September 10, 2014

Turning 46 isn't easy.

So, that makes turning 47 a tad bit harder.

Lets go back and look at ALL the birthday photos from my childhood.

Whoopsie daisy, I forgot…..

My parents were too busy to take pictures or throw parties.

Oh wait, someone found the time to document my first beer. Is it any wonder I am the way I am?
Just kidding Mom. 
Wait, is that a handgun in my crib? Oh….never mind, it's just a pocket knife.

Anyhoo….I've survived and today I'm officially 45 46, 47. 
{Does anyone else forget how old they are?}

One of my favorite hobbies is make fun of my upbringing.
I ran free in our neighborhood and at my Grandpas trailer park, I knew all the bartenders names at the bowling alley and I might have stolen kittens from a neighbors carport and stated that they 'just showed up"; I may have also drawn nekkid people on my bedroom wall and blamed it on my brother Mark while he was at school.….all this before I turned 5.

What can I say, I was drunk.
{see above photo}

My Mom loves it when I blog/talk about my childhood…she can always trump mine, so I guess the cycle is broken. 
 But, we must keep the fun cycle running. 

Also, my Mom is the 

Anyhoo my motto for my 47th year is to embrace the joy, the precious moments, the laughter and the laugh lines. 

I'm over the cellulite, so there will be no embracing of that;  I'll continue working out, but still enjoy good food and great wine.

Cellulite won't steal my joy. damnit. 

It's not nice to ask for gifts, but…..
If money and distance were no object, what would your gift to me be?



  1. Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you... Hope your birthday is all you dreamed it to be and all your wishes come true! If money and distance were no object, I'd give you a girls weekend getaway. Lots of fun and laughter. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday to you!!!! I hope you have a fabulous day. And I can never remember how old I am without having to stop and think twice (or three times) about it!

    Although, I just calculated and I will be 45 on Saturday! Let's hear it for all the Virgos!!!!

  3. Happy birthday to you! : ) I think if I could give you anything for your birthday, it would be love. I know you are surrounded by it, but there are also those missing from the circle. So wishing all our circles were complete. On a lighter note, how about a perfect garden with no weeds so you can eat all the healthy food you want...the better to enjoy more birthdays with! ; ) I have to do the math every time somebody asks me my age. Whatever happened to being 12 AND A HALF. Nobody cares about the half when you're 49. It's lost its luster. Ha.

  4. oh you. how does your mom put up with you?!?!?! {hi bev! i miss you!} there is no stopping the fun cycle. no way. it couldn't happen! anyway, your gift? i must keep it a secret for at least a couple more days... because 1. i will see you friday and 2. i don't have it yet {although i have had your card for 3 months AND I KNOW WHERE IT IS!!!!}
    p.s. yes, i always forget how old i am. i have to do the math. and i am not so great at that either.

  5. a cellulite cream that actually WORKED! and it would work on me first before i ever gifted it to you...

    1. The line for that would be reallllly long.

  6. Happy Birthday, OLD LADY..... Ha---only I can say that since I am the one who is REALLY old. You are still a child!!!!!!

    Love your motto for the year... AND--you'll find out as you get older (Gads) that your happiness is much more important and your health than your LOOKS.... You are beautiful on the inside and outside and you just need to remember that FOREVER.

    Love that baby picture of you.. Made me laugh outloud. So--was it the knife or the fun in the playpen????? ha ha

    Hugs for you (an extra special one TODAY)

    1. OOPS-----Spellcheck changed the word , GUN, to FUN.... Duh...

    2. Thank you Betsy!!!! I think it might have been a play knife. :)

  7. happy birthday!! 47 looks good on you! i just turned 48 and it sounds so weird. i don't feel 48. 48 sounds old. i don't think i'm old though lol ...i'm lol'ing over the beer photo. i remember being a kid and we'd be eating dinner out in a restaurant and it was no biggie for my parents to give me a taste of their drink! i also used to run into the store to buy my mom cigarrettes while she waited out in the car! hope your birthday is super special!

    1. Yep, buying the ciggies….part of childhood back in the day!!! XO

  8. Too funny! Happy birthday :-) My gift to you would be a dinner out - so we could meet in person :-)

  9. Happy Birthday!!!! If money was no object ('re just down the road a bit) I would come throw you a kickazz party and bring my good friends Dave Matthews & Zac Brown with me. :)

  10. Happy Birthday to YOU! If money and distance were no object, I would bring Adam Lambert to sing happy birthday. What?

  11. My wish for you is undying happiness, laughter, love and good health. Happy Birthday, dear Suz! xoxo

  12. Sending hugs and love to you on your special day. All I can say, is that your next 10 years will be rough - just look at me!!!
    Wishing you a year of joy and happiness!

  13. Happy Birthday playpen alcoholic :)

  14. Oh my goodness! I missed your Birthday!! Happy Birthday my blogging buddy. Hope this next year is even better than the last!


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