November 07, 2014

Willy Nilly Friday-Lazy, not so lazy.

Joining Tanya and friends to share 5 willy nilly thoughts, pics, what nots….

I cleaned out my lazy Susan last week. Before I share that miraculous event, I'd like to share a bone I'm picking with whoever named it a lazy Susan. Why Susan? Ok, I'm not even Susan! I'm Suzanne, but my MIL is Susan and she isn't lazy.
I'm petitioning that we rename it lazy Sam? lazy Lance?
I took everything out and cleaned the whole shebang and labeled clear containers. I even found some lost items in the back that I didn't realize I'd lost.

Even if you can't tell it looks better, just appease me and say it's the most beautifully organized 
lazy Lance you've seen!

2) Everyone exited about Thanksgiving? Have you planned your menu? It would be overkill if I already had the table set….right?
Just checking.

I realized this week that every single morning, I brush my teeth and my hair at the same time. {not with the same brush!} Is that weird or normal? I'm a multi-tasker as soon as I roll out of bed. 

Did I tell you that Lindsay is part of a sorority? She is such a sorority girl…if you know what that means. She totally LOVES it and that makes me happy!
I stole this pic from her FB-it's from her initiation ceremony. I like to refer to it as her cult initiation. Yeah, that's the kind of Mom I am. 


Have a lovely NON lazy weekend. Unless you NEED a lazy weekend, then go for it!

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  1. I LOVE Lindsay's pic. She does look very happy. I have heard people say their sorority gave them some of their best college memories.
    And I can tell the difference in your Lazy Lance/Dizzy Dilbert. I did some of the same with my pantry this summer - - put some plastic baskets & shelves in there to contain like items - - e.g., all the stuff for my Orange-Walnut-Oatmeal muffins are in one basket. I have been working on that pantry about every year but must have finally gotten it right cuz my husband said (for the first time in 18 years), "You cleaned the pantry."

  2. I am an organizing fiend! Makes me happy to rearrange and get everything neat and tidy. Therefore your lazy Lance is stunningly beautiful! :-) I was planning our Thanksgiving menu, bought a new tablecloth, started thinking about the table settings - and then we got invited to go to our neighbors house for the day. You brush your hair and teeth at the same time and I vacuum and brush my teeth at the same time. Love the pic of Linds and the t-shirt!

  3. yay lindsay, what a pretty girl! and hey, your lazy lance looks great...don't you just love finishing a job like that?! and i love that chalkboard platter and piggie...oh that tshirt is funny...your saying "giggle like a goose" is funny too..nick has a goose saying that is kind of gross. it's sh*t like a goose...usually when ozzy is scratching at the door he'll yell "someone let ozzy outside, he has to sh*t like a goose" poor ozzy ;) and yes, i am super excited for thanksgiving. i'm also super ticked with our school board's decision to change the wednesday before thanksgiving into a school day, minimum day but what a waste. we've always had it off before...i'm keeping my kids home in protest. have a great weekend and thanks for linking!

  4. Happy Friday, I once had a Lazy Larry! You did an awesome job organizing. Love your chalkboard Thankful greeting and Linds looks beautiful and oh, so happy! Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Just do NOT call it the 'Lazy Lori' or 'Whirling Woody' :D

  6. Your lazy Lance looks awesome. I really should get to cleaning mine out. Your daughter is beautiful and she looks so happy.

  7. Hi! Lindsay is so pretty! Yes, they need to take the girl's name out, a boy's name will fit better.
    Your lazy Lance looks very organized now. That T-shirt is so funny!

  8. Cute T-shirt! Adorable daughter! And LOVE that Lazy Lance and your work to make him seem lazy and not "busy." I don't like standing still and staring at myself in the mirror while I brush my teeth, so I walk into the sewing room and look around at my projects, then back to the sink, then maybe into my bedroom to pick out my clothes. I have no idea why...I am not a multi-tasker, maybe I just find teeth brushing incredibly boring! :-)

  9. Do folks really have a different menu every years for thanksgiving. We must be in a rut, every years it's the same old same old and I love it! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  10. We have just the same sort of set-up for our (Lazy-Susan) or whatever you want to call it and yes, ours needs reorganized and quite often we are digging stuff off the floor in the back when it falls off and we haven't noticed it missing.
    We don't go all out for T-Day here much anymore. I do like to try a new dish though for the event.
    Your daughter is very pretty. How neat she loves being in a Sorority.
    That T-Shirt is awesome.

  11. Your Lazy Lance looks awesome. That photo is too pretty to not steal. :-)

  12. Oh, I meant the photo of Lindsay is pretty. (But Lance is nice too.) :-)

  13. You are so organized.... Your Lazy Lance looks great.... As long as you don't call it a Lazy Landon (since that is my grandson), I'm okay with Lance since I don't know anyone with that name.... ha

    Nothing special planned for Thanksgiving here... BUT--we leave for the beach that next week... YEAH!

    So happy for Linds... Amazing how different your two daughters are ---but isn't that always the case???? We ALL are different ---but UNIQUE and special... What sorority? I was a Kappa Delta.


  14. Your lazy susan looks so neat...and organized!
    Beautiful picture of Linds!

  15. Love those tee shirts. I just ordered the one that said vegetarians kill more bacon. My bacon-loving son will like it. Our Thanksgiving Day is already planned. Menu MUST be the same every single year. I am allowed to make changes in Christmas dinner though.

  16. my weekend was 1/2 and 1/2 :) lazy lance is looking fine!!! now i know why you couldn't have tacos ;)
    that little piggy is so cute & gleeful about turkey day!!!

  17. I really miss you. There is no way in the world I haven't been over here since November 10. Is this for real?


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