures. I did not finish college and did not go to beauty school. I got a big PHat nothing!

  7. You and Lindsay could be sisters. My mama went to beauty school! Back then you were called a beautician when you phixed hair. ;)

  8. What a fun post this is and I love the photos. Your phamily is a joy!

  9. She is so sweet to want to be pheatured on your blog! I am thrilled that she is loving her sorority and college liphe. xoxo

  10. Hair Hair ~ you look maaavelous , with or without sorority credit !

  11. She is so adorable. I would like for you to make all of your posts about her. Could you please try to up your game? My college didn't have sorority or fraternities. I think there were 505 in my graduating class at college. I don't really know what good my degree did me. I earn less than Gary and I do nothing except plead with children to go to school. Basically, any idiot could do it.


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