November 14, 2014

Willy Nilly Friday-GTS and garden swooning.

The Coach has a new catch phrase when someone has a question he can't answer.
He says this a lot. He says it to the kids and to Suz. Pretty soon, you'll also be saying this.
What is GTS? You most likely already say it, but perhaps in a gentler way.
Google That Sh*t.

Something I GTS'd this week was How To Take your own family portraits With you in them.
You might recall that I recently left my job as a personal assistant with a professional photographer. No? No biggie. Well, I want to have family portraits done again this year, but I'm gonna do them myself. I purchased a remote timer and I'll utilize my tripod. All I have to do now is get the other three here and cleaned up at the same time.
It would be great if I could get the dogs in there too….perhaps some doggie meds will be in order; 
I might even share them with the dogs.

This might annoy several people who live in the cold tundra, but my veggie garden is doing wondrous things.  I've scaled it down since the fall season is so short, but we'll soon have tomatoes, cukes, lettuce and eggplants.

Can you believe how fast time is passing? I just put away my Easter decor and now I'm thinking of our Christmas tree. It's not right I tell ya!

Look whats a'blooming on the lanai.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend doing whatever it is you do….and if you need some assistance, just GTS.


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  1. GTS - I LOVE IT!! I'm pretty sure it'll catch on in our house in no time. ;-) Gotta say, I hate you just a tiny little bit for your garden and orchid picture. It is 25 here right now and the high for today is only in the low 40's. For Alabama at this time of year that just isn't right... Good luck with the family pictures!!

  2. Love your garden and fall weather. I really need to look into that winter house in FL cuz it's too cold for me here..

  3. Yup gonna have to GTS out of how to grow veggies in the snow ( nice garden your growing in NOVEMBER) ~ Our "tundra" just got another snowfall last night , I don't mind really that's New England 68 degrees one day and snowing the next ... kinda lil my personality a bit all over the place at times !
    Well I can't wait to see these spectacular family portraits ( the dogs BETTER) be include ...and I hope their funny as no one like perfect family portraits ~ really give us the real family ~ lol

  4. I am envious of all your lush, growing veggies and flowers! Hope you guys have a great weekend. John and I need to take some updated photos of ourselves.

  5. #1 This is more gentle than I would say!
    #2 This is way over my bald head!
    #3 This does annoy me, big time!
    #4 Hang the eggs on the tree!
    #5 In February they will be hanging on MY LANAI!

    This weekend will be special if you make it so! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  6. Go ahead, show off your garden it's awesome and I'm jealous! Good luck with that portrait. You are way more brave than me or maybe just more crazy? Nah, that couldn't be it. :)

  7. GTS, huh? WELL---what did we ever do before Google? What did we ever do before Blogging? What did we ever do before Facebook? What did we ever do before Cellphones? Or Texting? How did we make it BACK THEN?????? Shall I go on???? Okay --if you insist! What did we do with only ONE phone --with a cord--in the house? What did I do without a TV ??? (My hometown was very late in getting TV to work in dem dar mountains.. We only had SNOW on TV's back then.. Finally -about 1960, cable TV came into town. You would have thought we had died and gone to heaven... ha)

    AND to go back even before I was born... One of my brothers received the VERY FIRST Monopoly Game in our town .... All of his friends from all around came to check out what that Monopoly Game was all about.....

    Enough of this..... Have a great weekend. Enjoy that warm weather and flowers and tomatoes... It was a whopping 16 degrees early this morning on our deck....

  8. GTS that is funny. Beautiful flower orchid? our garden doesn't look this good in any given season so I'm envious. (I am enjoying Wally Lamb we are water very much!!)

  9. My brother-in-law taught college English. He emphasized that all information in papers must be annotated. One student simply put under sources, "" Now he could use GTS for "googled that..." If you can manage four adults and two boxers all clean and presentable and looking at a camera at once you are a magician indeed.

  10. It does seem wild you have so many great things in the garden. Here? I broke out the heavy winter jackets for the bus wait this morning!

  11. I am so grateful you stopped by - so i could meet you - YOU are fabulously expressive . . and have warmed me up entirely - THANKS!!!

  12. My friend's Mom has a saying for things she can't explain. She says they are "FM". F---ing Magic. LOL!

  13. Looking stuff up on the internet is such an awesome thing we have in our modern world! It helps me out a lot sometimes! But...(here I go)....Maybe I'm an old fuddy-duddy but I don't think he should say that to kids. Why has the world turned into a cess-pool of profanity? I mean, I don't mind it so much as an occasional expletive in a movie, just not a movie any child might be watching. That ad with those little girls saying F**** over and over while wearing their princess dresses about did me in. I agreed with Fox news that this was child abuse on the part of the parents. But, maybe I'm in the minority. I mean, when Tatum O'Neal said "damn" in paper Moon in 1973 I was's been all down hill since then!

    On to warmer topics (sorry)...I loved your garden shot! You are so fortunate to have the right temps and a green thumb too! Hope you have a great week!

    1. Hi Marie,
      I am also NOT a fan of kiddos with foul mouths. My girls are 21 and 19; we've loosened up a LOT with the language in the house. When they were little, even Shut up was a bad word not to be heard.
      (that little rhyme was accidental) HA.

  14. I am so behind in all this tech talk so was happy to find out what GTS means. hehe

    At least you have things still growing in your garden. Here only worms are in the garden spot and they are digging deeper and deeper as the cold weather approaches.

  15. oh, i would love some fresh veggies. wow, jumping from Easter to Christmas ... that is a big big jump. have a ball - go crazy with decor...
    ( :

  16. I did not know what GTS sounds like a mistake with the GPS. Thank you for clearing this up! Happy weekend to you and your family, two-legged and four-legged. Do you still have the ones with no legs (the snakes)? If so, happy weekend to them, as well.

  17. I would love to sit on your lanai. Grat photos!

  18. oh my gosh, need to make tshirts and bumper stickers...i love that! i'm going to start using i need to send coach royalties? serious, #gts! can't wait to see how your fam photos turn out, good luck with the pooches involved lol...your garden and flowers look great, kind of warming me up! have a great weekend and thanks for linking!

  19. Okay, so you have plants a blooming and I am bringing in the fire wood! We had our first snowfall today! Blech.

  20. First let me just state that I "guessed" you lived in Florida due to the use of the word, "lanai" as we call them patio's up north. Also that was so mean about the garden veggies when gardens here are all wilted and probably covered with snow. It usually doesn't last long here though so I'm not complaining to much. I loved your pretty flowers. - Oh and I GTS (with the gentler version GTP ) all the time.

  21. Re: your garden veggies: when you look at my blog, you will see our 24 degrees and inches of snow....

  22. Go right ahead and demoralize the rest of the country with your delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers. I'll try to remember to say something about cool mountain breezes and low humidity in August!

    P. S. Have a great weekend.

  23. LOVE that orchid photo!!! Wow. Dazzling.

    LOVE the GTS

    ...and LOVE the fact you're like me....just putting Easter things away and Winter Holidays are upon us. But I like Christmas I'll be enjoying it and all the colors and festive feelings.

  24. GTS! Love it!

    We have our own phrase that we've been using for a couple years now, that came from my adorable Daddy. I don't even remember what we were all taking about, but we were all together (my siblings and our children) at my parents' house. We were trying to figure something out, and after a few minutes, my dad just yells out, "Google it up!" Maybe you had to be there, but my sister and I were on the floor! I'm sure it was a combination of "Google it" and "Look it up" I don't know, but we have been using it ever since.

    I know, we're just jerks who love to make fun of the fact that our father's first language is NOT English. :P


  25. Flaunt that Florida garden, I say (from sunny San Diego)! :-)

  26. Why don't you hire someone? Someone who can really capture your love and personalities? I know there are lots and lots of photographers with super reasonable prices.


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